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Lynda.Com Macromedia Fireworks 8 Essential Training (2 cd)

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Fireworks 8 Essential Training with Abigail Rudner is a video based tutorial designed for beginning to intermediate Fireworks users who need to design and export static, animated, and interactive graphics for the Web. This tutorial begins with an overview of the Fireworks 8 interface, then advances to cover topics such as working with vector tools, manipulating bitmap images, image optimization and exporting methods, as well as integration with Dreamweaver 8 and Flash 8. Exercise files accompany the training videos, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own;brgt;
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In Dreamweaver CS3 Essential Training , instructor Garrick Chow delves into the many powerful features of the latest version of this powerful web design application. He covers everything from the simplest basics of using Dreamweaver CS3 to applying it to develop a fully interactive, accessible site. Garrick explains the new interface features, and demonstrates how to create, edit, manage, design, and publish a professional website with Dreamweaver CS3 and complementary applications. Exercise files accompany the;brgt;
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Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2.2.1 VST DX RTAS

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lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; The Sound of Guitar and Basslt;brgt; GUITAR RIG 2 is a professional all in one software andlt;brgt; hardware set up for guitarists and bass players. Thelt;brgt; fantastic sound quality won GUITAR RIG 20 industry awardslt;brgt; and artists praise the world over. A huge range oflt;brgt; authentically emulated amps and effects are perfectlylt;brgt; complemented by a robust foot controller boasting anlt;brgt; integrated, studio quality sound;brgt;lt;brgt; Doubling the power of the previous version, thelt;brgt; possibilities of this award winning modular solution arelt;brgt; endless. From the most dulcet tones to the hardest riffs,lt;brgt; GUITAR RIG 2 is in a league of its;brgt;
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Native Instruments Guitar Rig VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB

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The Sound of Guitar and Basslt;brgt;lt;brgt; GUITAR RIG 2 is a professional all in one software and hardware set uplt;brgt; for guitarists and bass players. The fantastic sound quality wonlt;brgt; GUITAR RIG 20 industry awards and artists praise the world over. Alt;brgt; huge range of authentically emulated amps and effects are perfectlylt;brgt; complemented by a robust foot controller boasting an integrated,lt;brgt; studio quality sound;brgt;lt;brgt; Doubling the power of the previous version, the possibilities of thislt;brgt; award winning modular solution are endless. From the most dulcet toneslt;brgt; to the hardest riffs, GUITAR RIG 2 is in a league of its;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Plug and play: The presetslt;brgt;lt;brgt; More than 500 presets guarantee top sounds right from the start: thelt;brgt; enormous palette of presets offers many different setups and bringslt;brgt; you a gigantic selection of useful guitar and bass sounds in manylt;brgt; styles . from 50s 70s rock to pop, metal, hard amp; heavy, from jazz tolt;brgt; blues to country and;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; RIG KONTROL 2lt;brgt;lt;brgt; The new foot controller with built in audioMIDI interface makeslt;brgt; GUITAR RIG 2 an all in one solution for guitarists and bass;brgt; Just plug amp; rock!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Players Choice: Build your individual Riglt;brgt;lt;brgt; GUITAR RIG 2 lets you create your dream setup within minutes: justlt;brgt; drag and drop your desired amps, cabinets and effects and youre goodlt;brgt; to;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Amps, Cabinets and Microphoneslt;brgt;lt;brgt; GUITAR RIG provides an outstanding selection of amps, cabinets andlt;brgt; microphones, which can be freely combined in any order or quantity yoult;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Effectslt;brgt;lt;brgt; More than 35 classic and modern guitar effects are at your disposal:lt;brgt; Phaser, chorus, distortion, reverb, delay, WahWah, EQs, compressor,lt;brgt; tremolo, octaver, rotator, limiter, noise gate and;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Modifierlt;brgt;lt;brgt; Use the new Modifier components to rhythmically animate nearly anylt;brgt; parameter for completely new sound effects!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Loop Machinelt;brgt;lt;brgt; The ultimate phrase loop and overdub machine for layering up to 99lt;brgt; loopslayers. With unlimited duration, multiple undoredo, separatelt;brgt; export of all layers, temposync and much more . perfect to accompanylt;brgt; yourself quot;on the flyquot;.lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Tapedeckslt;brgt;lt;brgt; With the integrated high performance tapedecks featuring loop functionlt;brgt; and independent control over tempo and pitch, GUITAR RIG 2 is alsolt;brgt; perfect for sessions, for practice and for sketching out song ideas!lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Top Featureslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Eight renowned guitar and bass amps perfectly emulated in stunninglt;brgt; detaillt;brgt;lt;brgt; 15 guitar and 6 bass cabinets, 4 rotary speakers and 9 microphones,lt;brgt; all based on much celebrated hardware originalslt;brgt;lt;brgt; 35 effects: meticulously modeled stomp boxes, distortion and volumelt;brgt; pedals and other popular unitslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Loop Machine allowing recording, playback and layering of loops on lt;brgt; the flylt;brgt;lt;brgt; Modifiers such as LFOs, step sequencers, envelope followers andlt;brgt; multi step envelopeslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Dynamic Tube Response technology delivers powerful tube soundslt;brgt; Highly flexible, intuitive and easy to use shy;rackshy; concept based onlt;brgt; drag amp; droplt;brgt;lt;brgt; Integrated metronome, tuner and multiple tapedeck moduleslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Huge selection of presets covering all styleslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Rig Kontrol 2 included: sturdy USB foot controller with 7 switcheslt;brgt; and 1 pedal and an integrated high quality audio IO, D.I. box andlt;brgt; headphone jacklt;brgt;lt;brgt; Real time control of all parameters, LED displays current presetlt;brgt;lt;brgt; MIDI in out and dedicated jacks allowing extra controllers orlt;brgt; pedals to be connectedlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW FEATURES:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Electric Ladylt;brgt;lt;brgt; The Electric Lady adds a very versatile stereo Flanger to your effectslt;brgt; rack. Modeled after an all time classic, the Electric Lady produceslt;brgt; sounds ranging from subtle flanging and chorusing to weird metalliclt;brgt; timbres and extreme flanger swooshes. The static mode adds to thislt;brgt; wide palette of sounds. It switches the unit into filter mode actinglt;brgt; as a bank of notch;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Phaser Ninelt;brgt;lt;brgt; This Phaser is based on another well known effects design and adds alllt;brgt; kinds of animated shimmering to your guitar;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Harmonic Synthesizerlt;brgt;lt;brgt; The Harmonic Synthesizer opens up a whole world of synthesizer soundslt;brgt; simply by playing your guitar. It can produce faithful re creations oflt;brgt; classic sounds but is also well suited for generating wild effectslt;brgt; never heard before. Additionally, you can switch it to bass mode forlt;brgt; use with your bass guitar. The effect contains four voices ?lt;brgt; sub octave, dry, octave and square wave ? that can be freely mixed forlt;brgt; envelope shaping as well as for coloring using a flexible;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Improved Graphicslt;brgt;lt;brgt; In addition to all of the above, the complete artwork of all thelt;brgt; GUITAR RIG 2 components has been revised, making all the units clearerlt;brgt; and easier to;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Fixed in version 2.2.1:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Support of higher sample rates on PowerPC and Intel based Maclt;brgt;;brgt; Automation for the 3 new components from version 2.2;brgt; Components onoff button automation is not being read back in Logiclt;brgt;;brgt; AIFF import on Intel based Macs;brgt; Crash in tape deck;brgt; Crash when enablingdisabling the Tapedeck time stretch;brgt; Load Bank dialogue appears twice;brgt; Saving banks+presets will delete firstlast preset;brgt; AllSoundOff command does not clear audio buffer;brgt; RK2 reset pedal calibration stops pedal functionality ProTools;brgt; Wrong order in the application menu under OS X;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; System Requirementslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Mac OS X 10.3.x, G4 733 MHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 512 MB RAMlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Native Instruments Spektral Delay VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB

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lt;brgt; Exceptional DELAY Effectslt;brgt;lt;brgt; The NI SPEKTRAL DELAY differs from the many other audio effects inlt;brgt; that it uses real time FFT (Fast Fourier Transformation) to split eachlt;brgt; channel of a stereo signal into as many as 160 separately modifiablelt;brgt; frequency bands (even up to 1024 bands internally). The level, delaylt;brgt; time and feedback amount for each of this bands can be set;brgt; Additionally, various modulation effects can be applied to the signallt;brgt; in the frequency domain, which allows for even further soundlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; The NI SPEKTRAL DELAY offers exceptionally great possibilities forlt;brgt; creative sound design from subtle corrections and rich effects tolt;brgt; the total alienation of the input signal. Never the less, thelt;brgt; NI SPEKTRAL DELAY is easy to use since all parameters are controlledlt;brgt; intuitively and comfortably from a sophisticated graphical userlt;brgt; interface. The NI SPEKTRAL DELAY runs either stand alone or as alt;brgt; plug in. It offers professional sound quality and can be fullylt;brgt; controlled by;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Creativity and Comfortlt;brgt;lt;brgt; Edit Graphs which are intuitive to use and packed with comfortablelt;brgt; edit functions are used to set up the delay times and feedback levelslt;brgt; for the bands: each of the up to 160 bands per side can be delayedlt;brgt; separately and fed back to the delay input with an individual;brgt; The delay times can be set freely or according to the rhythm via alt;brgt; selectable note grid. The maximum delay time is 12 seconds. Thelt;brgt; effects achievable with this band delay include rather subtlelt;brgt; colorings as well as rhythmic courses of the partial tones and dense,lt;brgt; atmospheric sound;brgt;lt;brgt; The modulation effects of the NI SPEKTRAL DELAY, which are expandablelt;brgt; by plug ins, are applied in the frequency domain of the audio signallt;brgt; and offer many unusual processing options such as rotation of thelt;brgt; frequency bands or reverb simulation by smearing the amplitudelt;brgt; courses of the bands. The modulation effects make a big contributionlt;brgt; to the unique sound possibilities of the NI SPEKTRAL;brgt;lt;brgt; The amplitudes of the bands are also controlled intuitively by drawinglt;brgt; in an Edith Graph with the mouse. In contrast to those of conventionallt;brgt; filters, the filter curves resulting from this can have any shape andlt;brgt; therefore make possible even very extreme filter settings and;brgt; For example, it is possible to completely filter all frequencies whilelt;brgt; some very narrow frequency bands are still audible. The filter curveslt;brgt; can be drawn together or separately for the two channels of a stereolt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Effects Processor and Performance Toollt;brgt;lt;brgt; Separate feedback delays for up to 160 bands per stereo side, uniquelt;brgt; modulation effects and freely drawable filter curves make thelt;brgt; NI SPEKTRAL DELAY an exceptional flexible, powerful and creativelt;brgt; effects tool. All parameters such as filter, delay and feedbacklt;brgt; settings can be modulated with an integrated LFO or via MIDI. Thislt;brgt; makes it possible to create very organic and lively effects which canlt;brgt; easily be played;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Top Featureslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Effects processor for real time manipulation of audio material oflt;brgt; any kindlt;brgt; Produces unique delay effectslt;brgt; Real time Fast Fourier Transformation is used to split each side oflt;brgt; a stereo signal into up to 160 separately modifiable frequency bandslt;brgt; Level, delay time and feedback level for each of the bands can belt;brgt; set separatelylt;brgt; Up to 1024 bands are calculated internallylt;brgt; Intuitive Edit Graphs with comfortable edit functions for setting uplt;brgt; the parameterslt;brgt; Modulation effects applied in the frequency domain offer manylt;brgt; processing optionslt;brgt; Any frequencies of the signal can be attenuated or filteredlt;brgt; completelylt;brgt; Completely MIDI controllablelt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; System Requirementslt;brgt;lt;brgt; 10.4.x, G4 700 MHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 512 MB RAMlt;brgt; Windows XP, Pentium Athlon 1 GHz, 512 MB RAMlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Native Instruments Vokator VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB

