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PVII Elevator Panel Magic 1.31 For Dreamweaver

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PVII Elevator Panels allow you to create collapsible boxes orlt;brgt;groups of boxes. The optional animation effects are unique andlt;brgt;expertly choreographed to make your page pop out. As far aslt;brgt;widgets go, PVII Elevator Panels go straight to the;brgt;lt;brgt;Requirements: Dreamweaverlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PVII IQ CSS PagePack 1.62 For Dreamweaver

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Create up to 28 engaging CSS Layouts in Dreamweaver. Instantlylt;brgt;lt;brgt;Requirements: Dreamweaverlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PageFocus Draw 3.98.42

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A useful desktop publishing application for drawing, labeling,lt;brgt;and;brgt;lt;brgt;pagefocuslt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PageFocus Pro 6.98.42

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PageFocus Pro is an electronic form andlt;brgt;application builder. It consists of a powerfullt;brgt;WYSIWYG form and document editor, and a runtimelt;brgt;EXPO (form filler) program that incorporates alt;brgt;simple database engine for managing;brgt;Work with Ghostscript to export to PDF filelt;brgt;format or import PDF;brgt;lt;brgt;Features the Editor (PFPRO.EXE)lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Create multiple page drawings, forms, andlt;brgt;documentslt;brgt; Flexible and easy to use drawing, textlt;brgt;formatting, curved text toolslt;brgt; Clipart (object library) utilities,lt;brgt;spell check, and WYSIWYG editinglt;brgt; Double byte multi language enabledlt;brgt; Intelligent field types (entry, equation,lt;brgt;selection field, table, and report table)lt;brgt; Runtime command for formdatabaselt;brgt;application developmentlt;brgt; Supports text, numeric, image and imagelt;brgt;pointer data typeslt;brgt; Image editing tools, including arbitrarylt;brgt;shape;brgt; Automatic calculationlt;brgt; Data validation, field interface, databaselt;brgt;lookups, retrieves and updateslt;brgt; Import images as form base, export thelt;brgt;completed form to various formatlt;brgt; Automatic date, time, page numberinglt;brgt; Serial number fields that automaticallylt;brgt;increment (auto counter)lt;brgt; Non editable, non printable, or hide fieldslt;brgt; Drag and drop graphic, field objects, andlt;brgt;Image fileslt;brgt; Repeat fields eliminating repetitive typinglt;brgt; Shopping Cart for temporarily holding entrylt;brgt;datalt;brgt; Report Table for searching and displaying datalt;brgt; Print all or print data onlylt;brgt; Support flexible large size pageslt;brgt;lt;brgt;the runtime (EXPO.EXE)lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Form filler, intelligent processinglt;brgt; Build in database engine for databaselt;brgt;managementlt;brgt; ImportExport of databaserecordslt;brgt; Runtime command controllt;brgt;lt;brgt;pagefocuslt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PageFocus Thumbnail 2.00.32

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Create thumbnails the easy;brgt;lt;brgt;pagefocuslt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PageLock Website Copy Protection

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Protect your webpages code and design from unauthorisedlt;brgt;copying using PageLock Website Copy Protection. Thislt;brgt;award winning software helps block website copying bylt;brgt;stopping text from being selected and preventing the weblt;brgt;pages source code from being;brgt;lt;brgt;PageLock Website Copy Protection screenshotlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Features include:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Encode websites to help protect against code and design;brgt; Block right mouse clicks from displaying menus on your;brgt; Prevent text from being;brgt; New in version 7! Block text being selected using the Web browsers Select All;brgt; New in version 7! Block Internet Explorers image;brgt; Disable dragging and;brgt; Protect an entire folder of webpages at;brgt;lt;brgt;mmauslt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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download Panorado, download Panorado, buy Panorado
Panorado is a simple, yetlt;brgt;comfortable image viewer which haslt;brgt;been designed specially for verylt;brgt;large pictures and panoramic imageslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Panorado supports 360 degree viewinglt;brgt;in flat and spherical projectionlt;brgt;mode, an optional Explorer stylelt;brgt;navigation bar, thumbnail viewing,lt;brgt;full screen mode, slide shows,lt;brgt;printing, and a tool for burninglt;brgt;picture;brgt;lt;brgt;Full Drag and Drop support for filelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;File formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, WMF,lt;brgt;EMF, ICO, CUR, TGA, PCX, PNG, TIFF,lt;brgt;JPEG 2000, PNM,;brgt;DSCEXIF information from digitallt;brgt;cameras is;brgt;lt;brgt;See your panoramic pictureslt;brgt;immediately. No IVR files or HTMLlt;brgt;framework required just ordinarylt;brgt;image files (like JPEG)!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Or create a picture CDDVD with alt;brgt;self running slide show!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;panoradolt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pantaray QSetup Installation Suite Pro Msi

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QSetup Installation Suitelt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Add the finishing touch to your latest program with a professionallt;brgt;installation;brgt;lt;brgt;Windows Vista. Ready!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Windows Vista. is here! If you havent yet built your installations to belt;brgt;compatible with Windows Vista, you have no time to lose. QSetup is Windowslt;brgt;Vista. Ready!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;MSIlt;brgt;lt;brgt;Starting from version 9.0, QSetup can create MSI setup files as well aslt;brgt;traditional self extract EXE setup files. In fact the same setup definitionlt;brgt;can be used to compile both type of files MSI amp;;brgt;lt;brgt;Its so easy and yet so;brgt;lt;brgt;QSetup from Pantaray Research makes project packaging a fast and easylt;brgt;experience. Use our quot;intuitivequot; menus to easily handle your most challenginglt;brgt;installation tasks. Set up sophisticated, condition based actions andlt;brgt;instantly test from within the;brgt;lt;brgt;Execution Enginelt;brgt;lt;brgt;The Execute Engine will let you perform a wide range of operations in a simplelt;brgt;and intuitive way. Other installers like quot;InstallShieldquot; or quot;Wise Installquot;lt;brgt;implement such operations using very complex and time consuming scriptinglt;brgt;language. The operations of the quot;Execution Enginequot; can be UnConditionallt;brgt;Conditional and in a While;brgt;lt;brgt;Auto updatelt;brgt;lt;brgt;QSetup is unique in its ability to create setups that will AUTO UPDATE fromlt;brgt;the Internet when a new version of the program is available. You can alsolt;brgt;just AUTO INFORM your users of the availability of a new version, and promptlt;brgt;them to update using regular browsing techniques. Adding Auto Update or Autolt;brgt;Inform to your setup is very easy. The whole procedure can be completed justlt;brgt;by using QSetup intuitive menus. No need to add any line of code to yourlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Custom Dialogslt;brgt;lt;brgt;QSetup PRO includes a special Custom Dialogs Designer tool. Using this userlt;brgt;friendly tool you can easily create new dialogs that will suit your evolvinglt;brgt;setup needs. Each Dialog will contain as many controls as needed from anlt;brgt;assortment of the 11 most popular controls available under Windows. Once a newlt;brgt;custom dialog is ready use the quot;Execution Enginequot; to interact with the dialoglt;brgt;at setup;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Language supportlt;brgt;lt;brgt;QSetup includes the most comprehensive infrastructure for Multilinguallt;brgt;installation support. You can easily create true Multilingual setup withlt;brgt;several license amp; readme files in all the languages you choose. The actuallt;brgt;setup language will be selected either automatically (by reading the LOCALElt;brgt;from the OS) or manually by the end user. All text can be fully;brgt;Currently more then 30 languages are supported, and you can easily add yourlt;brgt;own language if your favorite one is;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;pantaraylt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Panzer Command Kharkov

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Experience the new Panzer Command series of tactical;brgt;lt;brgt;In Panzer Command: Kharkov, you play a company level commander on eitherlt;brgt;the Soviet or German side in the Eastern;brgt;Preserve your men and defeat the enemy, there is no other way out!lt;brgt;Panzer Command: Kharkov is the latest in a new series of 3D turn basedlt;brgt;tactical wargames with a campaign mode that takes you from battle tolt;brgt;battle with realistic units, tactics and;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Paragon Total Defrag 2009

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If somebody asks you which part of your computer is the mostlt;brgt;important, you.ll undoubtedly answer . a hard disk. You can changelt;brgt;many things in your PC but a hard disk needs a special treatmentlt;brgt;because it keeps the most valuable . your information. As anylt;brgt;important thing a hard disk requires your care. Giving somelt;brgt;consideration to it you are able to increase efficiency of yourlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;So, how can you optimize the disk system? A common problem thatlt;brgt;often decreases the disk efficiency is non optimal allocation oflt;brgt;files, the so called file fragmentation is a process of storinglt;brgt;files on a hard disk, when file fragments are located so nonlt;brgt;optimally, that it leads to slow down readwrite;brgt;Usually it happens while updating files, when adjacent sectors arelt;brgt;occupied and the system writes updated fragments to fartherlt;brgt;sectors. In this case the operating system spends more and morelt;brgt;time on search file fragments in different sectors of the disklt;brgt;what causes problems decreasing the disk performance.. Under somelt;brgt;inevitable circumstances the system keeps fragments of a file inlt;brgt;different places of the disk, what significantly slows downlt;brgt;reading operations. To defragment files, it is sometimes necessarylt;brgt;to re write them more compactly. It resembles threading beads .lt;brgt;file fragments are gathering one by one, after that the systemlt;brgt;will spend less time on reading the;brgt;lt;brgt;There are many solutions for the file fragmentation problem. Totallt;brgt;Defrag. is one of them. It is a reliable tool, which provides 27lt;brgt;defragmentation is a process of re writing file fragments on alt;brgt;hard disk in an optimal way, when they are locating so compactlylt;brgt;that the operating system spends less time on searching separatedlt;brgt;fragments. The defragmentation procedure resolves the filelt;brgt;fragmentation problem. strategies and uses unique low levellt;brgt;optimization algorithms. Despite the complicity of tasks Totallt;brgt;Defrag has an easy to use interface. Moreover the present manuallt;brgt;will help you to find the answers to many of the technicallt;brgt;questions, which might arise while using the;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Paragon Total Defrag 2009 Recovery CD Image

