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Woodman Designs SoapMaker Professional 2.8

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lt;brgt;Whether you make soap as a hobby, or a serious business, youll wonder howlt;brgt;you got along without SoapMaker... Create your own recipes, selectinglt;brgt;from more than 50 types of base oils. Include your additives;brgt;SoapMaker calculates lye and water, as well as the cost per bar using yourlt;brgt;ingredient costs. Experiment with recipes and see how theyll turn outlt;brgt;before you make the soap... SoapMakers unique recipe qualities graphlt;brgt;shows you the predicted hardness, lather and moisturizing;brgt;Compare different recipes and see the results of changes instantly usinglt;brgt;the dynamic graph feature. Store all your recipes and organize them bylt;brgt;category, type, date and cost. With SoapMaker Professional, manage yourlt;brgt;stock of ingredients and products made... your inventory adjustslt;brgt;automatically whenever you quot;make a batchquot;.lt;brgt;
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Wondershare Photo2VCD Studio

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lt;brgt;Photo2VCD Studio is a utility that can help you burnlt;brgt;your digital photo slide show to both a VCD or alt;brgt;SVCD format video CD. Whether you are an expert, alt;brgt;novice, or anywhere in between, you can combine photoslt;brgt;with music, texts, and blank slides, and add video clipslt;brgt;with this software. It includes nearly 150 transitionlt;brgt;effects for you to choose from to switch among photoslt;brgt;and video clips in any way you want. Burn your slidelt;brgt;shows in VCD or SVCD format, and share your speciallt;brgt;memories with your friends and;brgt;
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Wondershare Photo2DVD Studio 4.9.3

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lt;brgt;Photo2DVD Studio is a photo to DVD slideshow softwarelt;brgt;for creating stunning digital photo slideshows on;brgt;Whether you are an expert, a novice or anywhere inlt;brgt;between, you can easily but professionally combinelt;brgt;photos with music, texts and blank slides and add videolt;brgt;clips with this excellent slideshow software. Itlt;brgt;includes nearly 150 transition effects for you to chooselt;brgt;from to switch between photos and video;brgt;
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WinBackup Professional 2.1.2

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lt;brgt;WinBackup 2.1.2 Professional is the most cost effective backuplt;brgt;solution available, allowing small and medium sized businesseslt;brgt;to optimize their resources by choosing an exceedinglylt;brgt;powerful backup and recovery management solution that islt;brgt;100 reliablelt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;liutilitieslt;brgt;
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WebLog Expert 3.6

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lt;brgt;WebLog Expert is a feature rich web server log analyzer. It will give yoult;brgt;information about your sites visitors: activity statistics, file accesslt;brgt;statistics, paths through the site, information about referring pages,lt;brgt;search engines, browsers, operating systems, errors, and;brgt;Flexible filters will help you perform comprehensive;brgt;The program generates HTML based reports with tables and;brgt;WebLog Expert supports log files of Apache and IIS servers and can readlt;brgt;GZ and ZIP compressed logs. It can also download logs via FTP and HTTP,lt;brgt;upload reports via FTP or send them via e mail. Other features include thelt;brgt;multithreaded DNS lookup, built in scheduler, IP to country mapping,lt;brgt;tracked files reports, creating PDF and CSV reports, and;brgt;
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Voxengo Soniformer VST 2.5

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lt;brgt;Voxengo is pleased to introduce the next major version oflt;brgt;plug in called Soniformer. This plug in is an innovativelt;brgt;mastering tool for DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) thatlt;brgt;allows the user to form and reform the sonic structure of anylt;brgt;sound;brgt;lt;brgt;The main idea behind Soniformer is a spectral balance. Alt;brgt;perfectly balanced mix can be seen on a spectrum analyzer as alt;brgt;smooth spectral curve with minimal number of peaks andlt;brgt;notches. There can be some deviations from this rule, butlt;brgt;generally it always applies. Soniformer uses compression tolt;brgt;adjust the spectral balance of any sound material beinglt;brgt;processed in a way that its spectral curve fulfills thelt;brgt;aforementioned rule. Thus, Soniformer could also be called alt;brgt;spectral;brgt;lt;brgt;Every parameter of Soniformer is defined by means of a graphiclt;brgt;envelope which is freely modifiable and which may contain uplt;brgt;to 32 control;brgt;lt;brgt;Soniformer implements both compression and expansion, whichlt;brgt;allows a variety of different sound structures to be created,lt;brgt;including classical tape compression, unobtrusive basslt;brgt;expansion, and general mix compression. And it all soundslt;brgt;pristine! One could say that Soniformer brings a classicallt;brgt;warm analog compression to a digital workstation. This islt;brgt;true, because even at very subtle compression settings,lt;brgt;Soniformer brings a strong feel of a professionally balancedlt;brgt;mix. In fact, Soniformer allows the user to performlt;brgt;professional sounding mastering in a budget;brgt;Spectral balance is almost a universal thing, and everylt;brgt;mastering engineer has to master it, while Soniformer bringslt;brgt;it the easy way. Soniformers adjustments of the spectrallt;brgt;balance actually reveal details of the mix being;brgt;lt;brgt;Featureslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Spectral compression technologylt;brgt; Envelope driven parameterslt;brgt; 32 band spectrum analyzerlt;brgt; Midside processinglt;brgt; Gain change meterslt;brgt; Stereo linking envelopelt;brgt; Stereo width envelopelt;brgt; Stereo pan envelopelt;brgt; Two level detector typeslt;brgt; quot;A to Bquot; comparisonslt;brgt; Factory presetslt;brgt; Mono to Stereo, Stereo to Stereo processinglt;brgt; Sample rates up to 192 kHz supportedlt;brgt; Native assembler DSP codelt;brgt; 64 bit internal precisionlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Requirementslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Windows 98 or any later Windows OSlt;brgt; About 1 MB of harddisk spacelt;brgt; 1 GHz processorlt;brgt; Audio application supporting VST plug inslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Version 2.5, 18 feb 2006lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Knob mode panel state is now restored correctly afterlt;brgt;closing plug ins;brgt; Order mode buttons can be now switched to Off state and backlt;brgt;with the right mouse;brgt;
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Voxengo Pristine Space VST 1.6

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lt;brgt;Pristine Space is a native audio plug in which allows you tolt;brgt;use convolution reverb impulses in your audio;brgt;lt;brgt;Pristine Space was mainly created for impulse reverblt;brgt;perfectionists: it does not implement various combolt;brgt;approaches which try to save CPU cycles by creating alt;brgt;synthetic reverb tail instead of performing a fulllt;brgt;convolution. Because such approaches in many cases givelt;brgt;unsatisfactory results if you expect them to sound exactlylt;brgt;like your original reverb impulse sounds, we have decided notlt;brgt;to use them. Instead, we have optimized to the maximum bothlt;brgt;the efficiency of convolution processing and the plug inslt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Pristine Space is a 8 channel convolution processor. Eachlt;brgt;channel is independent of the others, making it possible tolt;brgt;use Pristine Space in various surround configurations. Itlt;brgt;also allows the user to apply a true stereo kind oflt;brgt;processing, where each stereo channel uses its own reverblt;brgt;impulse (requiring 4 convolution channels in total). Soundlt;brgt;designers and the like may find Pristine Spaces seriallt;brgt;convolution processing feature (which allows one to processlt;brgt;the sound with several impulses in sequence);brgt;lt;brgt;While Pristine Space does not offer various radical impulselt;brgt;transformation features, it still offers several very usefullt;brgt;envelope driven non destructive impulse editing options,lt;brgt;including volume, stereo width, stereo pan, low pass andlt;brgt;high pass filtering, and a linear phase equalization. You canlt;brgt;also reverse, cut and time offset the loaded impulse file withlt;brgt;ease, non;brgt;lt;brgt;Among the other interesting features of Pristine Space is itslt;brgt;seamless integration with Voxengos Impulse Modeler. Impulselt;brgt;Modeler allows you to design your own spectacularly soundinglt;brgt;reverb impulses, and then use Pristine Space to instantly hearlt;brgt;the adjustments you make to your;brgt;lt;brgt;By the way, Pristine Space can work with a latency as low aslt;brgt;64 samples (1.5 ms at 44.1kHz), making it possible to use itlt;brgt;during;brgt;lt;brgt;Featureslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Up to 8 convolution channelslt;brgt; Loading of up to 8 impulse fileslt;brgt; Non destructive impulse editinglt;brgt; Linear phase impulse equalizerlt;brgt; Several latency optionslt;brgt; Comprehensive routinglt;brgt; Serial convolution processinglt;brgt; WAV and AIFF format supportlt;brgt; Multi channel file supportlt;brgt; Built in sample rate converterlt;brgt; Factory presetslt;brgt; True zero latency processinglt;brgt; quot;A to Bquot; comparisonslt;brgt; Support of all output sample rateslt;brgt; Low quality mode for CPU cycles savinglt;brgt; High convolution precisionlt;brgt; SSESSE2 and 3DNow! optimizationslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Requirementslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Windows 98 or any later Windows OSlt;brgt; About 1 MB of harddisk spacelt;brgt; 1+ GHz processorlt;brgt; Audio application supporting VST plug inslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Version 1.6, 13 feb 2006lt;brgt;lt;brgt;A major zero latency processing mode issue;brgt;
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Voxengo Analogflux Suite VST 1.5