discount Native Instruments Vokator VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB, cheap Native Instruments Vokator VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB, download Native Instruments Vokator VSTi RTAS AU MAC OSX UB
Vocoding in a New Dimensionlt;brgt;lt;brgt; Powered by an extremely high resolution FFT spectral engine, VOKATORlt;brgt; defines a new standard for vocoding transparency, detail, andlt;brgt; smoothness. In addition to an exceptional vocoder, VOKATOR boasts alt;brgt; sophisticated synthesizer and a granular sampler: a virtuallt;brgt; sound fusion laboratory. With advanced features and multiple modes oflt;brgt; operation, VOKATOR opens vast new worlds of sound designlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; The Vocoding Enginelt;brgt;lt;brgt; VOKATORs FFT spectral engine is a milestone in vocoder;brgt; Previous vocoders used eight, sixteen, twenty, or even thirty twolt;brgt; frequency bands . the more frequency bands, the smoother and creamierlt;brgt; the effect. Unlike its predecessors, VOKATORs advanced engine useslt;brgt; 1024 bands. In addition to its stunningly transparent, full resolutionlt;brgt; operation, VOKATORs bands can even be grouped together for alt;brgt; convincing vintage vocoder emulation. To ensure optimal dynamic rangelt;brgt; across the frequency spectrum, an integrated multi band compressorlt;brgt; balances the levels of all;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Fully Configurable Designlt;brgt;lt;brgt; A pair of vocoding channels can either be spectrally combined orlt;brgt; played independently. Channel A can be switched between an integratedlt;brgt; file player or external input A, while Channel B can be set to alt;brgt; full featured synthesizer, a time stretching granular sampler, orlt;brgt; external input B. For a traditional vocoder effect, the frequencylt;brgt; spectrum of the external input would be controlled by the synthesizer,lt;brgt; but VOKATORs capabilities are much more advanced than simplelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Diverse Sound Sourceslt;brgt;lt;brgt; VOKATOR is both an effect plug in and a vocoder based synthesizer. Itslt;brgt; synthesizer features an advanced dual oscillator design with dynamiclt;brgt; preset morphing controlled by the modulation wheel. VOKATORs granularlt;brgt; sampler can independently control a samples pitch and time. A fulllt;brgt; range of modulators step sequencers, envelope followers, LFOs, andlt;brgt; more can be easily routed to any of the synthesizers or samplerslt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Top Featureslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Extremely high resolution FFT spectral enginelt;brgt; Multiple vocoding modeslt;brgt; Operation configurable from 4 to 1024 frequency bandslt;brgt; Full function dual oscillator synthesizer with dynamic patchlt;brgt; morphing, multiple filter modes, and FMlt;brgt; Granular sampler with independent control of time and pitchlt;brgt; Realtime frequency spectrum displays of input and outputlt;brgt; Advanced modulation section includes step sequencers, tempo syncedlt;brgt; LFOs, envelope followers, voicedunvoiced detectorslt;brgt; Integrated frequency band compressor for the output signallt;brgt; Custom filter spectral curves with the breakpoint editor of thelt;brgt; equalizerlt;brgt; Gate and level compression of the input, multi band compressor forlt;brgt; the outputlt;brgt; Includes more than 400 presets, plus 300 MB samples by Zero Glt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; System Requirementslt;brgt; 10.4.x, G4 733 MHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz, 512 MB RAMlt;brgt; Windows XP, Pentium Athlon 1 GHz, 512 MB RAMlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Norton Internet Security 2007 10.2 (1 cd)

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONlt;brgt;lt;brgt; Norton Internet Security 2007 v10.2lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Here we bring you the latest version of NIS 2007, many new features,lt;brgt; most prominently Vista;brgt;lt;brgt; Whats New in Norton Internet Security 2007.2lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Support for;brgt;lt;brgt; Support for 64bit;brgt;lt;brgt; New look: Norton Internet Security 2007.2 features a new userlt;brgt; interface that makes it easier to perform tasks, configure settings,lt;brgt; and get;brgt;lt;brgt; Fewer Alerts: When your computer is in a protected state, thelt;brgt; Personal Firewall makes decisions about allowing and blockinglt;brgt; communications to and from your computer. This automatic decisionlt;brgt; making process minimizes the number of notifications and dialoglt;brgt; boxes that ask you what to do when a network event;brgt;lt;brgt; Trust Control: Detects when your computer connects to a new;brgt; You can then allow or block connections from computers that arelt;brgt; connected to that;brgt;lt;brgt; Security History: Security History lets you monitor the securitylt;brgt; tasks that your product performs in the background. In addition,lt;brgt; alerts that you have received can be reviewed at any time inlt;brgt; Security History. This means that if you cannot review an alertlt;brgt; when you receive it, you can review it later in Security;brgt; In addition, you can manage quarantined items in Security;brgt;lt;brgt; Support for;brgt;lt;brgt; Performance Improvements: Network throughput performance, Bootlt;brgt; time performance, memory usage, and user interface performance havelt;brgt; all been;brgt;lt;brgt; Installation tasks have been;brgt;lt;brgt; Key Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Automatically detects and blocks viruses, spyware, and;brgt;lt;brgt; Advanced phishing protection identifies and blocks fraudulentlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Rootkit Protection finds and removes hidden threats in thelt;brgt; operating;brgt;lt;brgt; Smart firewall blocks hackers and stops spyware transmittinglt;brgt; unauthorized;brgt;lt;brgt; Intrusion Prevention automatically shields newly discoveredlt;brgt; security;brgt;lt;brgt; Network protection configures security settings when logged onlt;brgt; at home, or on public;brgt;lt;brgt; Full System Scan performs a deep scan to remove existing viruses,lt;brgt; spyware and other;brgt;lt;brgt; Norton Protection Center provides a central place to easily checklt;brgt; overall security;brgt;lt;brgt; Includes protection updates and new product features as availablelt;brgt; throughout the renewable service;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PPC Collection 2007.1

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3GR.Technologies.MxCalc.12c.NET.v1.2.3.ARM.XScale.PPClt;brgt;3GR.Technologies.MxCalc.SE.NET.v3.1.ARM.XScale.PPClt;brgt;;brgt;Aiko.Solutions.SecuBox.v1.0.ARM.XScale.PPC2002lt;brgt;B3Team.Atomic.Dreams.v1.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;BeeLineGPS.v1.78.117.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Cellica.Pocket.Contacts.Synchronizer.v2.0.ARM.XScale.PPClt;brgt;Code.City.CityTime.v2.8.3.XScale.WM2003lt;brgt;Code.City.CityTime.v2.8.3.XScale.WM2005lt;brgt;Cyberhorse.AutoFlight.v5.1.0.PPC.ALLPDAlt;brgt;DXmobile.Glam.IRC.v1.0.0.ALL.PPClt;brgt;DejaVu.Software.PockeTTY.v2.08.ARM.PPClt;brgt;DejaVu.Software.PockeTTY.v2.10.XScale.WM2003lt;brgt;DejaVu.Software.PockeTTY.v2.10.XScale.WM2005lt;brgt;Developer.One.Agenda.One.v1.1.4339.XScale.WM5.WM6.Smartphone2005lt;brgt;EasyHelper.Contact.Plus.SMS.Backup.v1.0.ARM.XScale.PPC2002lt;brgt;End.Net.enAlarmPPC.v3.2.3.Multilanguage.XScale.WM2003SE.WM5lt;brgt;End.Net.enAlarmPPC.v3.3.0.Multilanguage.XScale.WM2003SE.WM5.WM6lt;brgt;Family.IT.World.Outline.v1.0.ARM.WM2003lt;brgt;Family.IT.World.Outline.v1.0.XSCALE.WM2003.DIRFIXlt;brgt;FloorEstimate.Pro.MOBILE.v5.XScale.WM2003.WM5PDAlt;brgt;Franson.Technology.GpsGate.v2.5.ALL.PPClt;brgt;Fun.Communications.GmbH.pointWORLD.2007.v1.0.XScale.WM2005lt;brgt;GPS.Tuner.v5.1.XScale.WM2003.WM5PDAlt;brgt;IFD.Software.Consult.iFD.Convert.NET.v2.0.ARM.PPC2002lt;brgt;Idokorro.Mobile.Admin.v3.3.19lt;brgt;Idokorro.Mobile.Admin.v3.3.25lt;brgt;InDev.Software.FreeCell.v1.09.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;InDev.Software.FreeCell.v1.11.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;InDev.Software.Solitaire.Unlimited.v1.11.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;InDev.Software.Solitaires.Unlimited.v1.09.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;InDev.Software.Spider.v1.09.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;InDev.Software.Spider.v1.11.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Inherit.the.Earth.v1.0.ALL.PPCPDA.part1lt;brgt;Inherit.the.Earth.v1.0.ALL.PPCPDA.part2lt;brgt;Inherit.the.Earth.v1.0.ALL.PPCPDA.part3lt;brgt;Inherit.the.Earth.v1.0.ALL.PPCPDA.part4lt;brgt;JD.Statis.Clipboard.Memo.v1.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5.Bilinguallt;brgt;JFMStudios.GPS.Performance.v1.01.XScale.WM2003lt;brgt;Jeyo.Informer.v1.0.0.122.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Kristanix.Kakuro.Mini.2007.v2.0.Multilanguage.XSCALE.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Lakeridge.Software.WisBar.Lite.v1.1.0.11.XScale.WM2003lt;brgt;Lakeridge.Software.WisBar.Lite.v1.1.0.11.XScale.WM2005lt;brgt;Lakeridge.Software.WisBar.Lite.v1.1.0.11.XScale.WM2006lt;brgt;Lakshmi.Solutions.Shopping.List.v3.5.ALL.PPC.Retaillt;brgt;Langenscheidt.TransSpeak.Englisch.v2.1.46.XScale.WM5.Bilinguallt;brgt;Langenscheidt.TransSpeak.Franzoesisch.v2.1.46.XScale.WM5.Bilinguallt;brgt;Langenscheidt.TransSpeak.Multi.v2.1.46.XScale.WM5.Bilinguallt;brgt;Langenscheidt.TransSpeak.Spanisch.v2.1.46.XScale.WM5.Bilinguallt;brgt;Lonely.Cat.Games.Smartmovie.v3.31.All.PPC BiNPDAlt;brgt;Longer.Studio.Co.Daily.Bible.v2.0.ARM.XScale.PPClt;brgt;MagiCall.v1.2.117.XScale.WM2003.WM5.PElt;brgt;MaximumSoft.WebCopier.for.Pocket.PC.v4.4.Retaillt;brgt;Megalith.GPS.Tuner.v5.0.Rev.N.PPC.2003.Incl.Keygen CRSPDAlt;brgt;Megalith.GPS.Tuner.v5.0.Rev.N.PPC.WM5.Incl.Keygen CRSPDAlt;brgt;Mobirate.Sudoku.Pro.2.v2.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;MotionApps.mVoice.v5.5.XScale.WM2005lt;brgt;Orneta.Calculator.Mobile.2007.v2.1.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5.Incl.Keygenlt;brgt;Orneta.Ftp.Explorer.Mobile.2007.v2.1.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5.Incl.Keygenlt;brgt;PDA.Solutions.4U.Fuel.Trakker.NET.v1.0.ARM.PPC2002lt;brgt;PDA.Solutions.4U.Fuel.Trekker.v1.0.ALL.PPC.SERIAL.ONLYlt;brgt;PPR.Software.Solutions.KriptoSMS.v1.1.XScale.WM2005lt;brgt;Par.3.Golf.v1.0.6.PPC.ALLlt;brgt;Paragon.Slovo.Ed.2005.v6.15.Revision.7.With.Thesaurus.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;;brgt;Pocket.10B.SE.Business.Calculator.v2.00.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Pocket.12C.SE.Financial.Calculator.v1.61.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Pocket.15C.Scientific.Calculator.v1.22.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;PocketMed.PocketBilling.v3.5.Incl.Desktop.ALL.PPClt;brgt;PocketVNC.Server.v1.2.1.ALL.PPC.Retaillt;brgt;PortaPlus.FTP.Client.v4.1.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;RESETgame.Par.72.Golf.v1.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;RealDice.Casino.v1.11.PPC.ALLPDAlt;brgt;RhinoCode.Today.Panel.PRO.v2.20.XScale.WM2003.WM5.Retaillt;brgt;SKKV.Software.SK.Puzzles.Pack.v1.5.1.ARM.XScale.PPC2002.Incl.Keygenlt;brgt;SKKV.Software.SK.Shortcut.Manager.v1.0.6.XScale.WM2003.WM5.Incl.Keygenlt;brgt;SKKV.Software.SKMenu.v1.2.170.XScale.WM2003.WM5.Incl.Keygenlt;brgt;SKKV.Software.SKTracker.v1.1.2.XScale.WM2003.WM5.Incl.Keygenlt;brgt;SPB.Backup.v1.5.5.XSCALE.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;SPB.Mobile.Shell.v1.0.XScale.WM5lt;brgt;SelectRadio.v3.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Skwork.Studio.SW.Space.Combat.v1.1.ALL.PPClt;brgt;Skyscape.Inc.RapidACLS.v9.0.8.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Smart.Box.Design.Word.Monaco.Solitaire.v1.0.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;Spb.Mobile.Shell.v1.0.0.XSCALE.WM5.Keymaker.Onlylt;brgt;Tchart.Development.GPS.Speed.Sentry.v1.5.ARM.XScale.PPClt;brgt;Teksoft.SRL.Smartbar.v1.2.010.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;TomTom Navigator 6 Hauptprogrammlt;brgt;Tonaya.Tech.EZGo.v4.0.ARM.XScale.PPC2002lt;brgt;V2R.MultiDesk.v1.05.XScale.WM5lt;brgt;V2R.PhotoDialer.v1.0.1.XScale.WM5lt;brgt;VidaOne.GPS.v2.00.XSCALE.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;VidaOne.MyPersonalDiet.v2.00.XSCALE.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;VisionObjects.MyScript.Stylus.v1.1.ALL.PPClt;brgt;WmIRC.wmIRC.v2.2.XScale.WM2003.WM5lt;brgt;i Catcher.PocketMonitor.v1.0.2lt;brgt;
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UGS Jt Catia 5 Translator 4.0 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; The JT translator is a new productlt;brgt; enabling the users of UGS collaborationlt;brgt; and visualization applications within itslt;brgt; Teamcenter portfolio the worlds mostlt;brgt; widely used suite of PLM products tolt;brgt; directly view CATIA V5 data. Thislt;brgt; translator creates representations forlt;brgt; geometry, product structure, datalt;brgt; organization and data presentation in thelt;brgt; widely used quot;JTquot; data formatlt;brgt;lt;brgt; This translator can be installed on thelt;brgt; following platforms:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Windows 2000 SP 4lt;brgt; Windows XP Pro SP 2lt;brgt; HP UX 11.11 and 11.0 ACElt;brgt; SGI IRIX 6.5.10 and later, and IRIXlt;brgt; 6.5.7 through 6.5.9 with IRIX patch 3743lt;brgt; IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2lt;brgt; Sun Solaris 8 and 9lt;brgt;
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UGS NX5 (2 dvd)