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File system starts out with all or most of its fileslt;brgt;contiguous, and becomes more and more fragmented as a resultlt;brgt;of the file creation and deletion over the time. Thus fileslt;brgt;and their parts become spread all over the hard disk, whichlt;brgt;follows the delays in the hard disk work and further lowerlt;brgt;performance. Total Defrag 2009 is a new comprehensive productlt;brgt;for total file system defragmentation and optimization. Builtlt;brgt;on original Paragon technologies, it performs completelt;brgt;low level defragmentation that provides almost zerolt;brgt;fragmentation;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Passmark BurnInTest Professional Edition 5.3 1026 x64

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PassMark BurnInTest is a software tool that allowslt;brgt;all thelt;brgt;major sub systems of a computer to belt;brgt;simultaneouslylt;brgt;tested for reliability and stability. Tests CPU,lt;brgt;hard drives,lt;brgt;CD ROMs, CD burners, DVDs, sound cards, 2Dlt;brgt;graphics,lt;brgt;3D graphics, RAM, network connections, printers,lt;brgt;andlt;brgt;video playback. Test specialized hardware withlt;brgt;BurnInTest plug in;brgt;lt;brgt;passmarklt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Passmark BurnInTest Professional Edition 5.3 1026 x86

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PassMark BurnInTest is a software tool that allowslt;brgt;all thelt;brgt;major sub systems of a computer to belt;brgt;simultaneouslylt;brgt;tested for reliability and stability. Tests CPU,lt;brgt;hard drives,lt;brgt;CD ROMs, CD burners, DVDs, sound cards, 2Dlt;brgt;graphics,lt;brgt;3D graphics, RAM, network connections, printers,lt;brgt;andlt;brgt;video playback. Test specialized hardware withlt;brgt;BurnInTest plug in;brgt;lt;brgt;passmarklt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Password Recovery Bundle 2007 1.0

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Password Recovery Bundle 2007 is a powerfullt;brgt;All in one password recovery tool, capable oflt;brgt;instantly cracking and recovering over 20 differentlt;brgt;types of passwords. It is designed as easy to uselt;brgt;as possible, and works with many popular instantlt;brgt;messengers, email clients and other;brgt;All passwords are recovered within just;brgt;lt;brgt;top passwordlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pearl Mountain Soft Picture Collage Maker

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You can select a favorite picture aslt;brgt;background, arrange multiplelt;brgt;pictures and photos on the paper,lt;brgt;then apply operations to them, suchlt;brgt;as rotating, resizing, changinglt;brgt;position, and changing overlaylt;brgt;order, apply unique border and masklt;brgt;effects and merge photos;brgt;lt;brgt;In addition to building collagelt;brgt;wallpaper, it allows you to programlt;brgt;a list of collages to use as yourlt;brgt;desktops wallpaper;brgt;lt;brgt;Picture Collage Maker includes twolt;brgt;different programs: Picture Collagelt;brgt;Maker, Wallpaper;brgt;lt;brgt;Picture Collage Maker supportslt;brgt;popular photo formats such as PNG,lt;brgt;BMP, TIF, JPG, GIF, TGA. Inlt;brgt;addition, Picture Collage Maker islt;brgt;quite an easy tool. You can makelt;brgt;beautiful picture collagelt;brgt;in one minute and what you need tolt;brgt;do is just to click mouse a few;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;picturecollagesoftwarelt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PerpetualBudget System 5.0.54

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PerpetualBudget is a distributed budgeting application forlt;brgt;small to medium companies and organizations. It features Budgetlt;brgt;Builder, a graphical tool for constructing and maintaining;brgt;PerpetualBudget demonstrates the use of quot;linklessquot; worksheetlt;brgt;templates for remote updating of the budget data from the User;brgt;The program works seamlessly in the Microsoft Office environmentlt;brgt;utilizing Excel, Access and Windows to deliver a configurable productlt;brgt;for any desktop;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Personalabrechnungs und Informationsprogramm German

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Bei diesem Programm handelt es sich um ein komplettes Lohn und Gehaltsab lt;brgt;nungsprogramm. In der StandardausfOslash;hrung ist das Programm fOslash;r 220 Arbeitneh lt;brgt;mer, 40 Krankenkassen, 5 BetriebsstAuml;tten, 250 Lohnarten (etwa 200 festinstal lt;brgt;liert), und 150 Kostenstellen dimensioniert. Je Arbeitnehmer kAtilde;nnen 30 Lohnartenlt;brgt;und 13 Berichtigugen aus den Vormonaten (je Abrechnungszeitraum) erfantilde;t wer lt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen Lohnbuchhaltungsprogrammen ist die Auswertunglt;brgt;zurOslash;ckliegender LohnabrechnungszeitrAuml;ume (bis zu zwei Jahren) jederzeit undlt;brgt;ohne zusAuml;tzliche Vorbereitungsmantilde;nahmen mAtilde;glich. Die Korrektur zurOslash;ckliegenderlt;brgt;AbrechnungszeitrAuml;ume (auch Vorjahr) kann problemlos durchgefOslash;hrt werden. Zu lt;brgt;lassungen fOslash;r die online oslash;bermittlung der Lohnsteueranmeldung und Lohnsteuer lt;brgt;bescheinigungen sind vorhanden ( OFD KAtilde;ln OFD MOslash;nchen). Bei Bedarf werdenlt;brgt;die BeitragssAuml;tze der Krankenkassen programmgesteuert gewartet. Belegloserlt;brgt;Zahlungsverkehr und Konvertierung des FiBu Beleges sind selbstverstAuml;;brgt;Beitragsnachweise kAtilde;nnen per eMail an die Krankenkassen Oslash;bermittelt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lohn programm.delt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Phant0m LooknStop Ruleset 8.003.1

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Special ruleset for;brgt;
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Photo DVD Maker Pro 7.95

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Photo DVD Maker helps you create photo album on DVD disclt;brgt;playable on TV, website, mobile devices such as Apple iPod, Sony PSP,lt;brgt;cellular phone. With few clicks, Photo DVD Maker creates alt;brgt;professional looking photo slide show with background music, Pan amp; Zoom andlt;brgt;transition;brgt;lt;brgt;Photo DVD Maker supports DVD, SVCD and VCD 2.0, MPEG, MPEG 4,lt;brgt;FLV (Flash for Video) as the output format, supports over 360lt;brgt;amazing transition effects, Pan amp; Zoom, anti flickering filter,lt;brgt;supports adding background music directly from music CD and adding textlt;brgt;Macro such as photo album name, photo file name, date, etc. Itlt;brgt;supports sub title and art clips for each photo slide which addslt;brgt;amazing special effects for the slideshow. It also supports voicelt;brgt;recording, annotation, audio music trimming and timeline control forlt;brgt;easier audiophoto;brgt;lt;brgt; As Easy as 1 2 3 !lt;brgt;lt;brgt;With Photo DVD Maker, you can use digital photos, pictures,lt;brgt;music, captions and interactive menus to create high quality slidelt;brgt;show in 3 easy;brgt;lt;brgt; High Resolution for TV!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Photo DVD Maker optimizes your digital photos and use the Highlt;brgt;Resolution Picture format which is supported by DVD and;brgt;The resolution of the image shown on TV can be as high as;brgt;This technique makes photo look great on;brgt;lt;brgt; Burn and Share!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Burn slide show to CD and watch them on TV using your home VCDlt;brgt;or DVD player. Photo DVD Maker offers an easy, complete way forlt;brgt;you to create professional looking photo DVD CD from yourlt;brgt;photos, pictures and music. With an easy to use design, quicklylt;brgt;arrange your own menu layouts, assemble fully customized photo slidelt;brgt;shows, and burn your final project as a DVD or VCD disc. Share yourlt;brgt;memories on the big screen like never before. Three steps thats alllt;brgt;it takes to make your own photo video DVD: Add your photos tolt;brgt;slide show, design your own DVD menu, and burn your disc. Its thatlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;anvsoftphoto dvd makerlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PhotoLightning 5.2

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Photolightning is the easiest, fastest digital cameralt;brgt;software available. Its the best way to print, email,lt;brgt;and enhance your digital;brgt;lt;brgt;At last theres easy to use digital camera softwarelt;brgt;for both home and business users. Photolightning is solt;brgt;simple that even beginners can make great photolt;brgt;prints, send emails without attachments, create slidelt;brgt;shows, and make enhancements to a set of 24 photos inlt;brgt;five minutes or less. Were confident that its thelt;brgt;easiest digital camera software youll ever;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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download PhotoModeler, download PhotoModeler, low cost PhotoModeler
PhotoModeler, the award winning Windowslt;brgt;based software program from Eos Systemslt;brgt;allows you to create accurate, high qualitylt;brgt;3D models and measurements from photographslt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PicaLoader 1.63