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lt;brgt;Analogflux is a suite of audio processing plug ins designed tolt;brgt;deliver the sounds of the analog days. In the core of theselt;brgt;processors we have extensively used convolution processing tolt;brgt;match the response of the original analog gear. This suitelt;brgt;consists of TapeBus, Delay, Impulse, Insert and Choruslt;brgt;plug;brgt;lt;brgt;The TapeBus plug in recreates characteristic elements of thelt;brgt;reel to reel tape sound. This includes saturation, modulationlt;brgt;noise and smearing effects which are known for the analoglt;brgt;feel they bring to any audio recording. This plug in alsolt;brgt;applies a selected impulse response taken by us from thelt;brgt;existing tape;brgt;lt;brgt;The Delay plug in models the sound of an old analog delaylt;brgt;module. Beside this, it offers the user modern two tap delaylt;brgt;controls, including separate pre delay and feedback delaylt;brgt;controls which together allow you to build ping pong kinds oflt;brgt;echo soundscapes. The plug in also contains a cross feedbacklt;brgt;path between the channels, which enables you to create somelt;brgt;even more complex echo structures. Our delay module alsolt;brgt;offers you a BPM control with the ability to sync it to thelt;brgt;hosts tempo changes. And most importantly, you can chooselt;brgt;the response of the delay module: from moderately bright tolt;brgt;endlessly dark, taken from the real analog delay;brgt;lt;brgt;The Insert plug in is our attempt to create a simple processorlt;brgt;which could be inserted on any track to make it sound lesslt;brgt;digitally focused and thus make it sound warmer. Beside thelt;brgt;severe phase smearing this plug in introduces it also allowslt;brgt;you to apply modulation noise of selectable strength. Thislt;brgt;processor while sounding subtle at the first glance can dolt;brgt;miracles at taming overly sharp;brgt;lt;brgt;The Impulse plug in is a greatly simplified version of ourlt;brgt;Pristine Space 8 channel convolution processor. The Impulselt;brgt;plug in is a two channel convolution processor designed to belt;brgt;used on channel inserts and reverb sends. It allows you tolt;brgt;load impulses stored in WAV and AIFF audio files, and alsolt;brgt;offers you a selection of built in impulses including vintagelt;brgt;spring;brgt;lt;brgt;The Chorus plug in offers you a stereo chorus plug in whichlt;brgt;features 8 operators (4 for each output channel), creatinglt;brgt;together a really huge and convincing chorus applicable tolt;brgt;vocals, guitars and synth;brgt;lt;brgt;Featureslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Tape simulation plug inlt;brgt; Analog delay plug inlt;brgt; Convolution processor plug inlt;brgt; Analog insert plug inlt;brgt; Chorus plug inlt;brgt; Factory presetslt;brgt; quot;A to Bquot; comparisonslt;brgt; Mono to Stereo, Stereo to Stereo processinglt;brgt; All sample rates supportedlt;brgt; 64 bit internal precisionlt;brgt; Native assembler DSP codelt;brgt;lt;brgt;Requirementslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Windows 98 or any later Windows OSlt;brgt; About 4 MB of harddisk spacelt;brgt; 1 GHz processorlt;brgt; Audio application supporting VST plug inslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Version 1.5, 11 feb 2006lt;brgt;lt;brgt;TapeBus: A global quot;Tape Offquot; switch implemented that allows tolt;brgt;disable tape impulse coloration completely and to eliminatelt;brgt;latency of the plug;brgt;
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Visual Rules 3.2.1 2006130 1303 5 Multilingual

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lt;brgt;visual ruleslt;brgt;lt;brgt;.visual rules. is a tool for the rapid development oflt;brgt;business rules as part of agile software. It can also belt;brgt;used as plug in for Eclipse, SAP NetWeaver or IBM Rationallt;brgt;Software. Business logic is modeled graphically andlt;brgt;translated automatically into Java or COBOL code orlt;brgt;deployed instantly as EJB. In contrast to other businesslt;brgt;rules management systems, .visual rules. does not requirelt;brgt;a dedicated rules engine server. This means: There are nolt;brgt;extra runtime;brgt;lt;brgt;Languages Supported:lt;brgt;Englishlt;brgt;Germanlt;brgt;
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Visions Edge VTools 6.1.2 for QuarkXPress MacOSX

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lt;brgt;VTools is a collection of useful editing and productlt;brgt;tools. VTools is designed to handle several of thelt;brgt;mundane tasks in a workflow environment and add usefullt;brgt;features to;brgt;
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Vecal dbXpert for Oracle

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lt;brgt;vecal.bizlt;brgt;lt;brgt;dbXpert for Oracle 6.x is an easy to use database development andlt;brgt;administration tool for Oracle database. It helps developers andlt;brgt;database administrators get the job done quickly and;brgt;lt;brgt;SQL Workspacelt;brgt;Object Browserlt;brgt;Data Browserlt;brgt;PLSQL Debuggerlt;brgt;Query Builderlt;brgt;Instance Performance Dashboardlt;brgt;Recycle Bin for Flashback Table (Oracle 10g)lt;brgt;
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VanDerLee UnPlugged-X 2.0 for Adobe Photoshop

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lt;brgt;UnPlugged X is an enhanced version of our famouslt;brgt;UnPlugged plug ins. It contains all 100+ originallt;brgt;filters and more, organized into one simple plug inlt;brgt;with all new features, improved quality andlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Over 100 unique filterslt;brgt;lt;brgt;All filters fully;brgt;Includes many different types of effects: shapes,lt;brgt;displacement, noise, color manipulation and;brgt;Organized in a single, alphabetical;brgt;Each filter fully documented with;brgt;lt;brgt; Combine up to 50 filters at oncelt;brgt;lt;brgt;Stack them in any order you;brgt;Change filter configuration at any;brgt;Saveload entire stack for sharing or re;brgt;lt;brgt; Simple interfacelt;brgt;lt;brgt;Clean, standard Windows;brgt;Consistent behavior for all;brgt;Real time preview of final;brgt;Extensive;brgt;
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Virtools Dev 3.5

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lt;brgt;Since Virtools first software release in 1999, the company haslt;brgt;continued enhancing the Virtools Dev platform to offer robust solutionslt;brgt;for creating real time 3D applications with complex;brgt;lt;brgt;Our constant technological evolution is based on market needs andlt;brgt;client feedback as well as technical advancements in the;brgt;Virtools pivotal strength lies in the technologys unique corelt;brgt;concepts, which enable rapid prototyping and optimal content productionlt;brgt;in highly reduced timeframes. With these goals in mind, Virtools builtlt;brgt;Dev 3.5 to incorporate an improved rendering pipeline and reinforcelt;brgt;overall production;brgt;lt;brgt;virtoolssolutionsproductsvirtools_dev_new3_5.asplt;brgt;
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Tycoon City New York

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lt;brgt;Heres your chance to make it big in the Big;brgt;lt;brgt;New York City, the city that never sleeps! Go for broke building yourlt;brgt;own Manhattan empire, creating and customizing over 100 types of majorlt;brgt;businesses: run a hot nightclub, oversee a media conglomerate, open alt;brgt;lucrative Broadway theater the choices are;brgt;lt;brgt;As your success grows, so will your reputation youll be thelt;brgt;toast of Manhattan, with the city at your;brgt;
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Trolltech Qt Commercial 4.1.1 for Visual Studio 6.0

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lt;brgt;trolltechproductsqtindexlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Qt is a comprehensive C++ application development framework, which includeslt;brgt;a class library and tools for cross platform development andlt;brgt;internationalization. The intuitive Qt API and tools are consistent acrosslt;brgt;all supported platforms, enabling platform independent applicationlt;brgt;development and;brgt;
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Trolltech Qt Commercial 4.1.1 for Visual Studio 2005 Retail

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lt;brgt;trolltechproductsqtindexlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Qt is a comprehensive C++ application development framework, which includeslt;brgt;a class library and tools for cross platform development andlt;brgt;internationalization. The intuitive Qt API and tools are consistent acrosslt;brgt;all supported platforms, enabling platform independent applicationlt;brgt;development and;brgt;
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Trolltech Qt Commercial 4.1.1 for Visual Studio 2003

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lt;brgt;trolltechproductsqtindexlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Qt is a comprehensive C++ application development framework, which includeslt;brgt;a class library and tools for cross platform development andlt;brgt;internationalization. The intuitive Qt API and tools are consistent acrosslt;brgt;all supported platforms, enabling platform independent applicationlt;brgt;development and;brgt;
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Tricked n Tuned West Coast Streets

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lt;brgt;Wanna race? Tricked .n Tuned . West Coast Streets is thelt;brgt;newest customizing, fast paced, outrageous, hi tuned racerlt;brgt;from Canopy Games, developer of the best selling Midnightlt;brgt;Outlaw and Hot Rod racing series. Racers start with alt;brgt;hacked out beater and build their rep and car through somelt;brgt;of the most insane drag racing challenges ever created!!lt;brgt;Take on rival gangs, evade speed traps, crash through andlt;brgt;over obstacles, and push your car to the limit on 14lt;brgt;mile, 12 mile, and full mile drag courses!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Thousands of upgrade combinations possible with 12 Popularlt;brgt;Street machines for racing, modding, and pimpin.!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Dozens of races through slick urban danger;brgt;.Bling up your ride. feature creates outrageous racinglt;brgt;machines unlike those available in other;brgt;lt;brgt;Car upgrades include: dozens of rim designs, unlimitedlt;brgt;color choices, decals, and radical body FX;brgt;lt;brgt;New Speed Trap feature lets you use your radar detector tolt;brgt;avoid expensive tickets!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Game Progression features .gang racing challenges. tolt;brgt;improve your respect and allow you to go deeper into thelt;brgt;underground racing;brgt;lt;brgt;Realistic nighttime courses feature traffic, obstacles,lt;brgt;turns, jumps, curves, and;brgt;
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Trapcode Particular 1.0.2 for Adobe After Effects