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lt;brgt; NX Version 5 is the next generation of UGS. digital productlt;brgt; development software. Designed to help companies develop innovativelt;brgt; products faster and more cost efficiently, NX 5 includes breakthroughlt;brgt; technology innovations that deliver the highest level of productivitylt;brgt; to date. With a new look and feel and improvements throughout itslt;brgt; broad suite of integrated CAD, CAM, and CAE applications, NX bringslt;brgt; greater productivity, flexibility, coordination, and strength tolt;brgt; digital product;brgt;lt;brgt; ugsnx5lt;brgt;
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VTC Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 Advanced Tutorials (1 cd)

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Never has it been so easy to learn Macromedia Dreamweaver 8:;brgt; No expensive classroom training;brgt; No boring hard to follow books to;brgt; Learn from your own desk at a pace that suits;brgt; High quality affordable training that is easy to use and;brgt; Use our unique training method, it makes learning easy no matter what your learning;brgt;lt;brgt;Introductionlt;brgt;Course Introductionlt;brgt;System Requirementslt;brgt;New Features For Advanced Userslt;brgt;Dreamweaver Workspace (Windows)lt;brgt;Dreamweaver Workspace (Mac)lt;brgt;Dreamweaver Workspace (Windows amp; Mac)lt;brgt;The Application Panel Grouplt;brgt;Web amp; Application Serverslt;brgt;Server Fundamentalslt;brgt;Using the IIS Web Serverlt;brgt;Using the Apache Web Serverlt;brgt;Using the Services Windowlt;brgt;Installing ColdFusion MX 7 with IISlt;brgt;Installing ColdFusion MX 7 with Apachelt;brgt;Configuring IIS For ColdFusionlt;brgt;Installing PHP 5lt;brgt;Configuring PHP amp; Apachelt;brgt;Testing Your PHP Installationlt;brgt;Working with Codelt;brgt;View Optionslt;brgt;Code Preferences pt. 1lt;brgt;Code Preferences pt. 2lt;brgt;The Coding Toolbarlt;brgt;Code Collapselt;brgt;Editing Code with Commandslt;brgt;Validation amp; Browser Checkslt;brgt;Setting Up a Dreamweaver Sitelt;brgt;Using a Root Folderlt;brgt;Local Infolt;brgt;Remote Infolt;brgt;Using a Testing Serverlt;brgt;Site Management Featureslt;brgt;Setting Up a Siteless Connectionlt;brgt;Using Databases with Dreamweaverlt;brgt;Database Concepts pt. 1lt;brgt;Database Concepts pt. 2lt;brgt;Choosing a Databaselt;brgt;Installing MySQLlt;brgt;Configuring MySQL in Windowslt;brgt;Using MySQL with Apachelt;brgt;Database Driverslt;brgt;Creating a DSNlt;brgt;Database Connectionslt;brgt;ASP Database Connectionslt;brgt;ColdFusion Database Connectionslt;brgt;PHPMySQL Database Connectionslt;brgt;Creating a MySQL Databaselt;brgt;Viewing a Databaselt;brgt;Basic Database Querieslt;brgt;Using Simple Recordsetslt;brgt;ASP amp; PHP Recordsetslt;brgt;ColdFusion Recordsetslt;brgt;Filtering Datalt;brgt;Sorting Datalt;brgt;Advanced Database Querieslt;brgt;Introduction to SQLlt;brgt;Retrieving Datalt;brgt;Sorting Datalt;brgt;Filtering Datalt;brgt;Editing Datalt;brgt;Joining Database Tableslt;brgt;Using Advanced Recordsetslt;brgt;The Database Items Treelt;brgt;Dynamic Contentlt;brgt;Dynamic Textlt;brgt;Dynamic Imageslt;brgt;Editing Dynamic Contentlt;brgt;Using the Live Data Viewlt;brgt;Dynamic Tableslt;brgt;Recordsets For Dynamic Tableslt;brgt;Inserting a Dynamic Tablelt;brgt;The Dynamic Table Objectlt;brgt;Adding Navigation Linkslt;brgt;The Recordset Navigation Barlt;brgt;Adding a Record Counterlt;brgt;Dynamic Formslt;brgt;Using HTML Formslt;brgt;Adding Dynamic Text Fieldslt;brgt;Dynamic Checkboxeslt;brgt;Dynamic Radio Buttonslt;brgt;Creating a Dynamic Menult;brgt; Parameters amp; Variableslt;brgt;Form Parameters amp; Variableslt;brgt;Validating Forms with JavaScriptlt;brgt;MasterDetail Page Setslt;brgt;MasterDetail Page Setslt;brgt;Master Page Step By Step pt. 1lt;brgt;Master Page Step By Step pt. 2lt;brgt;Detail Page Step By Steplt;brgt;The Master Detail Objectlt;brgt;Editing Database Records Onlinelt;brgt;Pages For Inserting Recordslt;brgt;The Record Insertion Form Wizardlt;brgt;Updating Records pt. 1lt;brgt;Updating Records pt. 2lt;brgt;Updating Records pt. 3lt;brgt;The Record Update Form Wizardlt;brgt;Deleting Records pt. 1lt;brgt;Deleting Records pt. 2lt;brgt;Search amp; Results Pageslt;brgt;Using a Single Search Parameterlt;brgt;Displaying Simple Search Resultslt;brgt;Using Multiple Search Parameterslt;brgt;Displaying Complex Search Resultslt;brgt;User Registration amp; Loginlt;brgt;Registration Page pt. 1lt;brgt;Registration Page pt. 2lt;brgt;Login Page pt. 1lt;brgt;Login Page pt. 2lt;brgt;Creating a Logout Pagelt;brgt;Redirecting Unauthorized Userslt;brgt;Using XML amp; XSLTlt;brgt;Creating an XML Pagelt;brgt;Adding CSS to an XML Pagelt;brgt;Using Client Side XSLTlt;brgt;Server Side XSLT pt. 1lt;brgt;Server Side XSLT pt. 2lt;brgt;Course Wrap Uplt;brgt;Resourceslt;brgt;Final Thoughtslt;brgt;Creditslt;brgt;About the Authorlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended (1 cd)

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Ideal for film, video, and multimedia professionals and graphic and web designers using 3D and motion, as well as professionals in engineering and science, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended software delivers everything in Photoshop CS3 and more. Render and incorporate 3D images into your 2D composites. Stop time with easy editing of motion graphics on video layers. And probe your images with measurement, analysis, and visualization tools.adobeproductsphotoshopphotoshopextended
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Adobe Photoshop CS3 (1 cd)

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 software, The professional image editing standard and leader of the Photoshop digital imaging line, delivers more of what you crave. Groundbreaking creative tools help you achieve extraordinary results. Unprecedented adaptability lets you custom fit Photoshop to the way you work. And with more efficient editing, processing, and file handling, theres no slowing you;brgt;lt;brgt;adobeproductsphotoshopmain
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1000 java phone games