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PicaLoader is a multithreaded picture retrieving robot, up to 50lt;brgt;threads, that will retrieve all the pictures you want from any part oflt;brgt;the Internet, even the pictures linked by JavaScript. Pictures can belt;brgt;filtered by size, definition, color depth, and so on, so you can selectlt;brgt;to download wallpapers, GIF animations, high resolution photos, and solt;brgt;on. You can search a picture sequence by number, even if the picture islt;brgt;not visible in the target site. PicaLoader can autoreject duplicatelt;brgt;pictures, resume broken downloads, and save every pictures name, size,lt;brgt;create time, download time, referrer , and the pictures notes forlt;brgt;you. With the built in promethean pagination Thumbnail Browser, you canlt;brgt;quickly and efficiently find, organize, and view pictures. You can setlt;brgt;a password for your project, which may contain up to 700,000;brgt;lt;brgt;vowsoftlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PictureFlow Archive Creator 3.5.7

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Archive Creator (AC) is a Windows based program that islt;brgt;designed to simplify the task of archiving large groups of files tolt;brgt;CD RRW, DVD RRW and DVD+RRW. Its design is such that when such alt;brgt;group of files (the Archive Set) is too big to fit onto 1 CD or DVDlt;brgt;it will automatically span the Archive Set across multiple discslt;brgt;thereby maximizing the disk storage potential of the media whilelt;brgt;minimizing the time required to organize the files in an efficientlt;brgt;manner. While its design is generic in nature, the primary targetlt;brgt;market for AC is the digital photography market based on the factlt;brgt;that the serious digital photographer generates large amounts oflt;brgt;large image files of large size. The ability to easily archive theirlt;brgt;quot;digital negativesquot; and processed work is;brgt;lt;brgt;Archive your Photo Files to CD and DVD. Fast and easylt;brgt;operation features disc spanning and multi disk Photo HTML Index Gallerylt;brgt;for almost all image formats, including Nikon NEF, Canon CRW,lt;brgt;and many other RAW formats. New Version 3.5 with additionallt;brgt;support for new cameras and archiving to Hard Drives and much more!lt;brgt;lt;brgt; AC is so simple to use that you will actually archivelt;brgt;your files on a regular basis, which in the end is the mostlt;brgt;critical aspect of the program. We want you to archive your;brgt; AC automatically spans your Archive Set across multiplelt;brgt;CDs or;brgt; AC automatically can create an HTML Web Style Photolt;brgt;Gallery that is written to each of the media discs in the Archive;brgt; AC creates the HTML quot;Web Stylequot; Photo Index even fromlt;brgt;most RAW image files automatically with no conversion softwarelt;brgt;required (Canon, Nikon and others).lt;brgt; The Archive Set media discs each have the entire Archivelt;brgt;Set HTML Photo Index on them. So you can view and find a filelt;brgt;even if it is not on the CDDVD you have in the drive. In otherlt;brgt;words, if the Archive Set is made up of 4 discs, and you are laterlt;brgt;viewing disc2, you can view the images from all 4 discs, right fromlt;brgt;disc2!lt;brgt; You can preview images during the selection process bylt;brgt;clicking no them...even most RAW file;brgt; Simple 3 Step operation...Select Files, Process Filelt;brgt;Set, Burn;brgt;lt;brgt;pictureflowlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PilotEdit 1.9

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What is PilotEditlt;brgt;PilotEdit is a powerful file;brgt;lt;brgt; The file size supported by PilotEdit is unlimited. You can edit,lt;brgt;downloadupload, encryptdecrypt and compare files more than 4GB with;brgt; ANSI, UTF 8, UTF 16 and UTF 16 big endian files are fully supported bylt;brgt;PilotEdit. You may also change a file.s encoding with PilotEdit;brgt; DOS, UNIX file support. When you copypaste text, PilotEdit will adjust textlt;brgt;encoding;brgt; Self defined file types and key words high;brgt; The user interface of HEX mode is as friendly as text;brgt; Column;brgt; Endless undoredo. You may undoredo your operations even after you switchlt;brgt;between text mode and HEX;brgt; Word wrap enable you to view long lines within one;brgt; PilotEdit provides a friendly interface for editing FTP files. You can alsolt;brgt;downloadupload FTP files and directories with;brgt; Searching and replacing multi line text has become so easy with;brgt; You may compare two files or two directories with;brgt; Self defined string table enable you to add a pre defined text by just one;brgt; Regular expression has made search and replacement much more;brgt; You may define some operations in a script file and execute this script filelt;brgt;so that you don.t need to repeat your work day after;brgt; 256 bit AES Encryptiondecryption can help you to protect your secret;brgt;lt;brgt;PilotEdit DOESNT support Win98 and;brgt;lt;brgt;What is new in PilotEdit 1.9lt;brgt;PilotEdit 1.9 has made improvement over search and;brgt;lt;brgt;piloteditlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PingoTron Pro Corporate 4.2.1

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Pingotron is made for network administrators, webmasters,lt;brgt;and Internet service providers. Pingotron allows managinglt;brgt;devices connected to a local network (computers, printers,lt;brgt;etc.) and communication channels in TCPIP networks. Basiclt;brgt;features:lt;brgt;Custom ping timelt;brgt;Graphical and numeric representation of ping resultslt;brgt;Generating lists by groupslt;brgt;Sound alarm, e mail notifications, network notifications,lt;brgt;and blinking tray notification of failureslt;brgt;Logging ping historylt;brgt;Logging failure datalt;brgt;Ping statistics in numeric and graphical;brgt;lt;brgt;pingotronlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pingotron Internet RadioFan 1.1.3

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The program Internet RadioFan allowslt;brgt;you to listen to radio and watch TVlt;brgt;broadcasts on the internet. Alllt;brgt;radio and TV stations are grouped bylt;brgt;country. The description of eachlt;brgt;channel contains:lt;brgt;1) The name of the city from whichlt;brgt;the broadcast;brgt;2) The style or genre of the givenlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;The channel list is constantlylt;brgt;updated and is always accessible forlt;brgt;manual or auto updating. A speciallt;brgt;button can be set for quicklt;brgt;connection to a given;brgt;lt;brgt;The program can be minimized to traylt;brgt;and allows you to listen to thelt;brgt;radio while working on your;brgt;lt;brgt;Attention! To use Internet RadioFanlt;brgt;the following components are needed:lt;brgt;1) Microsoft Net Framework 2.0 orlt;brgt;higher. Download here;lt;brgt;2) Windows Media Player 9.0 orlt;brgt;higher. Download;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;pingotronlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pipisoft Flash Favorite 1.8.1

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Flash Favorite makes it easy to download and save flash fileslt;brgt;(SWF, FLV) on the web pages. You can preview the flash files andlt;brgt;optionally rename it and save the file clip on your computer for futurelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;pipisoftlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pixarra TwistedBrush Pro Studio 15.48

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TwistedBrush is a software thatlt;brgt;helps you paint, sketch and drawlt;brgt;with completely natural art toolslt;brgt;and sets. Easy and fun!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;TwistedBrush digital paintlt;brgt;software with complete natural artlt;brgt;tools. Software for artists withoutlt;brgt;the complexity of other artlt;brgt;programs. Compare us to the otherlt;brgt;quot;natural mediaquot; art;brgt;lt;brgt;TwistedBrush has one of the mostlt;brgt;versatile and powerful brush engineslt;brgt;in existence, yet it as designedlt;brgt;from day one to be easy to;brgt;TwistedBrush has more than 3,000lt;brgt;brushes, along with all the featureslt;brgt;that artists love to use: layers,lt;brgt;realistic media, photo cloning,lt;brgt;tracing, masks, particles, filters,lt;brgt;script recording, scripts to AVI,lt;brgt;drawing tablet support, brushlt;brgt;shapes, atterns, textures,lt;brgt;integrated scanner support, imagelt;brgt;brushes, drawing guides, referencelt;brgt;image views, dirty brushes, scratchlt;brgt;layer, dynamic palettes and a wholelt;brgt;lot more. Best of all, featurelt;brgt;updates are;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;pixarralt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PixelMetrics CaptureWizPro 3