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lt;brgt;Particular is a powerful 3D particle system that can produce a wide rangelt;brgt;of effects from natural smoke and explosions to geometric or organiclt;brgt;abstract motion graphics design;brgt;lt;brgt;The real time interactive preview allows browsing through the numerouslt;brgt;presets and playing with them interactively to get a feeling of thelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;The extensive built in help provides text and animated images thatlt;brgt;visualize how the parameters work and includes several step by steplt;brgt;tutorials on specific;brgt;
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Touratech QV 4.0.43 MultiLanguage

download Touratech QV 4.0.43 MultiLanguage, low price Touratech QV 4.0.43 MultiLanguage, low price Touratech QV 4.0.43 MultiLanguage
lt;brgt;Dieses Programm ist fuer Leute gemacht, die auch ohne Touratech QVlt;brgt;und GPS ihren Weg in unbekanntem Gelaende finden;brgt;lt;brgt;Moderne Technik ist sicher eine angenehme Hilfe bei der Navigation,lt;brgt;die Zeit und Muehen sparen kann, jedoch sollte nie vergessen werden,lt;brgt;dass Technik versagen;brgt;lt;brgt;GPS und Computer koennen kaputt gehen und auch Touratech QV kannlt;brgt;trotz aller Sorgfalt bei der Programmierung noch Fehler;brgt;lt;brgt;Bitte begegnen Sie den Ergebnissen von Touratech QV immer mit einerlt;brgt;gesunden Skepsis. Die Koordinaten, die Ihnen Touratech QV liefert,lt;brgt;koennen niemals genauer als die Ihrer Karte;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Was ist Touratech QV?lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Eine Software zur Navigation und Tourenplanung mit GPS und digitalenlt;brgt;Landkartenlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Eine Software, die auf jedem Windows NT2000XP PC oder Laptoplt;brgt;laeuft. Ebenfalls lauffaehig mit geringfuegigen Einschraenkungenlt;brgt;unter Win;brgt;lt;brgt;Sie stellt Ihnen Ihre eigenen eingescannten Landkarten in einemlt;brgt;Fenster;brgt;lt;brgt;Oder waehlen Sie aus einer Vielzahl fertig kalibrierter Landkartenlt;brgt;CDROMs aus, die Touratech QV direkt oeffnen;brgt;lt;brgt;Karten CDsDVDs sind fuer viele Laender in hoher Genauigkeitlt;brgt;erhaeltlich, z.B. Afrika, Kanada, Deutschland, Oesterreich undlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Sie koennen durch einfaches Mausklicken Waypoints, Routen und Trackslt;brgt;erstellen, die automatisch in der Datenbank gespeichert;brgt;lt;brgt;Ueber ein Verbindungskabel uebertragen Sie die Daten in Ihr GPS undlt;brgt;koennen sofort;brgt;lt;brgt;Sie koennen den gefahrenen Track auf der Karte einzeichnen lassen undlt;brgt;bekommen zu jedem Trackpunkt Informationen wie Datum und Uhrzeitlt;brgt;sowie Kurs und Geschwindigkeit. So wissen Sie immer, wann Sie wolt;brgt;gewesen;brgt;lt;brgt;Mit Laptop im Auto zeigt Touratech QV Ihnen waehrend der Fahrt auflt;brgt;der Karte Ihre aktuelle Position und auch Richtung und Entfernung zumlt;brgt;naechsten Zielpunktlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Sie liefert Ihnen mit der Ortsdatenbank ein maechtiges Werkzeug, umlt;brgt;z.B. Orte zu finden, die gar nicht auf Ihrer Karte eingezeichnet sindlt;brgt;oder alle Brunnen im Umkreis von 10 km;brgt;lt;brgt;Sie kann jeden Kartenausschnitt mit allen Daten in jedem Massstablt;brgt;ausdrucken, auf Wunsch mit einem eigenen Gradnetz bis;brgt;lt;brgt;Zu jedem Punkt der Erde errechnet Touratech QV die magnetischelt;brgt;Abweichung der geographischen Nordrichtunglt;brgt;lt;brgt;Ohne kartografische Kenntnisse kalibrieren Sie eine Karte, die einlt;brgt;Gitter aus Laengen und Breitengraden;brgt;lt;brgt;Zusaetzlich werden Karten im UTM , Swiss und French (IGN) Gitterlt;brgt;unterstuetzt. Ebenso sind mehr als 60 Kartenprojektionen und ueberlt;brgt;140 Kartendatums;brgt;lt;brgt;Benutzerdefinierte Gitter und Datums koennen erstellt werdenlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Arbeitet mit jedem GPS Empfaenger zusammen, der das Garmin Protokolllt;brgt;unterstuetzt, mit Geraeten von Lowrance, Eagle und Magellan und imlt;brgt;Online Modus mit jedem NMEA kompatiblen GPS Empfaengerlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Erstellt Garmin kompatible Karten und sendet sie auch ins;brgt;lt;brgt;Unterstuetzt Waypoint Symbolelt;brgt;lt;brgt;Eine grafische Uebersicht erleichtert das Verwalten vieler;brgt;lt;brgt;Der integrierte XPlorer ist ein maechtiges Werkzeug im Stil deslt;brgt;Windows Explorer zum Verwalten aller Ihrer Datenlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Professionelle Multi Tracking Funktionenlt;brgt;
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TimeBox 5.6.5 MAC OSX

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lt;brgt;The TimeBox application is a powerful, easy to use timelt;brgt;management tool. It allows contractors and consultinglt;brgt;professionals to keep track of their time spent on variouslt;brgt;projects and tasks, and to cross reference projects and taskslt;brgt;in a variety of reports and summaries. It currently runs onlt;brgt;Windows 9598NT2000XP and Mac OSX, as well as any otherlt;brgt;platform with a Java RunTime Environment (including Solarislt;brgt;and Linux.)lt;brgt;lt;brgt;The TimeBox application is an important part of the TimeSuitelt;brgt;time tracking system, a system that allows workgroups andlt;brgt;project teams to collectively track their time. Individuallt;brgt;workers track their time on their TimeBox instances. Theylt;brgt;periodically submit their time to a single instance ClokBox,lt;brgt;which is a server based application. The ClokBox applicationlt;brgt;can then track and report on the collective times of all teamlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;TimeBox is a favorite time tracking application, used bylt;brgt;organizations as small as one or two individuals, and as largelt;brgt;as EDS and Sun;brgt;lt;brgt;reg softwarelt;brgt;
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Tetris Game Gold 1.2

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lt;brgt;Tetris Game Gold is a real game for fans of classiclt;brgt;Tetris with music and skins. Stick to the rules of thelt;brgt;game and go from one level to another. It bring yoult;brgt;hours of real fun and pleasure. In this game your goallt;brgt;is to adjust the blocks so they form lines that willlt;brgt;disappear. The more lines that disappear at a time, thelt;brgt;more points you;brgt;
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TRADOS TM Server 7.1

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lt;brgt;TRADOS Translation Memory Server allows organizations to capturelt;brgt;intellectual property, reduce localization turnaround time by up tolt;brgt;50, make far fewer errors, and produce translations that are morelt;brgt;accurate and more consistent. The server enables each translator tolt;brgt;leverage the work of all other translators, thereby improving thelt;brgt;quality and accelerating the delivery of multilingual content tolt;brgt;global;brgt;lt;brgt;TRADOS Translation Memory Server captures, stores, analyzes, andlt;brgt;standardizes localized content produced by your organizationslt;brgt;internal and external translators, enabling company wide reuse oflt;brgt;localized;brgt;lt;brgt;TRADOS Translation Memory Server is designed for networkedlt;brgt;environments and Internet use, so every user worldwide haslt;brgt;immediate access to the fruits of the entire teams;brgt;Translators can have online access to all translation;brgt;Any TRADOS user can work across the Internet in real time on sharedlt;brgt;centralized translation memories. This TRADOS only capabilitylt;brgt;eliminates the need to export, import, and merge translationlt;brgt;memory files for every job, saving hours of tedious work, reducinglt;brgt;overhead, and getting rid of project management;brgt;
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TRADOS Server Manager 7.1

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lt;brgt;Server Manager allows administrators tomanage information stored onlt;brgt;TM Server as well as user access to it. It consists of the Userlt;brgt;Manager and the Resource;brgt;
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TRADOS MultiTerm Server 7.0.2

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lt;brgt;TRADOS Term Server enables distributed teams to build onlinelt;brgt;glossaries that define how your marketing, technical, legal,lt;brgt;medical, and product terms should be used across multiple;brgt;Playing the role of a central corporate dictionary and style guide,lt;brgt;Term Server publishes your glossaries on the Web, where employeeslt;brgt;and vendors can reference them instantly using either a standardlt;brgt;Web browser or TRADOS Term;brgt;
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TRADOS MultiTerm Desktop 7.0.2

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lt;brgt;Term Desktop is a single user application that standardizes thelt;brgt;accurate and consistent use of all the special words and phraseslt;brgt;that your business uses, in one language or across many;brgt;The software also supports any graphics, sounds, and videos tolt;brgt;illustrate those;brgt;lt;brgt;TRADOS Term Desktop builds and maintains master glossary termbaseslt;brgt;that standardize your brands, product names, part names, technicallt;brgt;specifications, legal phrases, catalog descriptions, marketinglt;brgt;messages, style guides, and more. Your TRADOS master glossarieslt;brgt;explain how your product, technical, legal, medical, and marketinglt;brgt;terms should be used across;brgt;
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Synplicity Synplify Premier DP 8.4