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All games tested on a Motorola v3 razr. However, they should run on anylt;brgt;cell phonepda that runs;brgt;lt;brgt;Game Listlt;brgt; lt;brgt;007 Hover Chaselt;brgt;1850 French Empirelt;brgt;1942lt;brgt;2004 Real Football ITAlt;brgt;2004 Real Football SPAlt;brgt;2Fast2Furiouslt;brgt;30 Secondslt;brgt;3510i Original Gameslt;brgt;3D Boxinglt;brgt;3D QBlastlt;brgt;9 Balllt;brgt;A Circus Game OtarieGame 1.4.0lt;brgt;AA Flak 8.8lt;brgt;Absolute Puzzlelt;brgt;ACO Xmas Giftslt;brgt;AcquaRacelt;brgt;Action Basketballlt;brgt;AD 1503lt;brgt;Adult Memorylt;brgt;Adventurerlt;brgt;Agassi Tennislt;brgt;AH 6 Navy Battlelt;brgt;AimProductions Strip Blackjack Adrian Ver. 1.10lt;brgt;Air Attacklt;brgt;Air Glidelt;brgt;Air Glide 1.1lt;brgt;Air Gliderlt;brgt;Air Gunnerlt;brgt;Air Trafficlt;brgt;Air Traffic Night Flightlt;brgt;air gunnerlt;brgt;Airforce 1lt;brgt;Airforce Xlt;brgt;airglide vx.xlt;brgt;Airgliderlt;brgt;Akalabethlt;brgt;Alien Dancer 1.0lt;brgt;Alien Hunter Demolt;brgt;alien hunter v1.0.2lt;brgt;Alien Landerlt;brgt;AlienAttacklt;brgt;alienhunterlt;brgt;All Lightslt;brgt;AllStar Basketlt;brgt;Alonso Racinglt;brgt;Alpha Manialt;brgt;Alpha Mania Demolt;brgt;Alpha Winglt;brgt;AMAIO Ice Hockeylt;brgt;Amazelt;brgt;Amaze demolt;brgt;Amoebaslt;brgt;Amoebas3510ilt;brgt;Ancient Empireslt;brgt;Ancient Towers Of Sauronlt;brgt;Anno 1503lt;brgt;Anti Terrorist Unitlt;brgt;Antillylt;brgt;Ants Adventureslt;brgt;Arcade Memorylt;brgt;Arcanafortunelt;brgt;Arcanafortunev00lt;brgt;arcanoidlt;brgt;Arkanoid1[1].0.jarlt;brgt;Asteroidslt;brgt;asteroids_v1_4_3510ilt;brgt;AstonGolflt;brgt;Astro Smashlt;brgt;Astromashlt;brgt;Astronaut Feverlt;brgt;Atatio Mini Golflt;brgt;Atlantis2097lt;brgt;Atomiclt;brgt;Atomic Space Rockslt;brgt;Autobahnraserlt;brgt;B Manlt;brgt;Ba Bumlt;brgt;Baby Boomlt;brgt;Backgammonlt;brgt;backgammon v1.9lt;brgt;Badger Bashlt;brgt;Ball On The Walllt;brgt;Ballslt;brgt;Bammlt;brgt;Baseballlt;brgt;Baseball 2002lt;brgt;Basketball (DEMO)lt;brgt;Basquetlt;brgt;Basquet (DEMO)lt;brgt;Bass Assassinlt;brgt;battaleshipslt;brgt;Battle Botslt;brgt;Battle For Titanlt;brgt;Battleshiplt;brgt;BattleShipslt;brgt;battleships v1.0lt;brgt;Bay Defenderlt;brgt;Beach Rallylt;brgt;Beach Volley Prolt;brgt;Beat The Dealerlt;brgt;Bejeweledlt;brgt;Bejeweled (i730)lt;brgt;Bermudalt;brgt;Big 2 Cliniclt;brgt;Big 2 Gardenlt;brgt;Big2Gardenlt;brgt;Biliard demolt;brgt;Billiardslt;brgt;BinaryLandlt;brgt;Bingolt;brgt;Blackdownlt;brgt;BlackJacklt;brgt;Blackjack3510ilt;brgt;Blazerslt;brgt;Blazers (DEMO)lt;brgt;Blazerstlt;brgt;Blobz (T720)lt;brgt;Block Breaker Deluxelt;brgt;Block Busterlt;brgt;Blockbusterlt;brgt;BlockCitylt;brgt;Blockslt;brgt;Bloobzlt;brgt;Blumble Beezlt;brgt;Bobby Carrotlt;brgt;Bobo Boxlt;brgt;Bomb Sublt;brgt;Bomber Manlt;brgt;Bomber Man3510ilt;brgt;Bombermanlt;brgt;Bombjacklt;brgt;Bombs N Boobslt;brgt;BombSublt;brgt;Boneslt;brgt;BoomBoomlt;brgt;Bouble Troublelt;brgt;Boulder 2lt;brgt;Boulder Dashlt;brgt;Bouncelt;brgt;Bounce 1.8lt;brgt;Bounce 1.9lt;brgt;Bowlinglt;brgt;Bowling Sprucelt;brgt;Box Paniclt;brgt;Boxinglt;brgt;Brainstormlt;brgt;Break Balllt;brgt;Break Mlt;brgt;Breakoutlt;brgt;Brick Championlt;brgt;Brick Makerlt;brgt;Brick Rangerlt;brgt;BrickCClt;brgt;BrickMix (DEMO)lt;brgt;Brickslt;brgt;Bricks Mix Demolt;brgt;BricksMixlt;brgt;BricksMix3510lt;brgt;Bringem Backlt;brgt;BrixMixlt;brgt;Bubble Bobblelt;brgt;Bubble Soccerlt;brgt;Bubble Troublelt;brgt;Bubbleslt;brgt;Bubbles3510ilt;brgt;BubbleSoccerlt;brgt;Bublexlt;brgt;BumbleBeezlt;brgt;Burger Kinglt;brgt;BurgerTimelt;brgt;Businessmanlt;brgt;Bustin Blox Arcanoidlt;brgt;C2S Bowlinglt;brgt;C2S Dragonlt;brgt;C2S Seedlt;brgt;C2S Tennislt;brgt;C2sbowlinglt;brgt;C2sSeedlt;brgt;Call Of Dutylt;brgt;CannonBallslt;brgt;CannonBalls demolt;brgt;CannonBlockslt;brgt;CannonBlocks demolt;brgt;Cannonslt;brgt;Cannons 2lt;brgt;Capsuleslt;brgt;Captain Floatlt;brgt;Car Racerlt;brgt;CardDecklt;brgt;CarGamelt;brgt;CarRacerlt;brgt;Casinolt;brgt;Castlevanialt;brgt;Cave 2lt;brgt;Cavemanlt;brgt;Caveman 103lt;brgt;Caveman Ver. 1.03lt;brgt;Caveman Xmaslt;brgt;Caveman.amp;.CavemanXmas.Edition.[Macrospace].(Jar.7650.Nokia)lt;brgt;Caveman3510ilt;brgt;CavemanXmaslt;brgt;Cell Halmalt;brgt;Cell Milllt;brgt;Cell Pokerlt;brgt;CellPokerlt;brgt;Centipedelt;brgt;Charlies Angelslt;brgt;Checkerslt;brgt;Checkers TTT 1.1lt;brgt;Cheerslt;brgt;Chesslt;brgt;Chess Buddylt;brgt;Chess Buddy 2lt;brgt;Chess Buddy 2 (T720)lt;brgt;Chess Buddy 3 (T720)lt;brgt;Chess Geniuslt;brgt;Chess Puzzlelt;brgt;Chess puzzle v1.5lt;brgt;Chessbiglt;brgt;ChessGenius_v1.0_crackedlt;brgt;Chessmasterlt;brgt;Chessmaster PLlt;brgt;Chesssmalllt;brgt;Chesster S 1.0.0lt;brgt;Chicks With Brickslt;brgt;ChicksWithBrickslt;brgt;Chopperlt;brgt;Chopper Rescuelt;brgt;CityRacerlt;brgt;Classic Tetris Gamelt;brgt;Class_cubelt;brgt;Click Pixxxlt;brgt;Clixlt;brgt;Cocktaillt;brgt;Codename Dark Snowlt;brgt;Codename Darksnowlt;brgt;Colin MCRae Rally 4lt;brgt;Collisionlt;brgt;ColorTennislt;brgt;Com2Us Bowlinglt;brgt;Com2Us Bowling 2lt;brgt;Combatlt;brgt;Combat Jet Attacklt;brgt;Combat Tank Attacklt;brgt;CombatJetAttack1.0lt;brgt;Combattanklt;brgt;Commanderslt;brgt;Commanders 49487lt;brgt;Commandolt;brgt;Connect Fourlt;brgt;Connect4lt;brgt;ConQuestlt;brgt;ConverterIIlt;brgt;Copterlt;brgt;Core Strikelt;brgt;Cosmic Boomlt;brgt;Counter Terroristlt;brgt;Crash N Burnlt;brgt;Crash NitroKartlt;brgt;Crazy Castlt;brgt;Crazy Gemslt;brgt;Crazy Jumpalt;brgt;Crazygemslt;brgt;CrossBlacklt;brgt;Crosswordlt;brgt;Crucilivelt;brgt;Cubslt;brgt;Cyber Spacelt;brgt;Damage Sanlt;brgt;DarkEmperor Ver. 1[1].0.2 ESlt;brgt;DarkEmperorcollt;brgt;Dartslt;brgt;Darts And Drinks 2lt;brgt;Darts XXXlt;brgt;Darts_7210lt;brgt;DC Memorylt;brgt;Defenderlt;brgt;DeltaBomberlt;brgt;Demonic Duolt;brgt;Demons Treasure (DEMO)lt;brgt;Der Wixxerlt;brgt;DestroynCatchlt;brgt;Detonatelt;brgt;Devetglt;brgt;Diesel 3Dlt;brgt;Diesel3D_miniGolf7650lt;brgt;DigitalRed Shuffleboard v20lt;brgt;Dino Egglt;brgt;Dinoegglt;brgt;DinoEggSerieslt;brgt;DinoEggSeries40 0.0.1lt;brgt;Dominolt;brgt;Doomlt;brgt;Dope Warslt;brgt;Dotslt;brgt;Dr Bok DEMOlt;brgt;Dr.Boklt;brgt;Dragon Draculalt;brgt;Dragon Dreamslt;brgt;Dragon Fire 2lt;brgt;Dragon Islandlt;brgt;Dragon Treasurelt;brgt;DragonFirelt;brgt;DragonFury10 (ITA)lt;brgt;DragonIslandlt;brgt;Dream Team Soccerlt;brgt;Driver 3lt;brgt;Driving Gogolt;brgt;Drivinggogo v2.11lt;brgt;DS All Lightslt;brgt;DS BlackJacklt;brgt;DS Blockslt;brgt;DS Fifteenlt;brgt;DS Memorylt;brgt;DS Pokerlt;brgt;Duckhuntinglt;brgt;Duraklt;brgt;DwangoRacinglt;brgt;Dwindlelt;brgt;ECheckerslt;brgt;Egglt;brgt;Electriclt;brgt;Elevator Actionlt;brgt;Enigmalt;brgt;Eon The Dragonlt;brgt;Ereditalt;brgt;Erotic Invaderslt;brgt;Euro Cornerlt;brgt;Euro2004 Ver. 1.1.03lt;brgt;Euromanlt;brgt;Eurosport Footballlt;brgt;EvilDeadPinballlt;brgt;Ex Bubblelt;brgt;ExBubble15lt;brgt;Exbubbledemolt;brgt;Extreme Air Snowboardinglt;brgt;Extreme Boxinglt;brgt;F1 Monte Carlolt;brgt;Falling Blockslt;brgt;Fantasy Warriorlt;brgt;Fantasy Warrior Ver. 104lt;brgt;Farm Racinglt;brgt;Ferrarilt;brgt;Ferrari Experiencelt;brgt;FIFA 2003lt;brgt;Fifa 2004 Full ITAlt;brgt;Fightlt;brgt;Finding Nemolt;brgt;Fireblasterlt;brgt;Firemanlt;brgt;Fish Huntlt;brgt;Fish Rescuelt;brgt;Fishing Kinglt;brgt;FishingKing__7650lt;brgt;Fiverlt;brgt;Fiver Ver. 1.0.0lt;brgt;Flinstoneslt;brgt;Flip Flop 60lt;brgt;FluxionOverdrivelt;brgt;Fly Motomanialt;brgt;Footballlt;brgt;Football3510ilt;brgt;Forbidden Junglelt;brgt;Forbiddinjungle3510ilt;brgt;Forsaken Fortresslt;brgt;Fortunelt;brgt;Four 3Dlt;brgt;Four In A Rowlt;brgt;Fox Boxinglt;brgt;Free Falllt;brgt;FreeCelllt;brgt;Fruit Machinelt;brgt;Fruit Paradiselt;brgt;Fruitly Columnslt;brgt;FruitMachinelt;brgt;FruitMatchlt;brgt;FruityColumnslt;brgt;FruityColumnsFulllt;brgt;FruityMatchlt;brgt;FrunnytheBunnylt;brgt;Fun of Sumlt;brgt;Fun Tetrislt;brgt;Funny Ballslt;brgt;Funtetrislt;brgt;Gadgies Tamagochilt;brgt;GaeaSoftware.HamsterJim1.0lt;brgt;Galleon Dawnlt;brgt;Gameloft Prince Of Persialt;brgt;Gameloft Siberian Strikelt;brgt;Gandalf Aura Zlalt;brgt;Garfieldlt;brgt;Garfield Robocats From Outer Spacelt;brgt;Gasol All Star Basketlt;brgt;Gayalt;brgt;Geckolt;brgt;Geekslt;brgt;Gem Jam350ilt;brgt;GemGamelt;brgt;GemJamlt;brgt;Geopodlt;brgt;Ghostlt;brgt;Ghost Planetlt;brgt;GhostBladelt;brgt;Girl Gamble (XXX)lt;brgt;Girls Sliderlt;brgt;Glass Cubelt;brgt;Glasscubetriallt;brgt;Glider Actionlt;brgt;Global Grandprixlt;brgt;GoBoy Romslt;brgt;Gold Minerlt;brgt;Gold Miner Demo Java v1.2.1 26kBlt;brgt;Gold Miner Truimlt;brgt;Golden Warriorlt;brgt;Goldrushlt;brgt;Goom Attacklt;brgt;Gorgylt;brgt;GothicGraveyardlt;brgt;Governatorlt;brgt;Grocerylt;brgt;GulosTalelt;brgt;HandyBowlinglt;brgt;HangOnlt;brgt;Hantrolt;brgt;Helicablt;brgt;HellsPitlt;brgt;HighwayRacerlt;brgt;HokeyPokeylt;brgt;Hole In 1 Golflt;brgt;HolyMoleylt;brgt;Horoscopelt;brgt;Horse Courselt;brgt;Horseracelt;brgt;Hot Blooded Fighterlt;brgt;Hotshotlt;brgt;Hoverballlt;brgt;HTetrislt;brgt;Hugo Follow The Monkeylt;brgt;Hugo Goes Fishinglt;brgt;Hugo In The Snowlt;brgt;Hulklt;brgt;Hungry Fishlt;brgt;Hunterlt;brgt;Hunter Hunterlt;brgt;I Mobslt;brgt;I Fraclt;brgt;IA Scissorlt;brgt;Ice Agelt;brgt;Ice Racerlt;brgt;IceAgelt;brgt;IceBlox Javalt;brgt;Icy Pinballlt;brgt;Internet Timelt;brgt;InterstellarFlameslt;brgt;ITanxlt;brgt;J2MExed 1.0lt;brgt;Jacado Dartslt;brgt;Jamlt;brgt;Janeslt;brgt;JBalllt;brgt;Jedilt;brgt;Jedi Dashlt;brgt;Jet Ski Mayhemlt;brgt;JetRiderlt;brgt;Jetrider.V1.11.21.[Tracebit].(Jar.7650.Nokia)lt;brgt;JetSki Boylt;brgt;Jeu de Dameslt;brgt;Jewel Hunterlt;brgt;Jewelslt;brgt;Jezz Balllt;brgt;Julia Channel Strip Cardslt;brgt;Jumping Jacklt;brgt;JumpingJack3510ilt;brgt;Jungle Commandolt;brgt;JustImpactlt;brgt;Kamasutralt;brgt;Kamasutra Ver. 1.0.0lt;brgt;Kamikazelt;brgt;Karma Colourclashlt;brgt;Katoolt;brgt;Katoo3510ilt;brgt;Kick Championlt;brgt;Kickboxinglt;brgt;Killing Bosslt;brgt;Kittylt;brgt;Klondike Solitairelt;brgt;Knightlt;brgt;Kurka Wodnalt;brgt;KX3D Chesslt;brgt;Kyushus Devilslt;brgt;Lancio del Pinguinolt;brgt;Las Damas 17lt;brgt;Leaderboardlt;brgt;Legend of Ninjalt;brgt;Legend Of Ninja 2lt;brgt;Lemonade Tycoonlt;brgt;Light Cyclelt;brgt;Lightcyclelt;brgt;Lineslt;brgt;Lines Full Symbian v1[1].0 34kBlt;brgt;Lord Of The Ringlt;brgt;Lord Of The Ring Return Of The Kinglt;brgt;Lord Of The Ring Trivialt;brgt;Lord Of The Ring Two Towerslt;brgt;Lord Of The Ring Pinballlt;brgt;Lost Scorpionlt;brgt;LPokerlt;brgt;M Dessaily Footballlt;brgt;M Typelt;brgt;M Type 1.0.0lt;brgt;Mad Barlt;brgt;Mafia Warslt;brgt;Magic Balllt;brgt;Magic Egglt;brgt;Magic Game Stationlt;brgt;Magic Linelt;brgt;Magic Minelt;brgt;Magiclinelt;brgt;Magnetronlt;brgt;Mahjonglt;brgt;Mahjong Schoollt;brgt;Mahjong Towerlt;brgt;MahjongN7650lt;brgt;Man. Utdlt;brgt;Marble Miraclelt;brgt;Marbleslt;brgt;Marbles (Trial)lt;brgt;Marbles_triallt;brgt;Marcel Desailly Pro Soccerlt;brgt;MarsPatrollt;brgt;MarsRacerlt;brgt;Matchemlt;brgt;Matkalt;brgt;Maximum Blowlt;brgt;Maze Arklt;brgt;MDoomlt;brgt;MDoom 1.0.0lt;brgt;Meeceslt;brgt;Melonslt;brgt;Meltdownlt;brgt;Memrixlt;brgt;Men In Black 2lt;brgt;Mensch Mach Keinen Argerlt;brgt;Mermaids Lovelt;brgt;Metal Sluglt;brgt;Meteor Stormlt;brgt;Metrislt;brgt;MGSlt;brgt;MGS Silverball_v1.60lt;brgt;MGSKartinglt;brgt;MGSkarting_crackedlt;brgt;MHKartlt;brgt;Micro Machineslt;brgt;Micro Street Fighterlt;brgt;Microstreetfighterlt;brgt;MidnightChaselt;brgt;MIDP Street Fighter 1.0.0lt;brgt;Midpmanlt;brgt;Mighty Swordlt;brgt;Mikis World Vol. 1lt;brgt;Mikis World Vol. 2lt;brgt;Mind Gamelt;brgt;Mine Fieldlt;brgt;Mine Sweeperlt;brgt;Minefieldlt;brgt;Mineslt;brgt;MineSweeperlt;brgt;minesweeper3510ilt;brgt;Mini Ninjalt;brgt;MiniGolflt;brgt;Minigolf Challengelt;brgt;Mirror_In_Actionlt;brgt;MJtowerlt;brgt;Mobile Blockslt;brgt;Mobile Bowlinglt;brgt;Mobile Jockeylt;brgt;Mobile Poker Trainerlt;brgt;Mobile RClt;brgt;Mobile Soccer 3 On 3lt;brgt;Mobile Street Fighterlt;brgt;MobileBlockslt;brgt;MobileBowlinglt;brgt;MobileJockeylt;brgt;MobiQixlt;brgt;Monkey Madnesslt;brgt;Monopolylt;brgt;Monster Balllt;brgt;Monsterlandlt;brgt;Moon Taxylt;brgt;Moonlightlt;brgt;MoonTaxilt;brgt;Moorhuhn Kart Racerlt;brgt;Moorhuhn Playsuit (German)lt;brgt;Moorhuhn Xlt;brgt;MoorhuhnClassiclt;brgt;Moreco Midletlt;brgt;Moscowpolylt;brgt;Moto Citylt;brgt;Moto GPlt;brgt;MotoClocklt;brgt;MotoClockCnlt;brgt;MotoGPlt;brgt;MotoGP2lt;brgt;Mountain racerlt;brgt;Msflt;brgt;MTV Jackasslt;brgt;MTV Roquelt;brgt;MTXUnleashedlt;brgt;MusicPangPanglt;brgt;MVRPoollt;brgt;MX Unleashedlt;brgt;My Petlt;brgt;MyGenixlt;brgt;Mypetlt;brgt;Mystic Islandlt;brgt;Net Mobile Chesslt;brgt;NetMobileChess V.0.96lt;brgt;New Skool Skaterlt;brgt;Nightmare Creatureslt;brgt;NightmareCreatureslt;brgt;Nine Balllt;brgt;Nineballlt;brgt;Notepadlt;brgt;Nu Pogodilt;brgt;NumberTumblelt;brgt;Oh My Lordlt;brgt;Oilriglt;brgt;Olympic gamelt;brgt;OlympicSportslt;brgt;Open Seasonlt;brgt;Otarie (DEMO)lt;brgt;Out Roadlt;brgt;P Man Ver. 1[1].5lt;brgt;Pacmanlt;brgt;Pacman midlt;brgt;Pairlt;brgt;Panglt;brgt;Pang 1.0.3lt;brgt;Pang FullScreen (verticale)lt;brgt;Panini Quizlt;brgt;Paparazzilt;brgt;Passaparolalt;brgt;Peggedlt;brgt;Pegjumplt;brgt;Penalty Kicklt;brgt;PenaltyKick2002_101lt;brgt;Pentikolt;brgt;Pesky Marbleslt;brgt;PhoneShotlt;brgt;Photo Puzzlelt;brgt;Photo Puzzle v2.4 36kblt;brgt;Picassolt;brgt;Pick n Shootlt;brgt;PickNShoot Demolt;brgt;PickNShoot3510lt;brgt;PickNShoot7210lt;brgt;Pie Fightlt;brgt;Pinballlt;brgt;Pinball Dreamslt;brgt;Pinball Seor Anilloslt;brgt;PingPonglt;brgt;Pinupshow (XXX)lt;brgt;Pioolt;brgt;PipeDreamlt;brgt;Pitfalllt;brgt;Pizza Dudelt;brgt;Plasmalt;brgt;Plasma Infernolt;brgt;PlayMatelt;brgt;Playmate 1lt;brgt;Playmate 2lt;brgt;Plumberlt;brgt;Pmanlt;brgt;Poderwij Kasielt;brgt;Pokerlt;brgt;PoliceChaselt;brgt;Ponglt;brgt;Popstarlt;brgt;Prince of Persialt;brgt;Prince Of Persia Sands Of Timelt;brgt;Prince of Persia H Alt;brgt;Prince of Persia SOTlt;brgt;Pro Baseballlt;brgt;Project B4lt;brgt;Pub Poollt;brgt;PushBacklt;brgt;Puzzle Bobblelt;brgt;Puzzle Bobble v1.2lt;brgt;Qarkslt;brgt;Quadlt;brgt;Quarantinelt;brgt;Quicxolt;brgt;Rabbitatorlt;brgt;Rabbiterlt;brgt;Rabbitholelt;brgt;RaceDellt;brgt;Racing Feverlt;brgt;Racing Fever Deluxelt;brgt;Racing Fever Deluxe Full Java v0.0.1 65kBlt;brgt;Racing Fever Deluxe 2lt;brgt;Racing Fever Deluxe IIlt;brgt;Racingfever7210lt;brgt;RackemUplt;brgt;Racketlt;brgt;Rainbow Six 3lt;brgt;Rallylt;brgt;Rapid Battlelt;brgt;Rayman 3lt;brgt;Rayman 3 NEW!!lt;brgt;Rayman Bowlinglt;brgt;Rayman Golflt;brgt;Rebel Pebblelt;brgt;Red amp; Bluelt;brgt;Red amp; blue v1.02lt;brgt;RedHerringlt;brgt;RedHerring v1.0 39kblt;brgt;Reeneelt;brgt;Remember 2 Winlt;brgt;Remember2Win v1.1 48kblt;brgt;Reptonlt;brgt;Repton X maslt;brgt;RetroRecollectlt;brgt;Reversilt;brgt;Rich Manlt;brgt;Richmanlt;brgt;Richman v0.1 61kblt;brgt;Richmanv01lt;brgt;RingFantasylt;brgt;Road Killlt;brgt;RoadPizzalt;brgt;Rockmanlt;brgt;Rockman 7210lt;brgt;Rockoban Full Symbian v1[1].1 36kBlt;brgt;Rogerlt;brgt;Rollerbladelt;brgt;RootOutlt;brgt;Rotobotixlt;brgt;Rugby Challengelt;brgt;Sabotagelt;brgt;Sacredlt;brgt;Same Gamelt;brgt;Samurai Jacklt;brgt;Samurai Showdownlt;brgt;Santa Bashlt;brgt;Scooby Doolt;brgt;Scopalt;brgt;Sea Bomblt;brgt;Sea Bomberlt;brgt;Sea Raptorlt;brgt;SeaBomber3510ilt;brgt;SeaHunterlt;brgt;Searescuelt;brgt;Section 7lt;brgt;Sex Mahjonglt;brgt;Sex Paintlt;brgt;Sexonixlt;brgt;Sexorylt;brgt;Sexy Poker 2004lt;brgt;Sf rapido battle v1.0.0lt;brgt;Shark Attacklt;brgt;Shooterlt;brgt;Shooter 2lt;brgt;Shuffle Boardlt;brgt;Sib Ep 2lt;brgt;Siberian Ep Ilt;brgt;Siberian Strikelt;brgt;Sib_ep1lt;brgt;Sib_ep2lt;brgt;Sib_Ep_2lt;brgt;Silverballlt;brgt;Simon Sayslt;brgt;SimonSayslt;brgt;SK8lt;brgt;SK83510ilt;brgt;Sk8trixlt;brgt;Skate and Slamlt;brgt;Skate Slamlt;brgt;Skilt;brgt;Ski Jumpinglt;brgt;Skierlt;brgt;Skiinglt;brgt;Skoki Mistrzostwalt;brgt;Skull Castle Pinballlt;brgt;Sky Diverlt;brgt;Sky Raiderlt;brgt;Sky Raider Jlt;brgt;Smashin Spiderslt;brgt;Snailslt;brgt;Snails2lt;brgt;Snakelt;brgt;Snake 2lt;brgt;Snake Colourlt;brgt;Snakieslt;brgt;Snakies7210lt;brgt;Snapplt;brgt;Sno Prolt;brgt;Snowboardlt;brgt;SnowboardX.jarlt;brgt;Soccerlt;brgt;Soccer Managerlt;brgt;Soccer Unlimitedlt;brgt;Sokobanlt;brgt;Sokojava 11100lt;brgt;Solitairelt;brgt;Solitaire 2lt;brgt;Solitaire DXlt;brgt;SolitaireS60lt;brgt;South Parklt;brgt;Sp8balllt;brgt;Space Encounterlt;brgt;Space Invaderslt;brgt;Space Taxi Pinballlt;brgt;Space Warriorlt;brgt;SpaceEncounter v1.10.22 60kblt;brgt;Spacetravellt;brgt;Speed Addictlt;brgt;Speedsterlt;brgt;Spider man VS Doc Ocklt;brgt;Splashdownlt;brgt;Splinter Celllt;brgt;Splinter Cell 2lt;brgt;Splinter Cell 2 Extended Opslt;brgt;Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrowlt;brgt;SplinterCelllt;brgt;Springlt;brgt;Spruce Blockslt;brgt;Spruce Bowlinglt;brgt;Spruce Bowling 1.1.1lt;brgt;Spruce Checkerslt;brgt;Spruce Checkers 0.6lt;brgt;Spruce Chesslt;brgt;Spruce Chess 0.6lt;brgt;Spruce Drawlt;brgt;Spruce Driverlt;brgt;Spruce Golt;brgt;Spruce Invaderslt;brgt;Spruce Invaders 1.0.0lt;brgt;Spruce Man 0.3.0lt;brgt;Spruce Pacmanlt;brgt;Spruce Shooterlt;brgt;Spruce Tennislt;brgt;Spruce Tennis 1.0.0lt;brgt;Spruce TicTacToelt;brgt;SpruceGOlt;brgt;SpruceInvaderslt;brgt;sprucemanlt;brgt;spruceshooterlt;brgt;Sprucetennislt;brgt;SpruseCheckerslt;brgt;SpruseDrawlt;brgt;SpruseDriverlt;brgt;SpruseManlt;brgt;SpruseShooterlt;brgt;SpruseTennislt;brgt;Stackuplt;brgt;Stalk n shootlt;brgt;Starlt;brgt;Star Elt;brgt;Star Exceedlt;brgt;Star Trek Nemesislt;brgt;Star Xlt;brgt;StarExceedlt;brgt;Starxlt;brgt;Steel Warriorlt;brgt;Steve Davis Snookerlt;brgt;Strange Maze 3Dlt;brgt;StrangeMazeGlt;brgt;Strategy Warlt;brgt;Street Fighterlt;brgt;Street Fighter Rappido Battlelt;brgt;Street Soccerlt;brgt;Strip Janetlt;brgt;Stuntmanlt;brgt;Submarine (German)lt;brgt;Submarine Paniclt;brgt;Submarineslt;brgt;Sumea Mikis Worldlt;brgt;Summer Gameslt;brgt;Summer Games 2004lt;brgt;SummerGames2004_3510ilt;brgt;Summerjoblt;brgt;Sun Samples Gameslt;brgt;Super Bloc Bloclt;brgt;Super Hase (German)lt;brgt;Super Mariolt;brgt;Super Mario 2lt;brgt;Super Mario Broslt;brgt;Super Yum Yumlt;brgt;SuperBBlt;brgt;suprBowlinglt;brgt;Swarmlt;brgt;Tamagochilt;brgt;Tank Attacklt;brgt;Tank M1A2lt;brgt;TankAttacklt;brgt;Tarotlt;brgt;Tennis (DEMO)lt;brgt;Tennis Challengelt;brgt;Tennis Maniaclt;brgt;Tennis Prolt;brgt;Terminatorlt;brgt;Terra Forcelt;brgt;Tetrislt;brgt;Tetris 2lt;brgt;Tetris Blue Lavalt;brgt;Tetrixlt;brgt;The Black Citadellt;brgt;The Black Citadel GERlt;brgt;The Dark Eye Among Pirateslt;brgt;The Dark Eye Caliphs Daughterlt;brgt;The Dark Eye Crypt Raiderslt;brgt;The Dark Eye Swamp Of Doomlt;brgt;The Day After Tomorrowlt;brgt;The Flinstones Grocery Huntlt;brgt;The Gatelt;brgt;The Gate v1.0 51kblt;brgt;The Glass Cubelt;brgt;The Hulklt;brgt;The Mutelt;brgt;The Piratelt;brgt;The Tower Of Hanoilt;brgt;TicTacToelt;brgt;Tiger Woods Golflt;brgt;Tom And Jerry Cheese Chaselt;brgt;Tom Jerrylt;brgt;Tomb Raiderlt;brgt;Tomb Raider Elixir of Lifelt;brgt;Tomb Raider Osiris Codexlt;brgt;Tomb Raider 2 Quest For Cinnabarlt;brgt;Tomb Raider 3lt;brgt;ToneofloveHlt;brgt;Tony Hawks Undergroundlt;brgt;TopGunlt;brgt;Towerlt;brgt;Trails Of Terrorlt;brgt;Traveling Geckolt;brgt;Triple Poplt;brgt;Triple pop v1.01lt;brgt;Triple Theatlt;brgt;Triplepoplt;brgt;TripleX720lt;brgt;True Crimelt;brgt;Tugboat Turmoillt;brgt;Turbo Camelslt;brgt;TurboCamelslt;brgt;Turnerlt;brgt;Turtleslt;brgt;UK Pitfalllt;brgt;Underworldlt;brgt;Underworld Vampires Nightlt;brgt;Urban Skaterlt;brgt;V Rallylt;brgt;Vbirdslt;brgt;Vegas Poker Deluxelt;brgt;Victory Laplt;brgt;Video Pokerlt;brgt;Video Poker 1.0.3lt;brgt;Virtual Pilotlt;brgt;Warrior Kitten Shizukalt;brgt;Warriors Of The Lionlt;brgt;Waxlt;brgt;Wax Snowlt;brgt;Wax Snowboardlt;brgt;WC Cricketlt;brgt;WG Chess 1.0.0lt;brgt;WG Poker 1.0.0lt;brgt;Wheinacts Racerlt;brgt;White Birdlt;brgt;Whitewater Challengelt;brgt;Wienlt;brgt;Wiggleslt;brgt;Wok WMlt;brgt;WOLFlt;brgt;Wooflt;brgt;Word Terminatorlt;brgt;Workerlt;brgt;Wormslt;brgt;Wracerlt;brgt;X Changelt;brgt;Xcrossing Dicelt;brgt;XIIIlt;brgt;Xonixlt;brgt;XSSnowboardinglt;brgt;Xtreme Boxinglt;brgt;xXxlt;brgt;Yahtzee 1.01lt;brgt;Yeti Sports 1lt;brgt;Yeti Sports 2lt;brgt;Yogi Bearlt;brgt;YoYo Fighterlt;brgt;Zapperlt;brgt;ZeroMine60lt;brgt;Zombie Mansionlt;brgt;Zombie Mansion Full Java v1.0.2 68kBlt;brgt;Zombie Mansion 1.0.2lt;brgt;Zoo Battlelt;brgt;Zoylt;brgt;Zoy27s Rescue Mission 1lt;brgt;Zoy27s Rescue Mission 2lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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3dsMax9 Extension 1 Productivity Booster (1 cd)