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Capture images, video and audio!lt;brgt;Capture it all screen images,oversize scrolling areas,lt;brgt;screen action, video and audio with CaptureWizPro. Startlt;brgt;your captures from a capture bar that slips smoothly outlt;brgt;of your way when not needed.Alternatively, use a hot keylt;brgt;or the taskbar icon. Simple tools, visible over anylt;brgt;background, guide you through the three quick;brgt;Youll be able to capture anything on your screen, evenlt;brgt;tricky items like open menus, drop down lists,tool tips,lt;brgt;mouse pointers and screen;brgt;lt;brgt;Innovative features make it fast and;brgt;Our speedy predictive capture tool grabs screen objectslt;brgt;like windows, dialogs and buttons with a click or anylt;brgt;rectangular area by dragging the mouse. The scroll toollt;brgt;makes it easy to capture oversize pages and long listslt;brgt;by automatically scrolling the material verticallylt;brgt;and or horizontally. And if needed, tools can belt;brgt;reprogrammed to work the way you;brgt;lt;brgt;Wide choice of;brgt;Captured content can be saved to sequentially numberedlt;brgt;files in GIF, JPEG, PNG,or BMP format and printed normallt;brgt;size or magnified to fit the page. A single click sendslt;brgt;captured information to your image editor,or the Windowslt;brgt;clipboard, or a desktop sticky note. You can collectlt;brgt;captures, then come back to them later in the thumbnaillt;brgt;viewer. Theres plenty of help in the daily tips,lt;brgt;interactive demos, printable guide, and detailed helplt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Why CaptureWizPro is;brgt;What sets CaptureWizPro apart are time saving innovativelt;brgt;features. Its the only screen capture program with alt;brgt;drag anywhere pop out capture bar and full screenlt;brgt;preview. Our scroll capture the easiest and most robustlt;brgt;thanks to its patent pending indexing and any arealt;brgt;capability. Other unique features are sticky notes,lt;brgt;automatic backup,predictive capture, and our frame;brgt;lt;brgt;So handy, youll use it every;brgt;Use CaptureWizPro like a digital scissors. Cut outlt;brgt;anything you see on your screen before it disappears lt;brgt;from web presentations to PDF documents, treasure mapslt;brgt;to computer settings then send it,paste it or save;brgt;Having difficulty explaining a computer problem? Snap alt;brgt;screen shot and email it to tech support.Take notes,keeplt;brgt;records and create checklists without ever letting go oflt;brgt;your mouse. CaptureWizPro makes it easy to s hare yourlt;brgt;brilliant ideas with those who dont have the samelt;brgt;application or even the same operating system. It canlt;brgt;help you every day to explain, remember and;brgt;lt;brgt;pixelmetricslt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PlanePlotter 4.8.6

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PlanePlotter Featureslt;brgt;Message displaylt;brgt;PlanePlotter shows a table display of messages received and decoded from livelt;brgt;aircraft;brgt;Data savinglt;brgt;PlanePlotter archives all the digital data that it receives and decodes to a log;brgt;Chart displaylt;brgt;PlanePlotter plots aircraft positions, altitudes and times decoded from the messagelt;brgt;traffic that it receives. These include embedded position reports, AMDAR reports andlt;brgt;ADS reports contained in ACARS messages, ADS B position reports received by the SBS1lt;brgt;Mode S receiver, and position reports on HF using Charles Brains PC HFDL;brgt;The plot can be superimposed on a suitable aeronatical chart that you have prepared,lt;brgt;or PlanePlotter can download satellite imagery and plot the aircraft symbols on;brgt;Where altitude information is available (eg Mode S messages), you can select the datalt;brgt;by altitude band to distinguish low level and high level;brgt;Google Earth serverlt;brgt;If you are receiving Mode S ADS B position reports, PlanePlotter can interface tolt;brgt;Google Earth to display aircraft positions over the Google Earth base map. It can evenlt;brgt;give you a dynamic real time view from the flight deck of an aircraft that you;brgt;Direction findinglt;brgt;PlanePlotter can determine and display the direction of any transmission using a simplelt;brgt;passive antenna switch. This allows aircraft to be located even if they are not equippedlt;brgt;with ACARS or Mode SADS;brgt;Input signalslt;brgt;PlanePlotter can decode ACARS messages, display the message content and plot any positionslt;brgt;on a;brgt;PlanePlotter can also process and display ADS B position reports captured by the Kineticlt;brgt;SBS1 mode S;brgt;PlanePlotter can also work in conjunction with Charles Brains PC HFDL softwarelt;brgt;( by automatically extracting positionlt;brgt;reports from the log file and plotting them in real time on the same chart;brgt;PlanePlotter adds value by calculating course and heading from successive reportslt;brgt;from the same aircraft and plotting the predicted position between reports (right).lt;brgt;PlanePlotter can drive a passive antenna switch and display the direction (QDM)lt;brgt;of any aircraft voice;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Plato DVD Ripper plus Video Converter Package 7.90

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Plato DVD Ripper + Video Converter Package will convert anylt;brgt;dvd movies and videos to Apple iPod Sony PSP Cellphone 3GPlt;brgt;Microsoft Zune FLV and;brgt;lt;brgt;Plato DVD Ripper Professional super fast DVD ripping speedlt;brgt;Incredible output quality !it helps you easily convert DVD tolt;brgt;DivX,XviD,AVI ,iPod,PSP,3GP,Pocket PC ,Zune,WMV,FLV,VCD,;brgt;With just a few mouse clicks, you will be able to chooselt;brgt;subtitles and audio track, or customize the output audio andlt;brgt;video;brgt;lt;brgt;Plato Video Converter is an ideal program for anyone. Itlt;brgt;enables you convert almost all kinds of video files such as rm,lt;brgt;divx, xvid, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, qt, flv, 3gp,lt;brgt;swf, nsv to Apple iPod Sony PSP Cellphone 3GPMicrosoft Zunelt;brgt;FLV MOV video and Extract Audio to MP3WMAOGGWAV fromlt;brgt;those videoslt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Plato DVD to MP3 Ripper 7.85

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Plato DVD to MP3 Ripper is an Easy Use Software that let you Extractlt;brgt;DVD Audio to MP3 files, could Select Audio Track, couldlt;brgt;Specify the Start time and End time of DVD Audio Track and Rip it tolt;brgt;MP3 file, Supports Dolby Surround, Could Rip any region DVD disclt;brgt;without Changing DVD drive region;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;dvdtompegxlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Plato DVD to Pocket PC Converter 7.90

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With Plato DVD to Pocket PC Converter, DVD to Pocket PC videolt;brgt;has never been easier! Plato DVD to Pocket PC Converter is alt;brgt;powerful easy to use DVD to Pocket PC converter software whichlt;brgt;allows you to easily convert DVD movies to a format that Pocketlt;brgt;PC;brgt;lt;brgt;So enjoy your DVD Movies on Pocket PC Right Now! You couldlt;brgt;watch your these movies on your Pocket PC anytime anywherelt;brgt;without carrying those discs inconveniently. No other softwarelt;brgt;can do job with great quality and super fast converting speedlt;brgt;like plato dvd to Pocket PC converter. And the highlight islt;brgt;that other DVD applications only rip unprotected DVD movies ,lt;brgt;but Plato DVD to Pocket PC Converter can rip almost DVD movieslt;brgt;even they are CSS , REGION , MACROVISION ,SONY ARCCOS protectedlt;brgt;dvd;brgt;lt;brgt;Besides, it is simple and easy to use. All you need to do islt;brgt;pressing one button. Key Features Include:(1)Attractive andlt;brgt;Easily used software It is !! (2)Convert DVD to Pocket PClt;brgt;video with customize Video Quality and Audio;brgt;(3)Selectable DVD subtitle and Audio Track (4)Set Startlt;brgt;Point and End Point to Convert (5)Automatically Shutdownlt;brgt;your computer after long time conversion. (6) With latestlt;brgt;industry standards , It creates best picture and audiolt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Plato PPC Package 7.90

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Plato PPC Package includes Plato DVD to PPC + Video to PPClt;brgt;Converter and it can easily convert any dvd movies and anylt;brgt;videos such as AVI DivX RM MPEG WMV ASF MOV 3GP SWF FLV tolt;brgt;Pocket PC;brgt;lt;brgt;Plato DVD to Pocket PC Converter is a intuitive to use programlt;brgt;which rips your DVD movies to Pocket PC video regardless DVDlt;brgt;Region. Due to the built in encoder, this application will deeplt;brgt;compress any output files with high speed and preserving thelt;brgt;movie;brgt;lt;brgt;Plato Video to PPC Converter is an ideal program for;brgt;It enables you convert almost all kinds of video files suchlt;brgt;as rm, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, qt,lt;brgt;flv, 3gp, swf, nsv to pocket pc;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Plato PSP Package 7.90

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Plato PSP Package includes Plato DVD to PSP Converter andlt;brgt;Video to PSP Converter. It is an all in one psp converterlt;brgt;package which can convert DVD movie to PSP MP4MPEG4 movie,lt;brgt;convert all popular video files to PSP movie with high qualitylt;brgt;and super fast;brgt;lt;brgt;With Plato DVD to PSP Converter , DVD to PSP video has neverlt;brgt;been easier! Plato DVD to PSP Converter is a powerfullt;brgt;easy to use DVD to PSP converter software which helps yoult;brgt;easily convert DVD Movies to a format that PSP;brgt;So enjoy your DVD Movies on PSP Right Now! You will finallylt;brgt;be able to watch these movies on your PSP device anytimelt;brgt;without needing to carry the actual;brgt;lt;brgt;Plato Video to PSP Converter is an ideal program for;brgt;It enables you convert almost all kinds of video files suchlt;brgt;as rm, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, qt,lt;brgt;flv, 3gp, swf, nsv to sony psp mp4 video .lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PlexityHide GTP NET