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lt;brgt;synplicityproductssynplifypremierlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Synplicity Synplify Premier Design Planer v8.4lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Synplify. Premier software builds up Synplicityslt;brgt;industry leading technology and adds new graph basedlt;brgt;physical synthesis for timing closure and simulator likelt;brgt;visibility into operating FPGA devices for fast source levellt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Graph Based Physical Synthesislt;brgt;Invented by Synplicity, graph based physical synthesislt;brgt;improves timing closure by means of a single pass physicallt;brgt;synthesis flow for 90nm FPGAs. Unlike ASICs, proximity doeslt;brgt;not imply better timing in FPGAs. In graph based physicallt;brgt;synthesis, pre existing wires, switches, and placement siteslt;brgt;used for routing an FPGA can be represented as a detailedlt;brgt;routing resource graph. The notion of distance then changeslt;brgt;to a measure of delay and availability of wires. Thelt;brgt;Synplify Premier solutions graph based physical synthesislt;brgt;technology merges optimization, placement, and routing tolt;brgt;generate a fully placed and physically optimized netlist,lt;brgt;providing rapid timing closure and a 5 20 timinglt;brgt;;brgt;Simulator Like Visibility Into a Live FPGAlt;brgt;The Synplify Premier solution quickly finds functionallt;brgt;errors in FPGA designs by providing simulator likelt;brgt;visibility into operating FPGA hardware. Based uponlt;brgt;technology from the Identify. product, the Synplify Premierlt;brgt;tool has integrated debugging software that allows designerslt;brgt;to annotate signals and conditions they want to monitorlt;brgt;directly in their RTL code. Once the FPGA has beenlt;brgt;programmed, the RTL debugger is run, allowing users to viewlt;brgt;actual signal values from a running FPGA directly in theirlt;brgt;RTL code and debug it, in system, and at the targetlt;brgt;operating speed. Advanced triggering helps pinpoint designlt;brgt;problemslt;brgt;
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Syngress OS X for Hackers at Heart Dec 2005 eBook

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lt;brgt;With sexy hardware, a powerful operating system, and easy to uselt;brgt;applications, Apple has made OS X the operating system of choice forlt;brgt;hackers everywhere. But as great as OS X is out of the box, hackers arelt;brgt;eager to push the limits of what it was designed to do (surprise). Tweaklt;brgt;and tune both software and hardware to start penetration testing orlt;brgt;software development. See how the best and brightest use OS X forlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Add Interfaces to the Mac Add interfaces to create a multi interfacelt;brgt;firewall or router, simulate a switch, add 802.3ad interface aggregation,lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Use the Mac as a Router See how a small low power device such as a Maclt;brgt;Mini or an iBook expanded with USB based Ethernet ports can push packetslt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; WarDrive with Your Mac Configure and use the KisMAC WLAN discovery toollt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Penetration Test with OS X Discover how all the best tools can be runlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Automate Your Mac! Learn how to use Automator, AppleScript, and thelt;brgt;bash shell to automate tasks and create slick front ends for command linelt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Discover Juicy Mac Hacking Tools Compile Open Source tools directly onlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Hack the iPod Open your iPod, replace the battery, upgrade a 5GB iPodslt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Use OS X in a Windows Environment Access file shares on a Windowslt;brgt;server, mount network file systems via AppleScript, and connect to alt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; PowerBook Mac Tricks Learn cool stunts you can do with the Apple motionlt;brgt;lt;brgt;UPDATED TOClt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Chapter 1 A Network Admins Guide to Using Mac OS Xlt;brgt; Chapter 2 Automationlt;brgt; Chapter 3 OS X in a Microsoft Environmentlt;brgt; Chapter 4 WarDriving and Wireless Penetration Testing with OS Xlt;brgt; Chapter 5 Mac OS X for Pen Testerslt;brgt; Chapter 6 Mac Tricks (Stupid Powerbook Stuntslt;brgt; That Make You Look Like a God)lt;brgt; Chapter 7 OS X For the Road Warriorlt;brgt; Appendix A Hacking the iPodlt;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 1597490407lt;brgt;
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Syngress How to Cheat at Managing Windows Server Update Services Dec 2005 eBook

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lt;brgt;Automate Patch Management Across Your Network If you manage alt;brgt;Microsoft Windows network, you probably find yourself overwhelmedlt;brgt;at times by the sheer volume of updates and patches released bylt;brgt;Microsoft for its products. You know these updates are critical tolt;brgt;keep your network running efficiently and securely, but stayinglt;brgt;current amid all your other responsibilities can be almostlt;brgt;impossible. Microsofts recently released Windows Server Updatelt;brgt;Services (WSUS) is designed to streamline this process. Learn howlt;brgt;to take full advantage of WSUS using Syngresss proven quot;How tolt;brgt;Cheatquot; methodology, which gives you everything you need and nothinglt;brgt;you;brgt;lt;brgt;Deploy WSUS in the Enterprise Synchronize updates in largelt;brgt;networks by configuring an upstream Software Update Services (SUS)lt;brgt;server to host updates and metadata for multiple downstreamlt;brgt;;brgt;Patch All Your Most Critical Microsoft Software WSUS now upgradeslt;brgt;the latest versions of Windows, Office, Exchange, SQL Server, andlt;brgt;;brgt;Take Complete Control of the Update Process Manage updateslt;brgt;precisely from the initial download through approving, targeting,lt;brgt;scheduling, installing and, if necessary, removing;brgt;Consolidate Status Reporting Define, develop, produce, andlt;brgt;publish reports directly from;brgt;Integrate WSUS with Active Directory Use your existing Activelt;brgt;Directory and network management infrastructure to update computerlt;brgt;groups based on type, model, role, criticality, and;brgt;Migrate from SUS to WSUS Perform an in place upgrade or anlt;brgt;across the wire upgrade to migrate updates and approvals from a SUSlt;brgt;server to a WSUS;brgt;Change Your Local Storage Location Use WSUSUtil.exe to change thelt;brgt;hard disk used by WSUS for storing;brgt;Manage WSUS on the Go Use the robust Web interface to administerlt;brgt;WSUS from remote;brgt;lt;brgt;UPDATED TOClt;brgt;lt;brgt;Chapter 1 Windows Server Update Services Essentialslt;brgt;Chapter 2 Preparing for WSUSlt;brgt;Chapter 3 Installing WSUSlt;brgt;Chapter 4 Upgrading from SUS to WSUSlt;brgt;Chapter 5 Deploying WSUS in the Enterpriselt;brgt;Chapter 6 Administering WSUS Serverslt;brgt;Chapter 7 Configuring and Administering WSUS Clientslt;brgt;Chapter 8 Securing WSUSlt;brgt;Chapter 9 Managing the WSUS Environmentlt;brgt;Chapter 10 Using WSUS on a Disconnected Networklt;brgt;Chapter 11 Troubleshooting WSUSlt;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 159749027Xlt;brgt;
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Syngress How to Cheat at Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory Infrastructure Feb 2006 eBook

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lt;brgt;How to Cheat at Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active Directorylt;brgt;Infrastructure follows Syngress.ology, which is specifically designed to provide overworkedlt;brgt;and stressed out System Administrators and .part time.. Sys Adminslt;brgt;an easy to read and implement guide to the most concise informationlt;brgt;needed to complete a task. The book will start off by teachinglt;brgt;readers to create the conceptual design of their Active Directorylt;brgt;infrastructure by gathering and analyzing business and technicallt;brgt;requirements. Next, readers will create the logical design for anlt;brgt;Active Directory infrastructure. Here the book starts to drilllt;brgt;deeper and focus on aspects such as group policy design. Finally,lt;brgt;readers will learn to create the physical design for an activelt;brgt;directory and network Infrastructure including DNS serverlt;brgt;placement; DC and GC placements and Flexible Single Masterlt;brgt;Operations (FSMO) role;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 159749058Xlt;brgt;
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Superball Bust Out 7

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lt;brgt;Hang on to your paddle or ghostball as you take on anlt;brgt;opponent and beat them in the twistedly new block bustinglt;brgt;genre of classic arcade gaming. Control two paddles orlt;brgt;all 4 in Quadranoid, or feel the weight of the ball inlt;brgt;Gravinoid as you complete each level by destroying alllt;brgt;the blocks. Compete head to head in 2 player mode orlt;brgt;compete against the;brgt;
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StudioLine Web 1.23 Multilanguage

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lt;brgt;StudioLine Web integrates all tasks for designing,lt;brgt;publishing and updating professionallt;brgt;web sites into a single user interface . layout editor,lt;brgt;page editor, image archive, imagelt;brgt;editing, graphics and text effects, image galleries,lt;brgt;file transfer and site;brgt;lt;brgt;An absolute novelty . you edit your images, applylt;brgt;special effects and create imagelt;brgt;collages directly on your page and immediately view thelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;studioline.netlt;brgt;
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StudioLine Photo Classic Multilanguage

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lt;brgt;The user friendly, powerful and versatilelt;brgt;solution for any photo enthusiast wholt;brgt;wants to efficiently organize,lt;brgt;professionally edit, flexibly design andlt;brgt;easily backup their extensive collectionlt;brgt;of;brgt;lt;brgt;studioline.netlt;brgt;
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Sony Vegas 6.0d

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lt;brgt;Only Vegas 6 software combines real time SD, DV, andlt;brgt;HDV video editing with unrivaled audio tools to providelt;brgt;the ultimate all in one environment for creativelt;brgt;professionals high definition and high fidelity. Withlt;brgt;its unique, visual approach to digital video and audiolt;brgt;production, Vegas delivers tremendous power, incrediblelt;brgt;speed, and maximum productivity in an uncomplicated,lt;brgt;efficient;brgt;
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SmartCodeStudio Professional Edition 2.0.1489