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Extension: Productivity Booster will enable Autodesk subscription customerslt;brgt;to work more efficiently with more than 30 productivity enhancements in thelt;brgt;areas of animation and Biped, rendering, UI and usability. Additionally,lt;brgt;increased interoperability with AutoCAD 2008, AutoCAD Architecture 2008 andlt;brgt;Revit Building 2008 will help design visualization customers share data withlt;brgt;other architecture professionals more easily than ever before. Users can alsolt;brgt;take advantage of technology improvements available with Microsoft.s latestlt;brgt;operating system, Microsoft Windows Vista with new DirectX10;brgt;lt;brgt;Product Highlightslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Interoperabilitylt;brgt;With Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Extension: Productivity Booster software, users nowlt;brgt;have additional support for AutoCAD and Revit software files, includinglt;brgt;support for AutoCAD 2008 and Revit 2008 versions. New DWG import optionslt;brgt;and an optimized import memory management system make the software easierlt;brgt;to use and dramatically improve import performance.making it possible tolt;brgt;import large files and complex scenes. The new Select Similar feature parseslt;brgt;object metadata to isolate objects with similar characteristics, makinglt;brgt;simple work of identifying and changing multiple objects in a;brgt;lt;brgt;Performancelt;brgt;Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Extension 1: Productivity Booster includes more than 30lt;brgt;productivity enhancements in the following areas, among others:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Modellinglt;brgt; Texturinglt;brgt; Renderinglt;brgt; Programminglt;brgt; Animationlt;brgt; Bipedlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Extended Platform Supportlt;brgt;With Autodesk 3ds Max 9 Extension: Productivity Booster, 3ds Max 9 softwarelt;brgt;is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems,lt;brgt;and Microsoft DirectX;brgt;
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5star Mobile Video

