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WoltLab Burning Board 2.2.1 pl1 PHP

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lt;brgt;woltlab.delt;brgt;lt;brgt;Burning Board 2lt;brgt;lt;brgt;... is a professional discussion board systemlt;brgt;lt;brgt;... is easily to be integrated into your homepage designlt;brgt;lt;brgt;... is extendable in functionalitylt;brgt;lt;brgt;... supports multilingual usagelt;brgt;lt;brgt;Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Language packslt;brgt;You can easily translate the forum to every language yoult;brgt;want, because all words and phrases are saved in a languagelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Newsletter functionlt;brgt;The administrator of the forum can send a newsletter to alllt;brgt;users of his forum with current;brgt;lt;brgt;E mail notificationlt;brgt;Users can enable e mail notification, so they receive an e lt;brgt;mail in the case of new threads and posts in certain boardslt;brgt;or the whole;brgt;lt;brgt;Moderation of posts and threadslt;brgt;A moderator of your forum can check threads or posts beforelt;brgt;they can be accessed by other users of the;brgt;lt;brgt;fast databaselt;brgt;The forum saves its data in a MySQL database. This meanslt;brgt;high stability, scalability and fast speed of;brgt;
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