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lt;brgt;SmartCodeStudio is the industry leading label design, barcode and printing software. It is featurelt;brgt;rich and yet extremely easy to use. It has comprehensive database support, powerful designlt;brgt;capabilities, flexible database integration, extensive barcode support and a highly intuitive userlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;SmartCodeStudio reads data from most database systems such as Microsoft Access, FoxPro, dBase andlt;brgt;delimited text files. It also fully supports ODBC and OLE DB data sources. From the simplestlt;brgt;search on a field to the most sophisticated SQL statement., SmartCodeStudio handles them;brgt;Features like advanced filtering options, record selection, and an integrated database editor makelt;brgt;SmartCodeStudio a truly unmatched platform in database;brgt;SmartCodeStudio offers a huge (one of the industry largest!) and expandable Label Stock;brgt;The Stock database stores all the dimensions of the different labels. This greatly simplifies thelt;brgt;task of designing labels. This does not stop here. Other products like name cards, PVC cards,lt;brgt;letters, papers and badges are supported as well. New label dimensions can also be added usinglt;brgt;SmartCodeStudio Label;brgt;lt;brgt;SmartCodeStudio supports all the industry widely used 1D and 2D barcodes including but not limitedlt;brgt;to RSS, DataMatrix, PDF417 and;brgt;lt;brgt;The truly unique quot;One Touchquot; Bar Codes toolbox gives you instant access to an extensive set of barlt;brgt;code components. Simply drag and drop the type of bar code required and customize as;brgt;lt;brgt;The label design view provides you with a high precision view of your label. There is also a Printlt;brgt;Preview mode that shows you how your labels integrates with external;brgt;lt;brgt;You have total control of your labels appearance, including bar codes, text, graphics, rich textlt;brgt;and shapes. Or import pictures from your scanner using;brgt;lt;brgt;For More Info:lt;brgt;technoriversoftproductslt;brgt;
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Sex Among Allies Military Prostitution in U S Korea Relations eBook

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lt;brgt;For the past 50 years, the easy availability oflt;brgt;prostitutes to American servicemen in Southlt;brgt;Korea has been a matter of policy between thelt;brgt;U.S. military and the Korean;brgt;Focusing on the early 1970s, when the Nixonlt;brgt;Doctrine threatened a sharp reduction of;brgt;military presence in Asia, this book carefullylt;brgt;traces the way in which Korean prostitutes werelt;brgt;controlled by the United States and the Republiclt;brgt;of Korea as part of joint security;brgt;lt;brgt;Drawing on US and Korean archives, and interviewslt;brgt;with government officials, prostitutes and sociallt;brgt;workers, this text traces the way in which Koreanlt;brgt;prostitutes where, when and how they worked andlt;brgt;lived were controlled by the US and Korea aslt;brgt;part of joint security;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Seventeen Magazine March 2006 PDF eBook

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Seventeen Magazine is the worlds most popular magazine for todays teenage girls! In every issue youll get the latest scoop on style, friends, guys, college, careers, the stars, and love, as well as hot tips on beauty, fashion, fitness, and relationships. Each issue of Seventeen Magazine has exciting features, including fiction, quizzes, music, videos, trends, and so much more. And dont forget the really cool articles, such as the ever favorite Trauma Rama. If its important to todays young women, its in Seventeen Magazine.
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Serif PhotoPlus

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lt;brgt;serifPhotoPlusphotoplus10index.asplt;brgt;lt;brgt;The ultimate in photo editing software has arrived! The fantastic newlt;brgt;PhotoPlus 10 Studio Pack really does take your photo editing and managementlt;brgt;capabilities to a whole new level. Its never been easier or morelt;brgt;satisfying to arrange your photos electronically, or, indeed improve,lt;brgt;enhance and touch up your favourite;brgt;
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Serif AlbumPlus

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lt;brgt;serifalbumplusalbumplus4index.asplt;brgt;lt;brgt;Welcome to AlbumPlus, the powerful and easy to use photo manager,lt;brgt;specifically designed to make it easier and more fun for digital cameralt;brgt;users everywhere to manage their;brgt;lt;brgt;Now that digital photography is established as the cornerstone of homelt;brgt;photography you may think that all your image storage and retrievallt;brgt;problems are resolved. But wait have you swapped that old torn cardboardlt;brgt;box of photos in the cupboard for a jumble of electronic photos on yourlt;brgt;hard drive? Are your photos disorganized and worst of all, no morelt;brgt;accessible than before?lt;brgt;lt;brgt;There is a solution. AlbumPlus will manage your photos in electronic photolt;brgt;albums and enable you to retrieve photos of those special moments in yourlt;brgt;life in a single click maybe that dream holiday or that firstlt;brgt;visit to your;brgt;lt;brgt;Any event can be brought to life in AlbumPlus!lt;brgt;
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Security Explorer 5.20

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lt;brgt;Security Explorer is a powerful and intuitivelt;brgt;solution that searches for and modifies Windowslt;brgt;NT2000XP2003 security on NTFS volumes, thelt;brgt;registry, printers and file shares. Securitylt;brgt;Explorers graphical interface increaseslt;brgt;administrator productivity and provides centralizedlt;brgt;control, simplifying and standardizing thelt;brgt;management of the security of Windows serverlt;brgt;resources across the enterprise. Security Explorerlt;brgt;is an essential tool for any administrator wholt;brgt;secures Windows or has to maintain permissions tolt;brgt;achieve regulatory;brgt;lt;brgt;Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Multi Threaded architecturelt;brgt; Manage NTFS, Registry, Share and Printer securitylt;brgt; Updated, Security Focused Graphical Interfacelt;brgt; Backup and Restore Permissionslt;brgt; No quot;Access Deniedquot; with Administrative Overridelt;brgt; Export security settings in Multiple Formatslt;brgt; Windows Explorer Integrationlt;brgt; Command Line interface availablelt;brgt;lt;brgt;Security Explorer overcomes the difficultieslt;brgt;encountered when using Explorer or command linelt;brgt;tools to manage file security. Comprehensive backup,lt;brgt;restore, search, grant, revoke, clone and exportlt;brgt;functions take management of permissions to newlt;brgt;levels. Tasks that were previously either impossiblelt;brgt;or extremely difficult are now as simple as Point,lt;brgt;Click, Done!lt;brgt;
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Sams Corel Paint Shop Pro X Digital Darkroom Feb 2006 eBook

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lt;brgt;Corel Paint Shop Pro X Digital Darkroom is an easy to follow, tutoriallt;brgt;approach to using Paint Shop Pro in exactly the way home users want tolt;brgt;use it to manipulate your own images in ways that a local photo lablt;brgt;often does to create both practical and comical projects. As you read,lt;brgt;you will actually use the program to complete a variety of;brgt;Youll learn about key Paint Shop Pro tools almost without trying throughlt;brgt;both traditional and contemporary projects. Indulge in shrinking thelt;brgt;kids, performing digital plastic surgery, modifying vehicles, creatinglt;brgt;creatures the tabloids would love to profile, altering pets, creatinglt;brgt;trading cards and calendars, and combining images to createlt;brgt;once in a lifetime shots. Drop people into places theyve never been andlt;brgt;challenge Mother Nature with unique perspectives. Create holiday magic,lt;brgt;photo montages, and even do some traditional photo manipulation. Authorlt;brgt;T. Michael Clark provides careful instruction that will allow you,lt;brgt;whether you are a novice or experienced Paint Shop Pro user, to completelt;brgt;projects and enjoy your experience with Paint Shop Pro;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 0672328607lt;brgt;
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Sage Abra HRMS 8.1001

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lt;brgt;Sage Abra HRMS is the award winning HR, payroll,lt;brgt;benefits, training, recruiting, and compliance solutionlt;brgt;for mid sized businesses. Its flexible design featureslt;brgt;your choice of database platforms, including SQL, MSDE,lt;brgt;or Visual FoxPro, a comprehensive array of features, andlt;brgt;the powerful reporting and analysis capabilities that yoult;brgt;need to manage your;brgt;lt;brgt;At the core of Sage Abra is a full complement of HR,lt;brgt;payroll, training, and recruiting capabilities. It comeslt;brgt;complete with hundreds of standard reports, industry lt;brgt;leading Crystal Report Writer, customizable templates,lt;brgt;and an easy to use query tool. It also includes robustlt;brgt;employee self service and benefits enrollmentlt;brgt;capabilities that automate workflows, streamline routinelt;brgt;employee requests, and improve efficiency andlt;brgt;productivity. With Sage Abra, youll reap the cost andlt;brgt;time savings of an integrated database and seamless flowlt;brgt;of information between employees, supervisors, managers,lt;brgt;and;brgt;
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Saddle Up With Pippa Funnell

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lt;brgt;Congratulations you have just inherited your very own horse farm! But itlt;brgt;requires extensive renovations and your horses need care and training aslt;brgt;you embark on your quest to become a world champion;brgt;lt;brgt;Solve the mystery of who is plotting for your failure and learn how tolt;brgt;nurture and train horses for dressage, cross country, and show jumpinglt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Champion equestrian Pippa Funnell gives helpful advice along the;brgt;RIPPED: Company Logolt;brgt;
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SYCODE Terrain for AutoCAD 1.1