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We are proud to present GTP.NET 3.0: GTP.NET is a componentlt;brgt;package for .NET. The components helps you with timelt;brgt;visualization and interaction. GTP.NET contains a fullylt;brgt;interactive Gantt chart and a fully interactive Schedulelt;brgt;chart. GTP.NET components can be delivered via WindowsFormslt;brgt;applications, ASP.NET, Microsoft Ajax and even in reducedlt;brgt;trust environments like ClickOnce and XBAP. GTP.NET islt;brgt;runtime license;brgt;lt;brgt;One of the exciting new things in GTP.NET 3.0 is thelt;brgt;quot;Gantt_ASP Client side moveable time itemsquot;, or Ajax timelt;brgt;items if you would like. This enables you to build true weblt;brgt;2.0 solutions with the GTP.NET. We have several Ajax sampleslt;brgt;running here. In these samples we bind to a datasource tolt;brgt;show GridNodes and GanttRows with some TimeItems. You canlt;brgt;move and resize the time items in the browser. You can evenlt;brgt;switch rows for time items in the browser. We also added thelt;brgt;Schedule mode to the Gantt_ASP to allow you to flip thelt;brgt;Gantt chart to a;brgt;lt;brgt;The interactive Gantt chart for Windows Forms has also beenlt;brgt;extended. One thing in particular that makes the GTP.NETlt;brgt;stand out from the crowd is the selectable and re assignablelt;brgt;links. And in GTP.NET 3.0 we take it even one step furtherlt;brgt;by providing full databind for links between time items, itlt;brgt;has never been easier than today to whip up a goodlt;brgt;maintainable gui for your time based information. Thelt;brgt;package offers ASP.NET with Ajax and Windows Forms;brgt;Since the product is fully security aware you can evenlt;brgt;deploy XBAP or ClickOnce solutions with internet trustlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;plexityhidelt;brgt;
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Pointdev Ideal Administration 2008 8.41

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IDEAL Administration simplifies the administration of your Windows NT,lt;brgt;XP, 2000 and 2003 network by providing in a single tool all thelt;brgt;necessary features for managing domains, servers, and;brgt;lt;brgt;Your administration can be done through a local network, via a Wan, alt;brgt;VPN, or;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pointdev Ideal Administration 2008 8.41 Spanish

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IDEAL Administration simplifies the administration of your Windows NT,lt;brgt;XP, 2000 and 2003 network by providing in a single tool all thelt;brgt;necessary features for managing domains, servers, and;brgt;lt;brgt;Your administration can be done through a local network, via a Wan, alt;brgt;VPN, or;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pointdev Ideal Dispatch 2008 3.1

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IDEAL Dispatch manages the installation and running of software and scriptslt;brgt;on your servers and client workstations on the;brgt;lt;brgt;With the help of IDEAL Dispatch, you can remotely install Windows patches,lt;brgt;run scripts and msi files, or update software on all the servers andlt;brgt;client workstations on your;brgt;lt;brgt;IDEAL Dispatch offers you a wide range of usage possibilities, thanks tolt;brgt;the various types of actions it offers:lt;brgt; Script: Makes it possible to run a local or remote script file (.bat, .cmd, VB Script, .msi, .exe, , etc.).lt;brgt; VBScript: Makes it possible to run a local or remote VBScript file (.vbs).lt;brgt; Software update: Makes it possible to install service packs or software;brgt; MSI: Makes it possible to install,repair, remove and announce a MSI file (.msi)lt;brgt; File: Makes it possible to copy, move, delete, edite of both files and;brgt; System: Makes it possible to close a session, restart, shut down, lock, put into extended stand by, or cancel a direct;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pointstone System Cleaner

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Heres whats stopping your PC from performing like it didlt;brgt;when it was;brgt;Your PC is slowing down. Programs dont run as fast as theylt;brgt;used to; it takes longer to boot up in the morning andlt;brgt;sometimes it takes forever to shut down at the end of thelt;brgt;day. Dont worry, youre not alone. These kinds of thingslt;brgt;happen to all PCs eventually. Its not your;brgt;lt;brgt;Your PC needs an occasional tune up just like your car;brgt;Files become fragmented, disk caches fill up, thelt;brgt;all important Windows Registry gets disorganized and, beforelt;brgt;you know it, your PC starts letting you down when you need itlt;brgt;the;brgt;lt;brgt;These problems are not going to go away by;brgt;But it doesnt take much to fix them. All you have to do islt;brgt;download System Cleaner., the premier software package thatslt;brgt;custom designed to get your Windows based PC performing as iflt;brgt;it were factory new, and youre all;brgt;lt;brgt;Forget those expensive and complicated programs that take alt;brgt;long time to set up and even longer to run. System;brgt;is lightning fast. Just download the self installer, click alt;brgt;few times, and your PC will be in tip top shape before yoult;brgt;know;brgt;lt;brgt;System Cleaner. takes care of all the common PC headacheslt;brgt;that slow your system down and puts your data at risk fromlt;brgt;disk failure. It also takes care of many of the of the PClt;brgt;problems that other so called tune up programs;brgt;lt;brgt;System Cleaner. also includes a comprehensive quot;secretslt;brgt;eraserquot; that scrubs all of your computer and internetlt;brgt;activity files and removes every last trace of where you havelt;brgt;been and what you did while you were;brgt;lt;brgt;Just look at everything that System Cleaner. does:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Restores your hard drives performancelt;brgt;Fixes system errors that slow your PC down and cause it tolt;brgt;crashlt;brgt;Speeds up your PCs execution of software programslt;brgt;Removes space wasting temporary files and other unnecessarylt;brgt;disk clutterlt;brgt;Tunes up and optimizes the Windows Registrylt;brgt;Erases all evidence of your computer and internet activitylt;brgt;Makes your PC boot fasterlt;brgt;Makes your PC shutdown fasterlt;brgt;Fine tunes all important Windows settingslt;brgt;And more. Click here to see everything that System Cleanerlt;brgt;;brgt;System Cleaner. is the fastest and easiest way to restorelt;brgt;your PCs health without spending a fortune to do it. See forlt;brgt;yourself by downloading the Free evaluation copy right;brgt;lt;brgt;pointstonelt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pointstone Total Privacy

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Your computer is as personal as your bank account. Keep itlt;brgt;that way!lt;brgt;Total Privacy is a safe and easy to use to use privacylt;brgt;protection tool that stops all those pesky snoopers such aslt;brgt;Cookies, history, index.dat, competitors (and even yourlt;brgt;boss!) from finding the trail of your computer use thatlt;brgt;modern internet browsers and many other programs leavelt;brgt;behind. All this can be accomplished with a single click onlt;brgt;the mouse, or even automatically!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;With Total Privacy you get total confidence and peace of mindlt;brgt;for secure computer use by completely and permanentlylt;brgt;removing all traces and history of your recent;brgt;Whats more, Total Privacy also helps improve and optimizelt;brgt;your computers performance. By deleting all thoselt;brgt;unnecessary temporary files, installuninstall records and bylt;brgt;cleaning your internet browser cache, Total Privacy will keeplt;brgt;your computer functioning as smoothly and as quickly as itlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Total Privacy 5 makes use of the most advanced washing andlt;brgt;shredding methodsavailable today to make sure that your ownlt;brgt;private business and computer use remains exactly that lt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;pointstonelt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Poker For Dummies

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Whether looking to understand the difference between thelt;brgt;river and the turn or going for your first golden bracelet, Pokerlt;brgt;For Dummies. is your ace in the;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Full Version Advantageslt;brgt;lt;brgt; Includes 3 games: Texas Hold .Em, Omaha, and 7 Card;brgt; Easy to follow lessons allow you to learn at your own;brgt; Practice with a guide to advise every fold, call, or;brgt; Use the odds calculator to tip the scales in your;brgt; Test your skills against up to five virtual;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;System Requirementslt;brgt;lt;brgt;REQUIRED SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vistalt;brgt; CPU: 600 Mhz Intel Pentium 3 or equivalent processorlt;brgt; RAM: 256 MB for Windows 2000 and XP, 1GB RAM Vistalt;brgt; Hard Drive: 60 MB free uncompressed hard drive spacelt;brgt; Video: OpenGL or DirectX 7 compatible 3D video card w32mblt;brgt;memorylt;brgt; Sound: Windows compatible 16 bit sound cardlt;brgt; Keyboard and Mouselt;brgt;lt;brgt;RECOMMENDED SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; OS: Windows XP with Service Pack 2lt;brgt; CPU: 1.0 Ghz or faster Intel Pentium 4 or equivalent processorlt;brgt; RAM: 512 MB for Windows 2000 and XP, 1GB RAM Vistalt;brgt; Hard Drive: 100 MB free uncompressed hard drive spacelt;brgt; Video: OpenGL or DirectX 9 compatible 3D video card w32mblt;brgt;memorylt;brgt;lt;brgt;For More Info on Poker For Dummies Visit:lt;brgt;download games.pogodeluxe.aspx?amp;code115311537lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PokerTracker 3 Holdem 3.00.2

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Track your ring game and tournamentlt;brgt;play on multiple poker sites. Do yoult;brgt;have an account on many differentlt;brgt;poker sites? No problem,lt;brgt;PokerTracker. will allow you tolt;brgt;import hand histories from each sitelt;brgt;and store them in the same;brgt;Dont worry if your screen names arelt;brgt;not the same either,;brgt;has a way to let you to combine thelt;brgt;stats from multiple;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;pokertrackerlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Pop Art Studio 3.0

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Pop Art Studio is very easy to use graphics editing;brgt;It supports BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG and TIFF formatted;brgt;lt;brgt;Version 3.0 contains many Andy Warhol effects and the famouslt;brgt;Roy Lichtenstein effect. All colors are now fully;brgt;The program provides an endless selection of text and drawinglt;brgt;tools, filters and color adjustment capabilities. The large clip artlt;brgt;collection is ideal for your design and creation of logos. The Templatelt;brgt;Library provides many useful examples of logos and vector;brgt;lt;brgt;fotoview.nllt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Positype Cynapse Pro Complete Font