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The movie converter for your mobile device! Supported are: Apple iPod, Playstation PSP, PocketPC, Zune, Nintendo DS GameBoy Advanced (SD Video), Mobile Phones (3GPP3GPP2MP4 compatible devices) , iRiver, Cliod CP, Palm, Archos, Creative and GPX2. Watch your movies anytime, anywhere. This product is the all in one solution for your mobile device. Convert with 5star Mobile Video your (unprotected) Video DVDs, MPEG124 or Flash compatible favourite movie. Also DivX or XviD movies can be converted for your portable device!lt;brgt;
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Autodesk Productstream 2008 (1 dvd)

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Make sure your designs are complete, accurate, approved, and releasedlt;brgt;to manufacturing in a timely and effective manner. The Autodesk Productstream familylt;brgt;of products can automate the release management process by managing engineeringlt;brgt;changes and bills of materials, while enabling the engineering department to maintainlt;brgt;control over the design data throughout the manufacturing;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;autodesklt;brgt;
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Autodesk Productstream Explorer 2008 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt;Make sure your designs are complete, accurate, approved, and releasedlt;brgt;to manufacturing in a timely and effective manner. The Autodesk Productstream familylt;brgt;of products can automate the release management process by managing engineeringlt;brgt;changes and bills of materials, while enabling the engineering department to maintainlt;brgt;control over the design data throughout the manufacturing;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;autodesklt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Autodesk Productstream Replicator 2008 (1 dvd)

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lt;brgt;Make sure your designs are complete, accurate, approved, and releasedlt;brgt;to manufacturing in a timely and effective manner. The Autodesk Productstream familylt;brgt;of products can automate the release management process by managing engineeringlt;brgt;changes and bills of materials, while enabling the engineering department to maintainlt;brgt;control over the design data throughout the manufacturing;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;autodesklt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Autodesk Vault 2008 (2 cds)

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Maximize return on your company.s investment in design data by driving designlt;brgt;re use with Autodesk Vault software. A data management tool that helps managelt;brgt;and securely store design data, Autodesk Vault allows users to organize all engineeringlt;brgt;data in a centralized location and reduces the time needed to find, reference, and re uselt;brgt;design data. As product designs evolve, version management in Autodesk Vault provideslt;brgt;protection from unintentional overwriting of good designs. In addition, users can save hourslt;brgt;of valuable design time with the powerful copy and re use capabilities that reducelt;brgt;the time required to start a new;brgt;lt;brgt;Requirements : other autodesk applicatins installed or in teh process of;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;autodesklt;brgt;
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Baseball Mogul 2008 (1 cd)