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lt;brgt;sycodelt;brgt;lt;brgt;Terrain for AutoCAD is an award winning terrain modelinglt;brgt;plug in for AutoCAD. This plug in gives AutoCAD thelt;brgt;ability to create a terrain mesh from a set of unorderedlt;brgt;points, lines, polylines and splines. The terrain mesh islt;brgt;created as a Delaunay Triangulation, which is regarded aslt;brgt;the best method to create a terrain mesh from unorganizedlt;brgt;point data. Terrain for AutoCAD can also import a set oflt;brgt;points from a text file containing point coordinate datalt;brgt;along with point numbers and point descriptions. Terrainlt;brgt;for AutoCAD is powered by TerrainLib, a state of the artlt;brgt;terrain modeling library developed by;brgt;Terrain for AutoCAD is designed to be extremely userlt;brgt;friendly and easy to use. The plug in adds a new commandlt;brgt;to AutoCAD called Terrain. The Terrain command has alt;brgt;single parameter called Search Radius. The search radiuslt;brgt;determines whether two points can be part of the samelt;brgt;triangular face. If the distance between two points islt;brgt;larger than the search radius then they are not connectedlt;brgt;by a face. A search radius of zero will remove thelt;brgt;connectivity constraint and all points will be connected,lt;brgt;however far they may be from each;brgt;
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SYCODE 3DM Import for AutoCAD 1.0

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lt;brgt;sycodelt;brgt;lt;brgt;3DM Import for AutoCAD is a Rhino 3D Model OpenNURBSlt;brgt;3DM file import plug in for AutoCAD. This plug in giveslt;brgt;AutoCAD the ability to import geometric data from 3DMlt;brgt;;brgt;3DM Import for AutoCAD offers seamless conversion of 3DMlt;brgt;geometry to AutoCADs DWG geometry. The integrity oflt;brgt;layers, blocks, block instances or inserts, dimensions,lt;brgt;etc. are maintained across the conversion. Optionally,lt;brgt;polycurves, meshes and blocks can be exploded into simplerlt;brgt;objects during the;brgt;
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SQLyog Enterprise 5.02 Retail

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lt;brgt;webyogsqlyoglt;brgt;lt;brgt;Manage your MySQL database from anywhere in the;brgt;lt;brgt;Apart from the regular administrative features like backup and restore,lt;brgt;and object management, this program supports database synchronization,lt;brgt;notification services, ODBC import, structure synchronization andlt;brgt;scheduled;brgt;
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Rugby 2006

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lt;brgt;EA SPORTS Rugby 06 will challenge gamers to compete in alt;brgt;host of the Worlds most prestigious rugby competitionslt;brgt;including the Six Nations, Lions Tour, Tri Nations,lt;brgt;Guinness Premiership and the Super;brgt;lt;brgt;EA SPORTS Rugby 06s exhilarating gameplay now mirrors thelt;brgt;real thing closer than ever before, with new moves such aslt;brgt;off load passes, quick line outs and quick penaltieslt;brgt;thatencourage attacking, momentum driven rugby. Gamers canlt;brgt;also dictate play with their star Impact Players and canlt;brgt;choose from a legion of new set plays to pile on thelt;brgt;pressure and keep their opponents firmly on the back;brgt;lt;brgt;With TV style presentation, stadiums from all over thelt;brgt;world, including Twickenham, Lansdowne Road, thelt;brgt;Millennium stadium and Murrayfield and commentary from thelt;brgt;respected commentator Ian Robertson and All Black legendlt;brgt;Grant Fox, EA SPORTS delivers the most action packed andlt;brgt;free flowing rugby game;brgt;lt;brgt;Ripped: music, commentary, movieslt;brgt;
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RoboSuite 6.0

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lt;brgt;Kapow RoboSuite Web Integration Platform:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Kapow RoboSuite, the industrys leading Weblt;brgt;Integration platform, uniquely uses the Weblt;brgt;front end as the interface for flexible and fastlt;brgt;integration of any Web based content, data andlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;In order to deliver function rich integrationlt;brgt;solutions, any enterprise class Web Integrationlt;brgt;platform needs the ability to integrate both at thelt;brgt;user interface level (UI), at the application logiclt;brgt;level, and at the data level. RoboSuite consist oflt;brgt;three functional modules for UI, Application andlt;brgt;Data integration. In addition, RoboSuite offers alt;brgt;visual design environment for rapid solutionlt;brgt;creation and server and management modules forlt;brgt;enterprise class;brgt;lt;brgt;RoboSuite is an enterprise class platform forlt;brgt;integration at both the User Interface, Applicationlt;brgt;and data;brgt;lt;brgt;Functional Moduleslt;brgt;The three functional modules consist of:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Clipping Module: Allows existing Web interfaces tolt;brgt;be reused as portlets in enterprise portal;brgt;This module contains out of the box point and cliplt;brgt;support for creating portlets for leading portallt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Transaction Module: Creates APIs or Web Servicelt;brgt;interfaces to Web based applications and datalt;brgt;sources. This allows for full flexibility inlt;brgt;integrating with enterprise;brgt;lt;brgt; Data Module: Integration from Web based data andlt;brgt;content sources into databases and CMS systems. Withlt;brgt;this package, data from Web sites can be insertedlt;brgt;into, and synchronized with, database;brgt;lt;brgt;The visual design environmentlt;brgt;The Kapow RoboSuite RoboMaker module is a visuallt;brgt;programming environment that takes advantage of thelt;brgt;visual nature of the browser UI to quot;point and clickquot;lt;brgt;through the integration workflow. Once thelt;brgt;integration robot is designed, it is sent to thelt;brgt;server for;brgt;lt;brgt;Server and Management Environmentlt;brgt;RoboSuite features a high performance, scalablelt;brgt;server environment that enables enterprise classlt;brgt;deployments. The server can be clustered forlt;brgt;high performance and high reliabilitylt;brgt;configurations. For clients with thousands oflt;brgt;integration robots, RoboSuites RoboManager modulelt;brgt;enables easy management of very large robotlt;brgt;;brgt;
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RecoverSoft Data Rescue IT Edition 1.6

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lt;brgt;RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC is the best data recoverylt;brgt;utility on the market for recovering files from a problemlt;brgt;hard drive. Other utilities can cause more damage to yourlt;brgt;hard drive and files by trying to quot;fixquot; the problem,lt;brgt;instead of focusing on recovering your files. Do not uselt;brgt;a repair utility until youve safely recovered yourlt;brgt;important files and stored them in a safe;brgt;RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC should be your first option tolt;brgt;recover your important data, before you try any riskylt;brgt;quot;repairquot;;brgt;lt;brgt;RecoverSoft Data Rescue PC is revolutionary in both ease lt;brgt;of use and power. Simply insert the CD and reboot yourlt;brgt;computer. Data Rescue PC will automatically access yourlt;brgt;drive then guide you through the file recovery processlt;brgt;with simple step by step directions. With a friendlylt;brgt;graphical user interface, you select the files you wishlt;brgt;to recover, then they are stored for you on your externallt;brgt;USB, FireWire, or secondary internal hard drive. Becauselt;brgt;Data Rescue PC comes on a bootable CD, the time lt;brgt;consumming install process found in other utilitieslt;brgt;simply doesnt exist you are up and running fast Sincelt;brgt;RecoverSoft Data Rescue PCs CD is equipped with its ownlt;brgt;Operating System, tuned especially for data recovery,lt;brgt;your hard drive isnt needed for the boot process thislt;brgt;means that Data Rescue PC can help you even in the mostlt;brgt;serious;brgt;
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RAM Structural System 10

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lt;brgt;ramintproductsr_structural_system.jsplt;brgt;lt;brgt;The RAM Structural System was developed with one primary goal in mind. tolt;brgt;help structural engineers increase their productivity so that they can producelt;brgt;better designs, faster. By providing powerful tools that are automated,lt;brgt;ntegrated, and a complete alternative to traditional design methods, the RAMlt;brgt;Structural System has accomplished this;brgt;lt;brgt;The RAM Structural System is currently increasing the productivity oflt;brgt;thousands of engineers worldwide in the design of a wide variety oflt;brgt;institutional, commercial, retail, residential and industrial buildinglt;brgt;structures, from one story buildings to some of the tallest structureslt;brgt;in the;brgt;lt;brgt;Used by thousands of design firms, steel fabricators, educators, and others;lt;brgt;from one person firms to some of the largest Eamp;C companies in the world, thelt;brgt;RAM Structural System is helping to redefine how engineers work!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;RAM allows us to spend more time on the detailing and coordination and lesslt;brgt;on the engineering thereby allowing us to produce a more detailed and hencelt;brgt;a better;brgt;Unlike most structural software packages that solve only specific and isolatedlt;brgt;problems, the RAM Structural System is a fully integrated;brgt;It enhances your work every step of the way, integrating gravity and laterallt;brgt;analysis and design with the creation of detailed and usable CAD;brgt;Consider the time you spend on these tasks in your office:lt;brgt;Comparing alternative framing systems and providing accurate conceptual designs,lt;brgt;Calculating and distributing gravity and lateral loads and reducing live loads,lt;brgt;including wind and seismic loads per IBC 2000, UBC, BOCA, SBC, ASCE7, Canadian,lt;brgt;British and Eurocodes,lt;brgt;Composite and noncomposite steel design and joist selection,lt;brgt;Concrete Design per ACI including full skip loading analysis of the floor systems,lt;brgt;Designing your foundations,lt;brgt;Developing CAD drawings for floor framing plans, beam and column schedules,lt;brgt;frame elevations, and foundation plans,lt;brgt;Calculating masses and Rho factors for seismic design,lt;brgt;Designing steel connections,lt;brgt;And keeping up with project changeslt;brgt;
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Quicken XG 2006 R1

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lt;brgt;Manage. Analyze.;brgt;Analyze your personal finances, monitor your investments and prosper yourlt;brgt;home based business with Canadas 1 Best Selling Personal Finance;brgt;Comprehensive tools allow you to determine where youre spending your money,lt;brgt;optimize your portfolio, instantly calculate your net worth, view a completelt;brgt;snapshot of your business finances... and much more!lt;brgt;
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Quicken Medical Expense Manager