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About this typeface:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Several years ago I was faced with a project that requiredlt;brgt;very small type to be used in a directory. In general,lt;brgt;there was a need for a lot of .fine print.. Faced withlt;brgt;this, all of the tests I was making with existing faces waslt;brgt;producing to much bleed of the individual glyphs;brgt;Cynapse was;brgt;lt;brgt;It evolved into this pseudo techy looking type thatlt;brgt;standardized and glorified the ink trap (the small, tinylt;brgt;allowances of white space that reduces the amount of inklt;brgt;hitting the page,and in effect, reducing the appearance oflt;brgt;bleed). The results was promising. Last year, the familylt;brgt;was expanded to include Small Caps and a revised;brgt;lt;brgt;About the designer:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Summerour has published over 40 typeface families (over 420lt;brgt;fonts) released through such well known foundries as Veer,lt;brgt;T 26, Myfonts and Union. Opening his own foundry, Positype,lt;brgt;in 2002 his work has found its way into creativelt;brgt;publications like How Magazine, CreateOnline, CreativeArtslt;brgt;and the book, IndieFonts 2. He has acted as a contributinglt;brgt;writer for Typographi and has lectured on type designlt;brgt;in Japan and the U.S. Mr. Summerour.s fonts have beenlt;brgt;utilized by such notable clients as XXL Magazine, MTV, VH1,lt;brgt;SonyTristar, and South African fashion designer, Johnlt;brgt;Michael. To pay the bills, he is one of the managinglt;brgt;partners of Sliced Bread (no, they do not bake bread), alt;brgt;multi disciplinary communications firm specializing inlt;brgt;marketing, graphic design, interactive and PR. As alt;brgt;professor in Graphic Design at The University of Georgialt;brgt;Lamar Dodd School of Art, Summerour teaches web design,lt;brgt;advanced Photoshop, and the real time 2 D3 D broadcastlt;brgt;graphics package,;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;typetrustfontcynapseprolt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Positype Donatora Complete Font

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Donatora by Neil Summerourlt;brgt;lt;brgt;typetrustfontdonatoralt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Positype Headcold Font

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Donatora by Neil Summerourlt;brgt;lt;brgt;typetrustfontdonatoralt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PostgreSQL Code Factory

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PostgreSQL Code Factory is a premier PostgreSQLlt;brgt;GUI tool aimed at the SQL queries and scriptslt;brgt;development. Key features include:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Visual Query Builderlt;brgt; Handy SQL Editor with code folding andlt;brgt;syntax highlightinglt;brgt; Simultaneous executing of several querieslt;brgt;with multi threadinglt;brgt; Data management: viewing, editing,lt;brgt;grouping, sorting and filtering abilitieslt;brgt; Data export to as many as 14 file formatslt;brgt;including Excel, RTF and HTMLlt;brgt; Data import from Excel, CSV, text files andlt;brgt;morelt;brgt; Powerful BLOB ViewerEditorlt;brgt;lt;brgt;The application also provides you with a powerfullt;brgt;set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts,lt;brgt;build visual diagrams for numeric data, customizelt;brgt;user interface according to your needs and muchlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;With all these features our software will be anlt;brgt;everyday assistant in your work with PostgreSQLlt;brgt;database;brgt;lt;brgt;sqlmaestrolt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Power Video Converter 1.6.9

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Power Video Converter is designed to meet all your needs of convertlt;brgt;file between AVI, MPEG1,MPEG2, VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV, ASF, DAT, VOBlt;brgt;formats. Extremely fast conversion speed and friendly user interfacelt;brgt;let you convert video files between many formats with ease. Thelt;brgt;powerful features and unbeatable price make Power Video Converter anlt;brgt;affordable and po werful video conversion solution on personallt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PowerFX eXode Mjolnir

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eXode is an independent sound developer and avid user oflt;brgt;Propellerheads Reason. He has made a couple of free ReFillslt;brgt;for the reason community of very high quality. eXode made alt;brgt;free add on ReFill for Propellerheads and their Reasonlt;brgt;Pianos Refill. eXode is also a music producer and his songlt;brgt;Radiant Emission can be found as one of the demo songs inlt;brgt;Reason;brgt;lt;brgt;powerfxProducerDetails.aspx?id53amp;tx_category_id265amp;tx_category_id443lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PowerISO 4.2

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PowerISO is a powerful CDDVD image file processinglt;brgt;tool, which allows you to open, extract, create, edit,lt;brgt;compress, encrypt, split and convert ISO files, andlt;brgt;mount these files with internal virtual drive. It canlt;brgt;process almost all CD ROM image files including ISO andlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;powerisolt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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PowerSearch 3.3.1

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Search files for one or more search terms at the same time via a very friendly interface. Optionally search subfolders too! Just point to the folder you want to search, provide a list of search terms, then select SEARCH. Results of your most recent search are saved to a file called FOUND.TXT. If you want to view, edit, or save it as another name, you can do so after the search process is complete, or you can select View Last Search Results. There are also options to show the line number or found text in the found results. If you are searching for just a few terms in a few files, the process will take just seconds to complete, regardless of whether or not you used these additional features. However, use of the options to show the text andor line number where the search term was found can significantly slow the search process (since the program then has to search the files line by line for each term). If you have thousands of search terms andor thousands of files, the process can go from being a 20 minute routine to one that may take a few hours again, depending on the number of terms andor files you are searching for, the size of each file, and, of course, the speed of your;brgt;lt;brgt;Keywords:lt;brgt;search tool, search multiple terms, search several terms, search files, find terms, find multiple terms, search folders, search list, search term list
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Powerful Cookies 3.5.7

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Powerful Cookies is a safe and easy way to clean activity andlt;brgt;history traces and securely delete online Internet trackslt;brgt;stored in your browser and in hidden files. To protect yourlt;brgt;privacy and improve your systems performance, Powerfullt;brgt;Cookies can delete cookies, clean index.dat files, clean thelt;brgt;cache, erase the recent documents history, clear the recentlt;brgt;documents list, remove temporary files, free hard drivelt;brgt;space, erase typed s, wipe autocomplete form data, emptylt;brgt;files and temp;brgt;lt;brgt;Using its advanced eraser you can make sure that all traceslt;brgt;of your Internet and computer activities are permanentlylt;brgt;deleted and unrecoverable on your PC. Web browsers onlylt;brgt;provide partial privacy protection by allowing some temporarylt;brgt;Internet files and cookies to be deleted, but they do notlt;brgt;wash data out of all the hidden files, nor do they delete thelt;brgt;data securely. Powerful Cookies is free of spyware and;brgt;lt;brgt;pcookiessoftlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Premier 12.2 Build 646 Multilanguage

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ECONOMICAL INFORMATIVE SYSTEMlt;brgt;OKONOMISCH INFORMATIONSSYSTEMlt;brgt;Moderni komplexni ekonomicky systemlt;brgt;lt;brgt;news in this version:lt;brgt;new language: slovaklt;brgt;new modules: russian, japan, italylt;brgt;lt;brgt;change language (to EN,GE,SK) startzmena jazykult;brgt;yes apps incl english, but no correct translatelt;brgt;lt;brgt;premier.czindex_eng.asplt;brgt;premier.czindex_ger.asplt;brgt;premier.czlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Privacy Eraser Pro 6.0

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Privacy Eraser is an Internet Eraser that protects yourlt;brgt;Internet privacy by cleaning up all the tracks oflt;brgt;Internet and computer activities. Our Internet Eraserlt;brgt;supports popular web browsers such as Internet Explorerlt;brgt;Mozilla Firefox, AOL, Netscape, Opera and MSN;brgt;In addition, Privacy Eraser Pro supports free plug inslt;brgt;to extend cleaning features, you can easily erase thelt;brgt;tracks left by any applications and make your ownlt;brgt;plug ins. We currently offer more than 250 FREElt;brgt;plug ins which supports the most popular programs suchlt;brgt;as ACDSee, Acrobat, Microsoft Office, KaZaA, Reallt;brgt;Player, Media Player software and many others. Withlt;brgt;Privacy Eraser Pro you can schedule cleaning tasks tolt;brgt;run at a time that is most convenient for you. Privacylt;brgt;Eraser (Pro) supports Microsoft Windows FATFAT32NTFSlt;brgt;file systems, completely implements and exceeds the USlt;brgt;Department of Defense DOD 5220.22 M and NSA clearinglt;brgt;and sanitizing standard, to gives you confidence thatlt;brgt;once deleted with Internet Eraser your file data is gonelt;brgt;forever and can not be;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Privacy Shield 3.0.78