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The 1 PC Baseball Game is better than ever for 2007:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW Baseball Mogul Encyclopedia Outputs over 30,000 interlinked HTMLlt;brgt; pages. Historical leaders tracked in over 70 stats by team and season;lt;brgt; hitting, pitching and fielding stats at every level; annual financiallt;brgt; records; everything you need to analyze and enjoy your baseballlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW Database Engine Records every stat for every player, even afterlt;brgt; theyre dead. Also automatically loads every historical player so yoult;brgt; can easily compare your promising rookies to the best players of alllt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW User Interface Improves the visual appeal of each screen whilelt;brgt; also putting more stats at your fingertips. The new Status Bar letslt;brgt; you know about top stories without interrupting your game, and keeps keylt;brgt; info at your fingertips. Plus improved support for customized logos andlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW Financial Model Automatically adjusts revenue levels and salarieslt;brgt; to the correct level for each era, from 1901 to 2007, and;brgt; NEW Player Development Engine We examined the career paths oflt;brgt; thousands of real players to create more realistic aging and scoutinglt;brgt; algorithms. Draft day is now more unpredictable but weve also addedlt;brgt; the ability to adjust these settings as you see;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW Physics Based Simulation Weve combined over 30 years experiencelt;brgt; writing statistical simulations and arcade style baseball games to bringlt;brgt; you the most realistic baseball experience possible. Now you can followlt;brgt; the path of the ball on screen, with the correct underlying;brgt; From the effects of weather and friction to the correct spin on eachlt;brgt; pitch, Baseball Mogul continues to give you the most realistic resultslt;brgt; possible, backed by a real world physics;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW quot;Save Anytimequot; Feature Now you can save and resume right in thelt;brgt; middle of quot;Play By Play Modequot;.lt;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW Ticker Tape Shows updated standings and leaders, even in thelt;brgt; middle of each at;brgt;lt;brgt; NEW Expanded Scouting Report More room for more stats like OPS, GDP,lt;brgt; Intentional Walks, Ground Ball Percent, and;brgt; NEW 2007 Rosters Off season moves, free agent signings, and;brgt; Detailed career stats, ratings, contracts and projections as of Openinglt;brgt; Day. Plus new hand edited data for over 2,500 minor;brgt; NEW Roster Tools Baseball Mogul 2008 includes an updated player editorlt;brgt; for creating and tweaking your own custom rosters. Mogul makes it easylt;brgt; to customize your baseball universe to run a league or just to sharelt;brgt; with;brgt;lt;brgt; UPDATED Player Database Includes more than 18,000 players from 1901 tolt;brgt; 2007. You can play as any team in any;brgt;lt;brgt; UPDATED Pitcher Database Season by season pitch data for over 1,200lt;brgt; pitchers that you cant find anywhere else. Includes individuallylt;brgt; researched ratings for every pitch in each pitchers arsenal, going backlt;brgt; to 1901. From Gaylord Perrys spitball to Daisuke Matsuzakaslt;brgt; quot;Gyroballquot;, Baseball Mogul 2008 is the most complete baseball simulationlt;brgt; you can;brgt;lt;brgt; Animated Play By Play In game Manager Mode lets you call plays andlt;brgt; make substitutions as if you were in the dugout. Or retire to thelt;brgt; owners box and let your coaches and players control the action. Its uplt;brgt; to you!lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Pitch By Pitch Mode Fully interactive pitch by pitch mode puts you inlt;brgt; complete control of the game. Graphical batting and pitching interfacelt;brgt; gives you pinpoint control over each pitch. Brush back the batter withlt;brgt; an inside fastball, then put him away with a splitter in the;brgt; Lefty Righty Stats Baseball Mogul 2008 tracks every match up. Whetherlt;brgt; you are pinch hitting in the 9th or trading for someone to platoon withlt;brgt; your left handed outfielder, Baseball Mogul puts all the data at yourlt;brgt; fingertips. Every scouting report includes leftyrighty splits, plus alt;brgt; skill breakdown against each type of pitcher (or hitter).lt;brgt; Fast Simulation Speed It wouldnt be Baseball Mogul if you had to takelt;brgt; a bathroom break while the season progressed. Baseball Mogul 2008 canlt;brgt; play a full season, including all computer trades and roster moves, inlt;brgt; under 30 seconds. We re wrote the simulation engine and then welt;brgt; optimized it. And then we optimized it again because baseball shouldlt;brgt; be fun!lt;brgt;
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Bentley Microstation XM (1 cd)

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Making design accessiblelt;brgt; MicroStation V8 XM hits the mark! It brings immediate projectlt;brgt; throughput improvements without introducing the pain and delayslt;brgt; that so often accompany advances this substantial. Organizationslt;brgt; will find the transition to the new MicroStation V8 XM Edition;brgt; The ease comes from three fundamental aspects which include:lt;brgt; An intuitive new interfacelt;brgt; Places powerful new features within easy reach of the user. Itlt;brgt; includes a new keyboard position mapping capability which in testslt;brgt; has increased user performance and productivity by up to 300 whenlt;brgt; compared to the previous MicroStation;brgt; An unchanged DGN file formatlt;brgt; Delivers continued V8 CAD standards support with full teamlt;brgt; interoperability between MicroStation and AutoCAD. Provides alt;brgt; critical and necessary level of consistency, on large,lt;brgt; long lasting, infrastructure projects, where file format changeslt;brgt; are a disruptive and unwelcome;brgt; bentleyen USProductsMicroStationMaking+design+accessiblelt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Bus Driver (1 cd)

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In Bus Driver, your job is to transport passengers around an attractive and realistic city. You must drive to a timetable on a planned route, whilst obeying traffic rules, and taking care not to upset or injure your passengers. This makes Bus Driver unlike any other driving game the experience of driving a bus is very different from blazing through a racing;brgt;12 different models of bus to drive, such as double decker and;brgt;30 routes with varying weather conditions set at differing times of;brgt;An expansive city environment with various;brgt;
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CGTech VERICUT 6.1 (1 cd)

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VERICUT software simulates NC machining to detect tool path errorslt;brgt; and inefficient motion. During the part programming stage, you canlt;brgt; eliminate errors that could ruin the part, damage the fixture, breaklt;brgt; the cutting tool, or crash the machine . without doing a singlelt;brgt; prove out on the machine!lt;brgt;lt;brgt; You can model and simulate any machine in your shop!lt;brgt; 2 3 Axis Multi Axis Millinglt;brgt; Drilling Turning MillTurnlt;brgt; EDMlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; SIMULATION: A powerful inspection tool... 3D solid simulation of thelt;brgt; workpiece and NC machine tool enable you to visualize the machininglt;brgt; exactly as it occurs on the shop;brgt;lt;brgt; VERIFICATION: Correct tool path errors before machining... VERICUTlt;brgt; detects fast feed errors, potential crashescollisions, gouges,lt;brgt; overundercutting,;brgt;lt;brgt; ANALYSIS: Verify dimensional accuracy... VERICUT includeslt;brgt; comprehensive analysis tools for measuring, cross sectioning the partlt;brgt; to make sure the machined will exactly match the design;brgt;lt;brgt; OPTIMIZATION: Run NC machine tools at the maximum efficiency levellt;brgt; possible... VERICUT automatically determines the best feed rates forlt;brgt; every portion of the tool path and adjusts them based on the cuttinglt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; cgtechproducts_main.htmlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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CodeGear Delphi 2007 for Win32 and Delphi for PHP (1 dvd)

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The RAD visual development environment for;brgt;lt;brgt; Revitalize Win32 development by creating native code applications compatible with Windows 2000, XP, and;brgt; Embrace Web 2.0 technologies with Delphi.s new support for AJAXlt;brgt; New DBX4 database architecture streamlines database connectivity and supports the latest versions of SQL databaseslt;brgt; Simplify management of even the most complex projects with MSBuild.s powerful project buildmake supportlt;brgt;lt;brgt;The RAD visual PHP development environmentlt;brgt;lt;brgt; Accelerate PHP web development with Delphi.s proven visual (RAD) framework for PHPlt;brgt; Simplify PHP programming with Delphi.s comprehensive PHP for VCL librarieslt;brgt; Sophisticated editing and integrated debugging speeds up the process of tracking down bugs and errors in the codelt;brgt; Integrated development environment streamlines code management and navigation so managing and organizing PHP code has never been easierlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Crystal Pictures Particlegen 1.0 Pro Bilanguage (1 dvd)

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quot;ParticleGenquot; is a flexible and high performance tool for the creation of multifaceted 3D particlelt;brgt;effects in real time. Thanks to numerous professional features like Interactive real time previewslt;brgt;and the exact setting of parameters using curve diagrams, the program is ideally suited for DTP,lt;brgt;video compositing, post processing, software development and all kinds of;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;quot;ParticleGenquot; enables the realization of almost any desired effect, from explosions and foglt;brgt;to reflections in water. Besides using your own particle shapes which can be created with anylt;brgt;conventional image editing program, the software also allows you to import textured 3DS files,lt;brgt;which you then can use as particles or animations. For quot;Autodesk Mayaquot; users, the Pro Versionlt;brgt;of quot;ParticleGenquot; enables users to import camera animation for compositing;brgt;Yet another of the softwares special features is the display of optical deformation effectslt;brgt;like shimmering air, shock waves,;brgt;lt;brgt;quot;ParticleGenquot; also enables you to import the widest range of file formats, like TGAlt;brgt;(images and sequences), BMP, DDS or AVI. Newly enhanced design possibilities also allow yoult;brgt;to combine creations with the quot;Tree Genquot; program from the Crystal Pictures;brgt;Trees and bushes created with quot;Tree Genquot; can easily be integrated into quot;ParticleGenquot;.lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;crystalpictures.eult;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Delcam ArtCAM Pro 9.021 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; With ArtCAM Pro you can design and manufacture 3D models or 3Dlt;brgt; sculpted reliefs quickly and easily. You can create highly intricatelt;brgt; personalized or custom 3D models from 2D sketches or;brgt; Unique software tools guide you through the entire process, fromlt;brgt; conceptual sketch to the finished piece or mold. Whether you are usinglt;brgt; ArtCAM Pro for woodworking, signmaking, metal cutting, engraving orlt;brgt; embossing, ArtCAM Pro will give you and your business the competitivelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; artcamprolt;brgt;
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Delcam PowerMILL Pro PM7006 CB1084537 SP5 DVD Multilanguage (1 cd)

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PowerMILL PRO is the world.s leading specialist NC CAM;brgt; for the manufacture of the complex shapes typically found inlt;brgt; the toolmaking, automotive and aerospace industries. Keylt;brgt; features include a wide range of strategies, including thelt;brgt; latest high efficiency roughing, high speed finishing, andlt;brgt; 5 axis machining techniques, exceptionally fast calculationlt;brgt; times and powerful editing tools to ensure optimumlt;brgt; performance on the machine;brgt;lt;brgt; PowerMILL PRO 7 includes a wide range of new functionality;brgt; 2.5D through to 5 axis simultaneous machining, plus a numberlt;brgt; of changes to the interface to make the software even easierlt;brgt; to use. PowerMILL 7 reinforces its position as the world.slt;brgt; leading CAM software for toolmaking and other complexlt;brgt; machining;brgt;
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Dlubal RSTAB 5.15.001 Bilingual (1 cd)

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lt;brgt;lt;brgt; The statics programs of the RSTABlt;brgt; family are used to determine the internallt;brgt; forces, support reactions andlt;brgt; deformations of any two orlt;brgt; three dimensional structure. The modularlt;brgt; program concept meets individual userlt;brgt; demands for specific projectlt;brgt; requirements. Add on modules arelt;brgt; currently available for steel and timberlt;brgt; design, the determination of bucklinglt;brgt; modes and critical load factors, movinglt;brgt; loads, advanced load combinations,lt;brgt; construction phases and for dynamiclt;brgt; analyses. RSTAB also interacts withlt;brgt; SHAPE THIN, an advanced program forlt;brgt; the analysis of section properties for anylt;brgt; thin walled cross;brgt;lt;brgt; RSTAB 5.xx is mainly known for its lowlt;brgt; learning curve and outstandig graphicallt;brgt; user interface. The program provideslt;brgt; many very productive and helpful featureslt;brgt; such as:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Calculation of 2D and 3D structureslt;brgt; according to 1st and 2nd order theory,lt;brgt; and of cable structures according to 3rdlt;brgt; order;brgt;lt;brgt; Automatical superpositioning of resultslt;brgt; according to various criteria such aslt;brgt; conditional and;brgt;lt;brgt; Any result combination possible tolt;brgt; determine the decisive internal forces andlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Optional consideration of varyinglt;brgt; construction levels with changinglt;brgt; structural geometries, hinge and supportlt;brgt; conditions by means of the SUPER LClt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Multi language interface in English andlt;brgt; German. Work in English and print inlt;brgt; German or vice;brgt;lt;brgt; Integration of user defined generallt;brgt; cross sections such as I shaped,lt;brgt; C shaped or channel sections, angles, andlt;brgt; many more. Only the dimensions have tolt;brgt; be specified, RSTAB calculates all sectionlt;brgt; properties;brgt;lt;brgt; Consideration of web tapered elements,lt;brgt; rigid couplings, non linear springs withlt;brgt; friction and cohesion effects,lt;brgt; eccentricconnections and elasticlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Adaptable graphics with animation of thelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Non linear calculation of tension,lt;brgt; compression and spring;brgt;
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Esteco modeFRONTiER 3.2.0 SUB100 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; modeFRONTIER is a multiobjectivelt;brgt; optimization and design environment,lt;brgt; written to allow easy coupling to almostlt;brgt; any computer aided engineering (CAE)lt;brgt; tool whether commercial or in house. Aslt;brgt; the name suggests, modeFRONTIERlt;brgt; provides an environment which allowslt;brgt; product engineers and designers tolt;brgt; integrate their various CAE tools, such aslt;brgt; CAD, Finite Element Structural Analysislt;brgt; and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)lt;brgt; software. Using a variety oflt;brgt; state of the art optimization techniques,lt;brgt; ranging from gradient based methods tolt;brgt; genetic algorithms, the process or designlt;brgt; of interest can be optimized by specifyinglt;brgt; objectives and defining variables whichlt;brgt; affect factors such as geometric shape andlt;brgt; operating conditions. modeFRONTIER inlt;brgt; effect becomes a wrapper around thelt;brgt; CAE tool, performing the optimization bylt;brgt; modifying the value assigned to the inputlt;brgt; variables, and monitoring the;brgt;
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Fintronic Super FinSim 9.0 (1 cd)