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lt;brgt;Quicken Medical Expense Manager software organizes your medical history andlt;brgt;insurance information in one place. It helps you make sense of confusinglt;brgt;and sometimes overwhelming paperwork. It helps you track medical expenses,lt;brgt;find tax deductions and manage disputes. It allows you to keep detailedlt;brgt;records of past medical expenditures so that you can make informedlt;brgt;decisions in the future. And its especially useful if you have a chroniclt;brgt;medical condition or manage medical costs for other family;brgt;
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Quick Estimator 2005 4.02

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lt;brgt;quickestimatorlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Quick Estimator is an easy to use yet powerful estimating,lt;brgt;job tracking and project management program for small tolt;brgt;medium sized contractors in any trade. It has many of thelt;brgt;features of much more expensive programs, but at alt;brgt;fraction of the;brgt;
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Que Absolute Beginners Guide to WordPerfect X3 Jan 2006 eBook

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lt;brgt;Update to the most popular WordPerfect book on the market! Whether yoult;brgt;just bought a computer that has WordPerfect installed or you need tolt;brgt;learn it for use at the office, Absolute Beginners Guide to WordPerfectlt;brgt;X3 will have you up and running with the latest version of WordPerfect inlt;brgt;no time. Endorsed by Corel, the makers of WordPerfect, this is the bestlt;brgt;beginning level guide available. It is organized in an easy to follow,lt;brgt;progressive format, teaching you the most common features so that you canlt;brgt;easily navigate the program and build complex;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 0789734257lt;brgt;
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QlikView Enterprise 7.20

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lt;brgt;QlikView Simplifying Analysis for Everyonelt;brgt;QlikView empowers users to make the right decisions at any time and putslt;brgt;knowledge at their fingertips wherever they are. Analysis can be takenlt;brgt;entirely off line on a laptop and remains fully functional. Results can belt;brgt;printed as reports, saved as Adobe PDFs, sent to Microsoft Excel or copiedlt;brgt;into other Microsoft Office applications. QlikView works the way users;brgt;lt;brgt;QlikView Enterprise . For the developerlt;brgt;QlikView Enterprise is the complete developer.s tool for building QlikViewlt;brgt;applications. QlikView Enterprise lets developers load disparate data sourceslt;brgt;for access in a single application. The data load script supports over 150lt;brgt;functions for data cleansing, manipulation and aggregation. Intuitive wizardlt;brgt;driven interface allows powerful visually interactive applications to belt;brgt;developed;brgt;
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PtShare DVD Creator 1.25

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lt;brgt;DVD Creator is a powerful DVD creating software that can convert almost all kinds of video formatslt;brgt;to DVD and burn it on DVD disc. DVD Creator allows you convert photo to video files and burn themlt;brgt;on DVD disc so that you can watch them on TV or DVD;brgt;lt;brgt;Main creations that DVD Creator supported:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Create photo (JPG, BMP, GIF) to DVD;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Create video file( AVI Xvid Mov Divx Divx Wmv Asf ) to DVD;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Create photo to video;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;DVD Creator key features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Burn photos into DVD disk, then view your self made DVD in TV or DVD;brgt;lt;brgt; Create video file from photos (JPG, GIF, BMP files) Convert photo into video file and comfortablylt;brgt;enjoy it on;brgt;lt;brgt; Burn kinds of video file, e.g.: downloaded movie, into DVD disk and enjoy it on TV or DVD;brgt;Burn Media file such as: AVI Xvid Mov Divx Divx Wmv Asf to DVD disc which can be viewed onlt;brgt;DVD playerlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;DVD Creator main features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Easy to use: create great DVD video disc with only a few clicks;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Intuitive user interface: Require no DVD knowledge;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Photo to DVD: Create photos to video file;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Burn photo album to DVD disc: create photo album on DVD disc can be viewed on TV or DVD player;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Burn media file to DVD disc: Watch video files from your TV instead of your computer;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; High speed and high Video quality: Super Encode Engine makes DVD Creator powerful;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Excellent quality on TV;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;For More Info on PtShare DVD Creator Visit:lt;brgt;ptsharedvd creatorlt;brgt;
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Prominentus dbDeveloper 2.10.03

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lt;brgt;Are you working with many databases? You migrate data from MSSQL to Oracle,lt;brgt;maybe another databases. Do you work with many different databases in thelt;brgt;same time? Do you need an easy to use sql tool for each of;brgt;It becomes hard when you have to use different tool for every databaselt;brgt;engine. Why not having all your databases management in one place and savelt;brgt;hours while working with it?lt;brgt;dbDeveloper is a visual development tool for multiple;brgt;With the intuitive and powerful interface it allows you to explore, createlt;brgt;and change structure of every database in an easy way. It offers varietylt;brgt;of functions from development via tuning up to the deployment and datalt;brgt;manipulation. One of the main goals of dbDeveloper is speed. It islt;brgt;designed to be fast and undemanding. You can connect directly to all mostlt;brgt;popular database servers using the single interface so that you can makelt;brgt;your work faster and more;brgt;
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PowerLog 2.61a

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lt;brgt;As software developers, we focus on the needs of petrophysicists,lt;brgt;geologists, reservoir engineers and anyone else who needs tolt;brgt;interpret well log data. Our product, PowerLog, is the industrylt;brgt;standard for Microsoft Windows based petrophysical;brgt;PowerLog is the most economical and user friendly packagelt;brgt;dedicated to log data interpretation and presentation availablelt;brgt;;brgt;
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Porno Links XP 1.4

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lt;brgt;Porno Links XP is a revolutionary software applicationlt;brgt;anonymously download thousands of adult pics and movielt;brgt;from free, adult content, thumbnail picture and movielt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Porno Links XP is a software program you run on your Plt;brgt;Unlike most free adult web sites, Porno Links XP requirlt;brgt;no credit card, contains no spyware, no adware, nolt;brgt;hijackers, no dialers, and its easy to use! Just selelt;brgt;your favorite adult pics category and download thousandlt;brgt;free quality adult pics and movies in;brgt;lt;brgt;Porno Links XP contains a built in image and movie viewlt;brgt;Watch, in real time, a complete slideshow of your adullt;brgt;pics and movies as they are downloaded right to your Plt;brgt;lt;brgt;Sure, you could visit free thumbnail picture gallerielt;brgt;yourself and spend hours downloading your pics, but whlt;brgt;bother wasting time searching for the perfect quality alt;brgt;thumbnail pics, when you can let your PC do it for yolt;brgt;
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PokerOffice 2.01

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lt;brgt;pokerofficelt;brgt;lt;brgt;PokerOffice is the most sophisticated tool on the marketlt;brgt;for Online Texas Holdem Poker. PokerOffice allows you tolt;brgt;track all of your opponents actions as well as your ownlt;brgt;game, while you are playing, without any need for handlt;brgt;histories or user input. It stores all of the collectedlt;brgt;data and brings you summarized statistical reports,lt;brgt;spreadsheets and graphs of your own and your opponentslt;brgt;play. In addition it comes with a Live Advisor Window thatlt;brgt;displays real time opponent modeling of the players yoult;brgt;are currently facing, real time probabilities of futurelt;brgt;hands, hand rankings, Pot Odds and live graphs andlt;brgt;;brgt;
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Poker Pro 2006 4.1.60

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lt;brgt;Poker Pro provides realtime odds, analysis and recommendations as you play. The softwarelt;brgt;automatically captures your cards, position, betting activity, pot size, and the number of playerslt;brgt;at the table and in the pot. When Combined, all these parameters will help you make a well informedlt;brgt;decision for every hand. Poker Pro will extend your ability to analyze various attributes of thelt;brgt;game and will improve your online play when playing multiple tables or just learning how to;brgt;Poker Pro will enable you to play well, with over 15,000 possible customizable combinations builtlt;brgt;into Poker Pro, you cannot go wrong! Are you ready to be a Poker Pro?lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;The Poker Pro advantage:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Poker Pro Advis:lt;brgt;Poker Pro3 advises when to raise, bet, check or fold. It also makes recommendations on when tolt;brgt;bluff, slow play and check. rise. You get pot odds and statistics all in real time as you;brgt;lt;brgt; Poker Pro Flexible:lt;brgt;Poker Pro flexible architecture allows you to modify or install custom profiles specific to yourlt;brgt;needs. This will give you the option of sharing profiles with others and give more advanced playerslt;brgt;the ability to customize and fine tune their;brgt;lt;brgt; Poker Pro Winner:lt;brgt;Poker Pro3 can help you consistently win on Party Poker and you can be winning in less than 5lt;brgt;minutes. If you are playing multiple tables, you will see a substantial increase in your win;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Software Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Automatically captures cards during real time playlt;brgt; Makes recommendations based on your hand, position, pot status and morelt;brgt; Tracks your position, how many players are in the potlt;brgt; Makes recommendations based on how many opponents are in the potlt;brgt; Tracks playing styles of other players at the tablelt;brgt; Adjusts the recommendations to your style of playlt;brgt; Shows real time odds and statisticslt;brgt; Makes bluffing, check raising and slowplaying recommendationslt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;For More Info on Poker Pro 2006 Visit:lt;brgt;pokerpro3productsindexlt;brgt;
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Plaxis Professional 8.2