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Privacy Shield protect your privacy!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;The most thorough Windows cleaning software in the;brgt;lt;brgt;Your computer stores more information than you think! All over your hardlt;brgt;drive there is information about the sites you have visited, files opened,lt;brgt;people you;brgt;lt;brgt;Most people know about clearing IE history and emptying their Recyclinglt;brgt;Bin. But a simple browse through a few key Windows files will soon uncoverlt;brgt;your habits. It doesnt even take much to discover these things. You canlt;brgt;purchase a program like quot;Fast File Undeletequot; for $19 and get back fileslt;brgt;you thought were long;brgt;lt;brgt;What types of things are stored that you dont know about?lt;brgt;Windows has a hidden index.dat file that stores the sites you havelt;brgt;visited, and it stays around even if you clear your history! There arelt;brgt;many other programs that keep histories too, like Windows Media Player,lt;brgt;Kazaa, AOL, MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Microsoft Office, and many,lt;brgt;many;brgt;lt;brgt;Dont you think you need a program to completely quot;cleanquot; your system atlt;brgt;the click of a button?lt;brgt;lt;brgt;With one simple click, the customizable Privacy Shield;brgt; Clear your browser;brgt; Delete the contents your browser;brgt; Remove all your system;brgt; Clear out your visited and typed;brgt; Get rid of the stored data in the hidden index.dat;brgt; Eliminate all the information remaining from;brgt; Save space by getting rid of Windows temporary;brgt; Remove incriminating information from documents, history, and quot;Findquot;lt;brgt;;brgt; Dump out your Recycle Bin and;brgt; Clear both Outlook and Netscape E Mail;brgt; Completely remove data so it can NEVER be;brgt; Use Government strength removal techniques to delete entire;brgt;lt;brgt;With bonus support for clearing the histories for the followinglt;brgt;;brgt; Adobe Acrobat Reader, AOL Instant Messenger, CuteFTPlt;brgt; Divx Player, Download Accelerator, Flash Get, GetRightlt;brgt; GO!ZILLA, Google Toolbar, Hotbar, ICQ, Kazaalt;brgt; Windows Media Player, Morpheus, MSN Messengerlt;brgt; Net Vampire, NetCaptor, Office (97, 2000, XP and 2003!)lt;brgt; PowerDVD, Real Player, Sonique, SWiSH, The Playe,lt;brgt; WinRar, WinZip, Yahoo! Messenger and more!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;You can also customize Privacy Shield;brgt; Automatically run at startup and;brgt; Run in stealth and be executed by secret;brgt; Run on demand and run on;brgt; Be an icon into the system;brgt;lt;brgt;Get Safe!lt;brgt;Just one quick run of Privacy Shield and your machine will feel brand new,lt;brgt;something any computer tune up shop would charge you double the purchaselt;brgt;price for!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Professional Look at Net 2.0.6

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Professional Look at Net is a LAN monitoring software applicationlt;brgt;which can also work as a net scanner, ports scanner and packets;brgt;lt;brgt;Professional Look at Net doesnt need an installation thereforelt;brgt;it can easily work from a removable drive as well. Luckily, itlt;brgt;doesnt need third party libraries either, such as;brgt;lt;brgt;Portable features (run on flash drive) possible only registeredlt;brgt;version. The Network scanning dont required network administratorlt;brgt;privilege, only host administrator right require for silent scanninglt;brgt;and IP packets;brgt;lt;brgt;IP packets filtering on IP addresses, ports, outgoings, incomingslt;brgt;and more. Possible auto save 500, 2000 or 5000 capturing packets,lt;brgt;with viewing saved and capturing packets in ASCII and HEX (hexadecimal)lt;brgt;mode. Also possible viewed any other (no packets) source in HEX;brgt;lt;brgt;lookanetlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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ProjectDiff is an advanced project comparison and synchronization,lt;brgt;folder comparison and synchronization, file comparison and merginglt;brgt;utility for;brgt;lt;brgt;Take control of your projects, source code, web pages and otherlt;brgt;files with ProjectDiff. Use it to compare, understand and combinelt;brgt;different project versions and file;brgt;lt;brgt;ProjectDiff is highly useful for software developers, web designerslt;brgt;and other professionals. The tight integration project, folder andlt;brgt;file comparison makes it easy to identify and review every changelt;brgt;in every source file, even when comparing source hierarchieslt;brgt;containing thousands of;brgt;lt;brgt;Whether you are working with multiple revisions of projects andlt;brgt;files or need to keep multiple folder hierarchies in sync,lt;brgt;ProjectDiff could help save time and reduce errors by helping yoult;brgt;to work quickly and;brgt;lt;brgt;projectdifflt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Protector Plus 2008 8.0.D01

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Protector Plus 2008 antivirus software for Windows is the ideallt;brgt;antivirus software to protect your computer against all types oflt;brgt;threats like viruses, trojans, worms, spyware and other potentiallt;brgt;threats. Protector Plus 2008 is backed by the antiviruslt;brgt;specialists of Proland Software, who have expertise in developinglt;brgt;antivirus software since 1989. Protector Plus 2008 is easy to uselt;brgt;and has a set of innovative features. It is continuously updatedlt;brgt;to efficiently handle the ever changing threats posed by all typeslt;brgt;of;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Purchasing Manager 6.4.1

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Purchasing Manager is an easylt;brgt;to use and quick utility thatlt;brgt;eliminates repetitious entrylt;brgt;purchased items, buildslt;brgt;databases of purchased itemslt;brgt;and vendors as you order,lt;brgt;streamline creating purchaselt;brgt;orders, save time orderinglt;brgt;while generating purchasinglt;brgt;histories, track inventories,lt;brgt;track expenses, create customlt;brgt;categories for vendors andlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;purchasingprogramlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Puremagnetik MICROPAK Vector For Live 7

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Vector instantly turns Ableton Live into a full blownlt;brgt;production workstation that includes a huge library of wavelt;brgt;sequences, attack transients and vector;brgt;lt;brgt;Classic Digital Synth (Courtesy of Vintage Synth Explorer)lt;brgt;The KORG Wavestation Synthesizer was based on Sequentialslt;brgt;ProphetVS. The Wavestation incorporated the 2 dimensionallt;brgt;vector joystick of the ProphetVS which allowed the user tolt;brgt;alter and animate sounds. This great digital synth islt;brgt;capable of lush ambient sounds and strange;brgt;lt;brgt;Enormous Soundlt;brgt;Patch layering, wave sequencing and vector modulation alllt;brgt;contribute to the huge epic sound of this sophisticatedlt;brgt;Micropak. Use the preset library of over 50 patches andlt;brgt;performances or create your own sounds from the library oflt;brgt;over 300 included;brgt;lt;brgt;Tweak All You Wantlt;brgt;All Vector Racks have been specially programmed for easylt;brgt;editing with limitless tweaking possibilities. Edit thelt;brgt;most common parameters on the first layer of Macros or diglt;brgt;deeper into the rack for more fine tuned;brgt;lt;brgt;Endless Sound Design Possibilitieslt;brgt;Each patch and performance rack has been carefullylt;brgt;programmed with unique settings that fully employ the vastlt;brgt;potential of Ableton Live. Explore new sound designlt;brgt;techniques within Vectors advanced array of soniclt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;System Requirementslt;brgt;Requires Ableton Live 7lt;brgt;500 MB of physical RAMlt;brgt;lt;brgt;puremagnetik?optioncom_contentamp;taskviewamp;id130amp;Itemid143lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords 1.02

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Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords delivers classiclt;brgt;puzzle game action backed with an epic story of good vs.;brgt;Build your empire as you capture cities, build castles and gain alt;brgt;party of companions that will aid you in battle. Match skulllt;brgt;tiles to inflict damage on other players or use your matches tolt;brgt;earn money, experience and manna for spells. You can use your newlt;brgt;found wealth to buy helms, weapons, armor and more! Puzzlelt;brgt;Quest...its like nothing you have played before!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;System Requirements:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; OS: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vistalt;brgt; Memory: 256 MBlt;brgt; DirectX: 9.0c or later CPU: P 1.2GHz Video: 64MB Video Cardlt;brgt;
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PyroTrans 2.21 Multilingual

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PyroTrans is a file transfer package (client, server and batchlt;brgt;mode) which lets you transfer files over ISDN, modem and thelt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;The package is intended for developers and companies who need tolt;brgt;transfer files between sites, field workers or;brgt;lt;brgt;Key benefits:lt;brgt;Secure encryptionlt;brgt;Automatic compressionlt;brgt;Easy batch languagelt;brgt;Developer friendlylt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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QFIT Casino Verite Blackjack 4.2.15

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For all levels of players novice through prolt;brgt;Considered the top Blackjack practice software by nearly alllt;brgt;card counting experts (See References)lt;brgt;Practice Blackjack play and count cards in an ultra realisticlt;brgt;casino environmentlt;brgt;Use 35 drills with scores of options to hone your skillslt;brgt;Track actual play with included CVJournallt;brgt;500 options in trillions of combinationslt;brgt;Start simple and add more and more expert methods at yourlt;brgt;own pacelt;brgt;The most important and popular program in the series. Thislt;brgt;is how to practice Blackjack without recklessly risking yourlt;brgt;bankrolllt;brgt;lt;brgt;qfitlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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QFIT Casino Verite CV-Blueprint 3.0.5

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CV Blueprint is the software companion to Blackjack Blueprintlt;brgt;by Rick;brgt;Half the features of CV Blackjack at half the;brgt;For all beginners and intermediate players that do not wishlt;brgt;to invest in the full;brgt;Practice Blackjack card counting play in an ultra realisticlt;brgt;casino environmentlt;brgt;The most important drills with scores of options to hone yourlt;brgt;skillslt;brgt;300 optionslt;brgt;lt;brgt;qfitlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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QFIT Casino Verite CVData and CVCX 4.0.133

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For all Blackjack card counters and teamslt;brgt;Risk and bankroll calculationslt;brgt;Optimal betting calculationslt;brgt;Game comparisonslt;brgt;Card Counting strategy comparisonslt;brgt;150,000 Blackjack card counting canned simulations includedlt;brgt;Built in ultra fast simulatorlt;brgt;This software and CV Blackjack should be owned by all seriouslt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;qfitlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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QFIT Dan Gordons NFL Handicapping Companion 2007.0.7