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Super FinSim is Fintronics toplt;brgt; performance, fully compliant Veriloglt;brgt; simulator. It supports PLI 1.0, SDF, VCDlt;brgt; and provides through integration withlt;brgt; third party source level debuggers,lt;brgt; waveform displays etc. a completelt;brgt; simulation environment on all popularlt;brgt; platforms. FinSim provides the flexibilitylt;brgt; of mixed compiled and interpretedlt;brgt; simulation and an efficient incrementallt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Fintronic has a mission to supply thelt;brgt; highest performance Verilog HDLlt;brgt; simulators available for full languagelt;brgt; design verification and timing;brgt; It is privately held and privately fundedlt;brgt;
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Intel Thread Checker 3.1 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; Incorporate multi threading now tolt;brgt; unleash the power of multi corelt;brgt; processor based systems, including thelt;brgt; latest 64 bit Quad Core;brgt;lt;brgt; Intel. Thread Checker is an analysis toollt;brgt; that pinpoints hard to find threadinglt;brgt; errors like data races and deadlocks inlt;brgt; 32 bit and 64 bit applications. It can alsolt;brgt; be integrated into an automated Qualitylt;brgt; Assurancetest process to ensure codelt;brgt;;brgt;
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Intel Thread Profiler 3.1 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; Incorporate multi threading now tolt;brgt; unleash the power of multi corelt;brgt; processor based systems, including thelt;brgt; latest 64 bit Quad Core;brgt;lt;brgt; Intel. Thread Profiler 3.1 for Windowslt;brgt; helps you tune multi threadedlt;brgt; applications faster, for optimallt;brgt; performance on Intel. multi corelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Interactive Color Atlas Of Histology 4th Edition (1 cd)

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Application Informationlt;brgt;lt;brgt; This interactive atlas CD ROM for instructors contains all the 465lt;brgt; images from Color Atlas of Histology, Fourth Edition with comparelt;brgt; and full screen view modes, zoom, label rollover and onofflt;brgt; features, slideshow functionality, and ability to export images tolt;brgt; PowerPoint. The CD ROM also contains an exam that includeslt;brgt; additional images not found in the book along with USMLE style andlt;brgt; identification review questions. Institutional Single Seat andlt;brgt; Network licenses are;brgt;
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Junior 10 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; Junior 10 is the new 2006 Computer Chess World Champion. The program,lt;brgt; written by the Israeli programmers Amir Ban and Shy Bushinsky, narrowlylt;brgt; defeated its main rival, the many times world champion program Shredder,lt;brgt; at the Computer Chess World Championship which was held during the Chesslt;brgt; Olympiad in Turin, Italy. Junior impressed experts with its extraordinarylt;brgt; dynamic play, and remained undefeated in this event. Junior 10 has itslt;brgt; own special search techniques and evaluation functions, which makes itlt;brgt; different to any other chess program. In the latest version we see thelt;brgt; rigorous continuation of a development that started with Junior 7 and haslt;brgt; led to a unique and creative playing style. It started with the famouslt;brgt; bishop sacrifice on h2 in a match against Garry Kasparov and now has beenlt;brgt; honed to perfection in Version 10. In spite of their success in computerlt;brgt; chess tournaments the programmers of Junior are not primarily concernedlt;brgt; with beating other chess programs. Instead they have developed Junior intolt;brgt; an instrument that enables human beings to gain new insights andlt;brgt; understanding in the game of chess. A good example is the very pronouncedlt;brgt; understanding of compensation, which allows its users to explore newlt;brgt; possibilities of sacrifice attacks and sharp dynamic;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt; NOTE: This game is English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch,lt;brgt; Polish, Russian, Swedish, Portugese and Slovenianlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Little Britain (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; Little Britain The Video Game is a fun and entertaining collection of mini lt;brgt; games presented in the format of an episode from the TV show and playerslt;brgt; can get interactive with their favourite sketch show characters in a serieslt;brgt; of eight mini games featuring Lou and Andy, Vicky Pollard, Mr. Mann, Emilylt;brgt; and Florence, Marjorie Dawes, Daffyd Thomas, Judy amp; Maggie and Letty. Eachlt;brgt; mini game plays like a sketch from the TV show and to win the game, thelt;brgt; player must progress through all the sketches to the end of the show, wherelt;brgt; the credits will;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Moto Racer 3 Gold Edition (1 cd)

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The arcade motorbike racer returns!lt;brgt; Lock up your moped, and get ready for some high speedlt;brgt; racing with the return of the great Moto Racer;brgt; At over 150 mph on international circuits or gettinglt;brgt; some great air off a dirt jump, youve got all thelt;brgt; different two wheeled motor sports you can think of tolt;brgt; up your adrenaline, all mixed for a unique blend oflt;brgt; arcade racing. And if youre a motorbike connoisseur yoult;brgt; can manage your bikes and parts to get the most out oflt;brgt; your set up. Unleash your speed dream!lt;brgt;lt;brgt; New Trackslt;brgt; New Cycleslt;brgt; Optimized Gameplaylt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Norton Internet Security 2007 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt; Norton Internet Security 2007lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Stay protected from the latest online;brgt;lt;brgt; Key Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Automatically detects and blocks viruses, spyware, and;brgt;lt;brgt; Advanced phishing protection identifies and blocks fraudulentlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Rootkit Protection finds and removes hidden threats in thelt;brgt; operating;brgt;lt;brgt; Smart firewall blocks hackers and stops spyware transmittinglt;brgt; unauthorized;brgt;lt;brgt; Intrusion Prevention automatically shields newly discoveredlt;brgt; security;brgt;lt;brgt; Network protection configures security settings when logged onlt;brgt; at home, or on public;brgt;lt;brgt; Full System Scan performs a deep scan to remove existing viruses,lt;brgt; spyware and other;brgt;lt;brgt; Norton Protection Center provides a central place to easily checklt;brgt; overall security;brgt;lt;brgt; Includes protection updates and new product features as availablelt;brgt; throughout the renewable service;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Norton Save And Restore 11 (1 cd)

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lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Norton Save amp; Restore 11lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Protect what you care;brgt;lt;brgt; Key Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Backs up everything on your computer digital photos, family videos,lt;brgt; key financial records, essential computer system files, and otherlt;brgt; data in one easy;brgt;lt;brgt; File and folder backup lets you choose specific files and folders tolt;brgt; save, rather than an entire;brgt;lt;brgt; Protects all files of a certain type (such as photos or documents)lt;brgt; by finding and backing up the exact file types you;brgt;lt;brgt; Recovers your system and data even when you cant restart yourlt;brgt; operating;brgt;lt;brgt; Makes incremental backups to maximize space and save;brgt;lt;brgt; Makes backups on the fly, without restarting your;brgt;lt;brgt; Backs up to almost any media, including CDRRW and DVD+ RRW drives,lt;brgt; USB and FireWire (IEEE 1394) external storage devices, and Iomegalt;brgt; Zip and Jaz;brgt;lt;brgt; One step setup wizard automatically creates an initial backuplt;brgt; schedule based on your computers storage devices and systemlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt; Automatically monitors and optimizes backup disk;brgt;lt;brgt; Triggers backups on key events, such as new program installationslt;brgt; or user;brgt;lt;brgt; Encrypts backups to help keep them;brgt;lt;brgt; New Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Support for both Windows XP and Windows;brgt;lt;brgt; Faster backups delivers protection even faster and with lesslt;brgt; disruption than previous;brgt;lt;brgt; Enhanced Backup Search makes finding and recovering your data a;brgt;lt;brgt; Easy Setup Wizard tells you what you need to know about backing uplt;brgt; your;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Norton Systemworks 2007 Premier Edition (2 cds)

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Norton SystemWorks 2007 Premierlt;brgt;lt;brgt; Powerful protection and performance;brgt;lt;brgt; Key Features:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Detects and removes viruses and;brgt;lt;brgt; Blocks spyware and worms;brgt;lt;brgt; Prevents virus infected emails from;brgt;lt;brgt; Finds and removes hidden;brgt;lt;brgt; Backs up everything on your computer digital photos, family videos,lt;brgt; key financial records, essential computer system files, and otherlt;brgt; data in one easy;brgt;lt;brgt; Protects all files of a certain type (such as photos or documents)lt;brgt; by finding and backing up the exact file types you;brgt;lt;brgt; Automatically detects and fixes Windows;brgt;lt;brgt; Defragments and optimizes your hard drive for better;brgt;lt;brgt; Cleans up unwanted cookies, cache, and temporary files that slow yourlt;brgt; computers;brgt;lt;brgt; Gives you control over the Windows settings and processes running onlt;brgt; your;brgt;lt;brgt; Returns your computer to a pre crash state after system failures andlt;brgt; other major;brgt;lt;brgt; Recovers individual folders, files, and previous document versions,lt;brgt; even if you forget to save;brgt;lt;brgt; Monitors new software installations and reverses the installation iflt;brgt; you decide you dont want the;brgt;lt;brgt; Includes protection updates and new product versions of this productlt;brgt; as available throughout the renewable service;brgt;lt;brgt; CD1: Norton System Works 2007 Premierlt;brgt; CD2: Norton Recovery Disc (bootable disc)lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PTC Pro ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0.M060 (1 dvd)

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lt;brgt; Winning CAD Solutions for Projects Large amp; Small Customer requirements maylt;brgt; change and time pressures may continue to mount, but your product designlt;brgt; needs remain the same regardless of your projects scope, you need alt;brgt; powerful, easy to use, affordable;brgt;lt;brgt; ProENGINEER is the standard in 3D product design, featuring industry leadinglt;brgt; productivity tools that promote best practices in design while ensuringlt;brgt; compliance with your industry and company standards. Integrated ProENGINEERlt;brgt; CADCAMCAE solutions allow you to design faster than ever, while maximizinglt;brgt; innovation and quality to ultimately create exceptional;brgt;lt;brgt; Benefits:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Unsurpassed geometry creation capabilities allow superior productlt;brgt; differentiation and manufacturability Fully integrated applications allowlt;brgt; you to develop everything from concept to manufacturing within one applicationlt;brgt; Automatic propagation of design changes to all downstream deliverables allowslt;brgt; you to design with confidence Complete virtual simulation capabilities enablelt;brgt; you to improve product performance and exceed product quality goalslt;brgt; Automated generation of associative tooling design, assembly instructions,lt;brgt; and machine code allow for maximum production efficiency Key component oflt;brgt; PTC.s Product Development Systemlt;brgt;lt;brgt; Integral connection with Windchill and Arbortext Compatibility withlt;brgt; myriad CAD tools Includes associative data exchange and industry standardlt;brgt; data formats Robust CAM amp; CAE capabilitieslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Complete tooling and manufacturing, structural, thermal, fatigue andlt;brgt; dynamic simulation Full suite of design capabilitieslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Spans conceptual and industrial design, freeform surfacing, productionlt;brgt; detailing, framework design, schematics, and 3D routed systemslt;brgt;lt;brgt; ptcappservermktproductshome.jsp?amp;k403lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Roxio Media Suite9 XE (1 cd)

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Roxio Creator 9 XElt;brgt;Version: 9.0.603lt;brgt;Build: 906B03B, EVElt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Module Name: PX Enginelt;brgt;Build: 3.6.30a, 7lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Module Name: Roxio Corelt;brgt;Version: 3.4.0lt;brgt;Build: 340B95B,lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Module Name: Roxio Creator Toolslt;brgt;Version: 3.4.0lt;brgt;Build: 340B32Alt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Module Name: Roxio EasyArchivelt;brgt;Version: 3.4.0lt;brgt;Build: 340B33Alt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Module Name: Roxio Creator Datalt;brgt;Version: 3.4.0lt;brgt;Build: 340B37Alt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Module Name: Roxio Roxio Creator Copylt;brgt;Version: 3.4.0lt;brgt;Build: 340B43Alt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Module Name: Roxio Roxio Creator Audiolt;brgt;Version: 3.4.0lt;brgt;Build: 340B41Alt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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