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lt;brgt;Plaxis v8 is a finite element package intended for thelt;brgt;two dimensional analysis of deformation and stability inlt;brgt;geotechnical;brgt;lt;brgt;Geotechnical applications require advanced constitutivelt;brgt;models for the simulation of the non linear, timelt;brgt;dependent and anisotropic behaviour of soils andorlt;brgt;rock. In addition, since soil is a multi phase material,lt;brgt;special procedures are required to deal with hydrostaticlt;brgt;and non hydrostatic pore pressures in the;brgt;lt;brgt;Although the modelling of the soil itself is anlt;brgt;important issue, many projects involve the modelling oflt;brgt;structures and the interaction between the structureslt;brgt;and the;brgt;lt;brgt;Plaxis is equipped with features to deal with variouslt;brgt;aspects of complex geotechnical;brgt;lt;brgt;plaxislt;brgt;
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PerpetualBudget System 3.8.9

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lt;brgt;PerpetualBudget is a distributed budgeting application forlt;brgt;small to medium companies and organizations. It features Budgetlt;brgt;Builder, a graphical tool for constructing and maintaining;brgt;PerpetualBudget demonstrates the use of quot;linklessquot; worksheetlt;brgt;templates for remote updating of the budget data from the User;brgt;The program works seamlessly in the Microsoft Office environmentlt;brgt;utilizing Excel, Access and Windows to deliver a configurable productlt;brgt;for any desktop;brgt;
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Peachpit Press Ten Ton Dreamweaver Feb 2006 eBook

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lt;brgt;If youre thinking about creating or maintaining Web sites, youre likelylt;brgt;to turn to Dreamweaver, the de facto software tool of choice for Weblt;brgt;design today. What could be a chore, however, becomes a fun andlt;brgt;fascinating challenge with this comprehensive yet clever guide. Authorlt;brgt;Geoff Blake turns a technical topic into an entertaining one by usinglt;brgt;conversational language, plenty of humor, facts, and tips to makelt;brgt;Dreamweaver accessible to everyone. Behind all the jokes, however, is alt;brgt;wealth of information: After showing how Dreamweaver fits into thelt;brgt;overall Web design puzzle, Geoff quickly gets down to building a basiclt;brgt;Web site, by teaching good, 21st century work habits and providinglt;brgt;step by step instructions for building pages from the very beginning withlt;brgt;CSS styles and library items. With that knowledge under your belt, youlllt;brgt;be ready to tackle the advanced functionality (including behaviors,lt;brgt;multimedia, and templates).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 0321374126lt;brgt;
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Peachpit Press Apple Pro Training Series Xsan Quick Reference Guide 2nd Edition Feb 2006 eBook

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lt;brgt;The only guide to Apples enterprise level Storage Area Network solution,lt;brgt;fully updated for Tiger and Xsan;brgt;lt;brgt;Xsan is one of the most powerful, flexible and affordable SAN solutionslt;brgt;Handy booklet provides invaluable setup, configuration andlt;brgt;Fully updated to cover Tiger and Xsan;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 0321432320lt;brgt;
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PL SQL Developer 7.0.0 1050

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lt;brgt;allroundautomationsplsqldevlt;brgt;lt;brgt;PLSQL Developer is an Integrated Development Environment that islt;brgt;specifically targeted at the development of stored program units for Oraclelt;brgt;Databases. Over time we have seen more and more business logic andlt;brgt;application logic move into the Oracle Server, so that PLSQL programminglt;brgt;has become a significant part of the total development process. PLSQLlt;brgt;Developer focuses on ease of use, code quality and productivity, keylt;brgt;advantages during Oracle application;brgt;thanks gamago for the nice supply.;)lt;brgt;
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PGI Workstation Server 6.1.2 LINUX

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lt;brgt;PGI Server class compilers and tools are for 32 bit x86lt;brgt;(AMD Athlon XPMP, Intel Pentium 4 and Xeon),lt;brgt;64 bit AMD64 technology (AMD Athlon 64 and Opteron) andlt;brgt;64 bit IA32 (Intel Pentium and Xeon with EM64T)lt;brgt;processor based workstations or servers with up to 16lt;brgt;SMP CPU running the Linux operating systemlt;brgt;lt;brgt;pgrouplt;brgt;
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PDF Page Numberer 2.0 for Adobe Acrobat

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lt;brgt;PDF Page Numberer 2 is a Acrobat plug in tool forlt;brgt;Acrobat Which is used to automatically page number yourlt;brgt;documents, batch version includes support for numberinglt;brgt;many pdf files with a few mouse clicks, you can putlt;brgt;customizable page numbers anywhere on the page, withlt;brgt;any font size, font name amp; font type also to twolt;brgt;decimal points e.g. 13.56, features include savinglt;brgt;settings for later use for other pdfs, page start amp;lt;brgt;end ranges, start and stop page counts for page groups,lt;brgt;watermarkingopacity text, roman numerals, bateslt;brgt;numbering, RGB or CMYK text stamping, optionally embedlt;brgt;or non embed the fonts, filename parts, date stamping,lt;brgt;file createdmodified time stamping, documentlt;brgt;properties stamping, easy point and click positioning,lt;brgt;centre on variable size pages, carry page number endlt;brgt;over to next pdf for continuous stamping across manylt;brgt;files, alternate oddeven page stamping, angled textlt;brgt;support, multi line stamping, retains PDF file versionlt;brgt;for printing systems, increment group page numberinglt;brgt;e.g. page 1, page 1, page 2, page 2 etc, variablelt;brgt;dynamic page numbering by sequence e.g. a,b,c,d,e,flt;brgt;etc, tooltips + many other;brgt;
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OmniFormat 7.61

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lt;brgt;OmniFormat is a document conversion utility which allows dynamiclt;brgt;conversion and image manipulation of over 75 file formatslt;brgt;including HTML, DOC, XLS, WPD, PDF, XML, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG,lt;brgt;PCX, PPT, PS, TXT, Photo CD, FAX and MPEG. For a full list oflt;brgt;supported formats please see our FAQ page. OmniFormat supportslt;brgt;Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and may also be used tolt;brgt;convert images and documents to rights managed PDF;brgt;
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OReilly PSP Hacks Jan 2006 eBook

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lt;brgt;Sure, its just what youve been clamoring for: an ultra slick, portablelt;brgt;version of the most popular console gaming system in the world. Butlt;brgt;Sonys new PlayStation Portable (PSP) isnt just a handheld gaminglt;brgt;device. Beyond its killer graphics and spectacular widescreen LCD forlt;brgt;unparalleled game play, it also sports wireless connectivity and alt;brgt;variety of multimedia features, including video, music, and digitallt;brgt;photography. Your wildly versatile, endlessly powerful PSP practicallylt;brgt;lt;brgt;To save you the trouble and show you how to make the PSP do more than yoult;brgt;ever imagined and more than Sony ever intended PSP Hacks is onelt;brgt;succinct volume of 50 of the coolest, most useful, up to the minute hackslt;brgt;for this amazing device. Youll learn how to open your PSPs hardware andlt;brgt;what to safely plug into it. Youll explore and put to good use everylt;brgt;hidden feature of the device. Youll be able to move all sorts oflt;brgt;multimedia onto your PSP and find ways to extend its wirelesslt;brgt;capabilities. And youll find out how to get the very best experience outlt;brgt;lt;brgt;With PSP Hacks, you can accomplish a whole lot more than good gaming onlt;brgt;the PSP. Youll quickly learn to surf the Web with a PSP, chat in IRC,lt;brgt;and use the PSP to read web comics, ebooks, and RSS feeds. Other expertlt;brgt;tips and tools allow you to sync an address book to your PSP, watch UMDlt;brgt;movies, fool iTunes into thinking the PSP is an iPod Shuffle, and muchlt;brgt;lt;brgt;The innovative hacks, tweaks, and how tos in this essential guide make itlt;brgt;easy to customize your PSP, take full advantage of features,lt;brgt;capabilities, and functionality far beyond whats listed in the PSP userlt;brgt;manual, and make your PSP perform countless tricks that only anlt;brgt;all in one portable entertainment unit as remarkable and revolutionary aslt;brgt;this one;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 0596101430lt;brgt;
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OReilly Dreamweaver 8 Design and Construction Jan 2006 eBook

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lt;brgt;Youre a beginner who wants to design a state of the art family web;brgt;Youve just started a new job, and you need to learn Dreamweaver fast. Orlt;brgt;maybe youre a professional whos been using another program but is nowlt;brgt;switching to Macromedias leading web design tool. Learning Dreamweaver 8lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Straightforwardly practical, with speed as the by word, this hands onlt;brgt;guide focuses on the best practices for constructing both interactive andlt;brgt;static web sites. While explaining core concepts clearly and thoroughly,lt;brgt;so that beginners have a solid conceptural and technical foundation, itlt;brgt;cuts through the clutter that might slow down a beginner tackling alt;brgt;subject as vast as web design and a tool as robust as;brgt;Dreamweaver 8 Design and Construction emphasizes learning by doing, withlt;brgt;short, task oriented chapters that demonstrate theory by presentinglt;brgt;design solutions and explaining the principles that make them;brgt;Plenty of screen shots, illustrations, and sample layouts accompany rapidlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Marc Campbell has been building web sites since 1997 for everything fromlt;brgt;comic book fan communities to state government portals and e commercelt;brgt;applications. A Macromedia Certified Dreamweaver Developer and betalt;brgt;tester, he has taught web design to students at all levels and haslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Sidebars in Dreamweaver 8 Design and Construction allow readers to decidelt;brgt;how deeply they want to delve into the subject. quot;Quick Picksquot; offerlt;brgt;bottom line recommendations for those who want to skip the generallt;brgt;discussion, while quot;Under the Hoodquot; sidebars provide more in depth lookslt;brgt;at particular topics for those who want more detail. Absolute beginner orlt;brgt;faux debutante, youll learn proven procedures for quickly buildinglt;brgt;Dreamweaver;brgt;lt;brgt;amazonexecobidostgdetail 0596101635lt;brgt;
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