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Serious NFL Football handicapping;brgt;lt;brgt;qfitlt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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QSR Nvivo SP1

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If you need to handle very rich information, wherelt;brgt;deep levels of analysis on both small and largelt;brgt;volumes of data are required, NVivo 8 is yourlt;brgt;solution. It removes many of the manual taskslt;brgt;associated with analysis, like classifying, sortinglt;brgt;and arranging information, so you have more time tolt;brgt;explore trends, build and test theories andlt;brgt;ultimately arrive at answers to;brgt;lt;brgt;
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QuarkXPress 8.0 Multilanguage

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Inspired by the designers passion for perfection, QuarkXPress 8lt;brgt;complements the way creative professionals work. Strive to dolt;brgt;better and constantly improve . employ page layout and designlt;brgt;software developed to help get you;brgt;lt;brgt;Work faster and design more with fewer clicks using the modern,lt;brgt;intuitive interface of QuarkXPress;brgt;lt;brgt;Build on your existing expertise . share your print content acrosslt;brgt;media with built in Web and Flash. authoring tools. No additionallt;brgt;purchase or coding required!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Create stunning text and achieve the effects you want withlt;brgt;designer driven;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Pluslt;brgt;lt;brgt;Work faster and smarter: Design more precisely with enhancementslt;brgt;to features you rely on every;brgt;Publish globally: Choose among dictionaries and hyphenation inlt;brgt;more than 30 languages, open and print a QuarkXPress 8 filelt;brgt;created anywhere in the world, or tap into easy to use,lt;brgt;professional grade Asian;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;8.quarklt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Quest Central for DB2

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Quest Central brings together all the functionality you needlt;brgt;throughout the day, whether you are running DB2 on zOS, OS390,lt;brgt;UNIX, Windows or Linux. With an easy to use graphical interfacelt;brgt;and integrated console, Quest Central shortens the learning curvelt;brgt;of DB2 management for new or additional platforms. Now you canlt;brgt;have powerful performance diagnostics, database administration,lt;brgt;SQL tuning and comprehensive space management all in one;brgt;lt;brgt;Quest Central for DB2 components include:lt;brgt; Complete Database Administration Eases the burden oflt;brgt;maintaining, migrating and comparing database objects bylt;brgt;providing a comprehensive graphical object management;brgt;Quickly create, drop or alter database objects to accommodatelt;brgt;your business and application;brgt; SQL Tuning Makes SQL optimization easy with a complete SQLlt;brgt;tuning lab a robust environment that lets you work withlt;brgt;multiple versions of a base SQL statement to easily improvelt;brgt;;brgt; SQL Analysis Provides you with extensive historical SQLlt;brgt;collection capabilities to pinpoint the SQL statements in needlt;brgt;of tuning on DB2 UDB for LUW. Easily identify your most costlylt;brgt;SQL statement, transaction, application program or DB2;brgt; Comprehensive Space Management Reorganize and restructure DB2lt;brgt;database growth with our space management capabilities. Avoidlt;brgt;poor response time and eventually database failure that can belt;brgt;caused by unmanaged database;brgt; Performance Diagnostics Quickly identify and eliminatelt;brgt;bottlenecks in your DB2 environment through an innovativelt;brgt;graphical display that renders the DB2 process model. Detailedlt;brgt;metrics available in the drilldown features provide you with thelt;brgt;necessary information to resolve the;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Quest Spotlight On Oracle

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Spotlight on Oracle is Quest Softwares powerful diagnostic andlt;brgt;resolution tool for Oracle databases. Its unique user interfacelt;brgt;provides you with an intuitive, visual representation of thelt;brgt;activity on your database. Graphical flows illustrate the rate atlt;brgt;which data is moving between database components. Icons displaylt;brgt;the value of key statistics and measurements (metrics).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;The power of Spotlight on Oracle lies in its ability to providelt;brgt;visual and audible warnings if the performance metrics exceedlt;brgt;acceptable thresholds. The components and dataflows change colorlt;brgt;to show you the source of the;brgt;lt;brgt;A range of visual graphs and tabular grids provide you withlt;brgt;detailed information about your database. This information can belt;brgt;viewed on the screen or;brgt;lt;brgt;You can set Spotlight on Oracle to warn you when a threshold islt;brgt;reached. You can set a number of thresholds so that warninglt;brgt;messages are displayed well before the traffic levels into or outlt;brgt;of a database become critical. Spotlight on Oracle uses a numberlt;brgt;of different techniques to warn you when your database islt;brgt;exceeding a;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Quest Spotlight On Sybase ASE

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Spotlight on Sybase graphically displays, in real time, thelt;brgt;critical components in your Sybase ASE environment allowing forlt;brgt;quick diagnostics and;brgt;lt;brgt;For a busy DBA, using manual methods to diagnose and resolve everylt;brgt;component affecting database performance is nearly;brgt;Without a clear view of IO and user activity, the DBA learns oflt;brgt;performance problems only after bottlenecks form. Spotlightlt;brgt;empowers Sybase DBAs by providing the critical details to identifylt;brgt;and eliminate bottlenecks faster than ever;brgt;lt;brgt;Key benefits:lt;brgt; Observe actual database and OS activity in real time through alt;brgt;unique graphical interfacelt;brgt; Find problem users based on either CPU utilization, IOlt;brgt;utilization, or blocking processeslt;brgt; Eliminate the need to manually calibrate alert levels for eachlt;brgt;Adaptive Serverlt;brgt; Speed time to resolution with proactive alerts for detailedlt;brgt;diagnostics and swift resolutionlt;brgt; Eliminate the need to write custom diagnostic SQL scriptslt;brgt; Monitor multiple Sybase Adaptive Servers simultaneouslylt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Quest Spotlight On UNIX

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Spotlight on UNIX is Quest Softwares powerful diagnostic andlt;brgt;monitoring tool for UNIX operating systems. Its unique userlt;brgt;interface provides you with an intuitive, visual representation oflt;brgt;the activity on your host machine. Graphical flows illustrate thelt;brgt;rate at which data is moving between system components. Iconslt;brgt;display the value of key statistics and measurements (metrics).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Quest Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise

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Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise is Quest Softwares powerfullt;brgt;diagnostic and problem resolution tool for Microsoft SQL Serverlt;brgt;databases in an enterprise;brgt;lt;brgt;Using Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise, diagnostic data can belt;brgt;collected continuously, even when Spotlight is not open on thelt;brgt;desktop. A quot;Diagnostic Serverquot; performs data collectionlt;brgt;continuously from a middleware machine, ready for Spotlight tolt;brgt;display whenever Spotlight is started on any client;brgt;lt;brgt;Business benefits of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise include:lt;brgt; Data collected and alarms evaluated on a 24x7 basis, even whenlt;brgt;no Spotlight clients are runninglt;brgt; Identical data and alarms provided to all users, providing alt;brgt;consistent view across the enterpriselt;brgt; Historical data is saved in one place (on the Diagnosticlt;brgt;Server), avoiding unnecessary replication of datalt;brgt; Because queries are executed only once (from the Diagnosticlt;brgt;Server), there is no significant extra load on the database orlt;brgt;operating system as extra Spotlight clients are connected: theylt;brgt;simply quot;subscribequot; to the data already being collectedlt;brgt; Operating System data is collected only once, even if multiplelt;brgt;instances are being monitored on that particular hostlt;brgt; Administrative users can tweak the collections: changing thelt;brgt;timing of, or entirely disabling expensive or unwanted querieslt;brgt;lt;brgt;The Spotlight Enterprise Viewer displays a high level view of thelt;brgt;SQL Servers in your enterprise so you can determine the state oflt;brgt;your enterprise at a glance. Nodes represent the SQL Servers inlt;brgt;your enterprise, displaying the highest severity being;brgt;From the Spotlight Enterprise view, you can drilldown to thelt;brgt;Spotlight home page to diagnose the SQL Server;brgt;lt;brgt;The Spotlight homepage displays a visual representation of thelt;brgt;status of the databases in your enterprise, enabling you to drilllt;brgt;down to graphical flows that illustrate the rate at which data islt;brgt;moving between server components. Icons display the value of keylt;brgt;statistics and measurements (metrics).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;The power of Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise lies in itslt;brgt;ability to provide visual warnings if the performance metricslt;brgt;exceed acceptable;brgt;lt;brgt;The components and dataflows change color to show you the sourcelt;brgt;of the;brgt;lt;brgt;A range of visual graphs and tabular grids provide you withlt;brgt;detailed information about your SQL Server instance. Thislt;brgt;information can be viewed on the screen or;brgt;lt;brgt;You can set Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise to warn you when alt;brgt;threshold is reached. You may set a number of thresholds so thatlt;brgt;warning messages are displayed well before the traffic levels intolt;brgt;or out of a database become critical. Spotlight uses a number oflt;brgt;different techniques to warn you when your database is exceeding alt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise seamlessly combines data fromlt;brgt;several disparate sources into a single user interface. Itlt;brgt;collects and combines data from Windows Performance Counters, SQLlt;brgt;Server system tables, SQL Server commands and the Windowslt;brgt;Registry, and presents them in logically related;brgt;lt;brgt;When Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise detects a condition thatlt;brgt;it considers is a potential problem, it not only informs you aboutlt;brgt;it, but advises you what you could look at to diagnose the problemlt;brgt;further and suggests corrective;brgt;lt;brgt;
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