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SolidWorks 2010 x64 Multilanguage (1 dvd)

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SolidWorks 2010 is the latest generation of the worlds best 3D CAD;brgt;The new SolidWorks offers many improvememts and cool ideas like:lt;brgt;lt;brgt; Multibody for sheet metal partslt;brgt; Event based motion simulationlt;brgt; Improved configuration support in SW Enterprise PDMlt;brgt; Rapid Dimension for Drawing Detailinglt;brgt;... and many more!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;solidworkslaunchlt;brgt;
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Sound Ideas Blow Tools Disks 19-30 (12 cds)

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Blow Tools is a 12 CD sound effects library containing over 700 royaltylt;brgt;free minutes of rushing, wailing, blustering, buffeting, groaning, rustling,lt;brgt;droning, growling, shrieking and moaning, whistling, rumbling, whispering,lt;brgt;sweeping and swooshing, breezing, blowing, howling, gusting and whooshing!lt;brgt;This incredible variety of sound allows you to create effects for any typelt;brgt;of wind or air movement, including tunnels, air locks, ducts, objects fallinglt;brgt;or moving through air, and horror or sci fi background;brgt;Each digitally recorded sound clip is clean and ready to;brgt;All wind elements can be used alone or layered to create a custom mood orlt;brgt;environmental;brgt;lt;brgt;Of the 263 Blow Tools winds, 239 are quot;perfect loopsquot;. The wind sound effectslt;brgt;that are not pre looped grow out of silence with ramps of varying length,lt;brgt;then crescendo to full intensity and decrease to silence again. The windlt;brgt;effects also have a wide variety of character with varying texture, resonance,lt;brgt;pitch, range, and;brgt;lt;brgt;Blow Tools also includes more than 80 shorter blowing effects of amplitudelt;brgt;variation including flurries, gusts and quick bursts plus 175 individuallt;brgt;swooshes of 34 different;brgt;lt;brgt;The Preview CD and documentation make it quick and easy to scan through thelt;brgt;hundreds of wind textures on Blow Tools. This special disc contains 5 secondlt;brgt;samples of each looped sound effect, plus an entertaining audio demonstrationlt;brgt;program. Use the Preview CD to quickly determine the exact character or windlt;brgt;type youre looking for, then follow the documentation directly to the librarylt;brgt;CD containing the full length;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Blow Tools Disks 19-30 (12 cds) 30$

Sound Ideas Series 1000 (28 cds)

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This is where it all began at Sound Ideas our original Serieslt;brgt;1000 royalty free sound effects audio tape library was the firstlt;brgt;sound effect library of its kind to be made available on compactlt;brgt;disc. Its 28 CDs contain over 3,000 professional quality analoglt;brgt;sound effects in a wide variety of categories. This collectionlt;brgt;from the 1960s and 70s is also a valuable source of vintagelt;brgt;archival sound;brgt;lt;brgt;CD Titles of this Sound Effects Collection:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;1001 Airplaneslt;brgt;1002 Animalslt;brgt;1003 Airports, Archery, Applause, Automobileslt;brgt;1004 Automobileslt;brgt;1005 Baseball, Bells, Bicycles, Camers, Clockslt;brgt;1006 Birds, Boxing, Buzzerslt;brgt;1007 Children, Computerslt;brgt;1008 Constructionlt;brgt;1009 Construction, Crashes, Crowds, Doors, Drawbridgeslt;brgt;1010 Crowdslt;brgt;1011 Electronics, Earthquakes, Elevators, Exerciselt;brgt;1012 Explosions, Fairs, Farms, Football, Fire, Gunslt;brgt;1013 Footsteps, Foreign Sounds, Gambling, Golflt;brgt;1014 Helicopters, Horns, Hockey, Glass Soundslt;brgt;1015 Household Soundslt;brgt;1016 Human Sounds, Jungles, Laboratory, Laughter, Logginglt;brgt;1017 Indians, Industrylt;brgt;1018 Naval Boats, Ships, Motorcycleslt;brgt;1019 Military Battles, Guns, Harpslt;brgt;1020 Musical amp; Percussion Instrumentslt;brgt;1021 Musical amp; Percussion Instrumentslt;brgt;1022 Office, Country Sounds, Paradeslt;brgt;1023 Pinball, Post Offices, Projectors, Pumps, Rodeos,lt;brgt;Restaurants, Roller Coasterslt;brgt;1024 Service Stations, Sirens, Snowmobiles, Space Soundslt;brgt;1025 Stores, Swimming, Subways, Telephoneslt;brgt;1026 Rain, Thunder, Tennis, Taxis, Trains, Umbrellas, Vacuumlt;brgt;Cleaners, Vendorslt;brgt;1027 Traffic, Trucks, Buseslt;brgt;1028 Water, Whistles, Wind, Zipperslt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Sound Ideas Series 12000 Anchors Away SFX Library (15 cds)

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Set sail with Anchors Away a truly comprehensive royalty freelt;brgt;sound effects collection of 40 different small boats, personallt;brgt;watercraft, racing, fishing and excursion vessels!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;The Series 12,000 Anchors Away Sound Effects Library includes:lt;brgt;Canoeslt;brgt;Kayakslt;brgt;Row Boatslt;brgt;Pedal Boatslt;brgt;Jet Skislt;brgt;Jet Boatslt;brgt;Hydroplaneslt;brgt;Everglade Air Boatslt;brgt;Fishing Boatslt;brgt;Trawlerslt;brgt;Pontoon Boatslt;brgt;Ski Boatslt;brgt;Scullerslt;brgt;Powerboatslt;brgt;Hovercraftlt;brgt;Zodiac Rescue Boatslt;brgt;Ferrieslt;brgt;Touristlt;brgt;Paddlewheel River Boatslt;brgt;Steam Boatslt;brgt;Cabin Cruiserslt;brgt;Vintage Boatslt;brgt;Schoonerslt;brgt;Speed Boatslt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;A full range of exterior and on board recordings have beenlt;brgt;produced for maximum reality and versatility, and the soundlt;brgt;effects recorded include:lt;brgt;Startslt;brgt;Idleslt;brgt;Engine Revs and Shut Offslt;brgt;Approacheslt;brgt;Reverses and Turns From Different Perspectiveslt;brgt;Pull Aways and Pass Bys At Different Speedslt;brgt;Launchinglt;brgt;Beachinglt;brgt;Paddlinglt;brgt;Rowing and Docking Manoeuvreslt;brgt;Engineslt;brgt;Motorslt;brgt;Generators and Throttleslt;brgt;Decklt;brgt;Cabinlt;brgt;Engine Roomlt;brgt;Race Ambienceslt;brgt;Hornslt;brgt;Signal Bellslt;brgt;Steam Whistles and Foghornslt;brgt;Sailslt;brgt;Rigging and Wincheslt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;As an added bonus, the series also contains a variety oflt;brgt;other practical and related sound effects:lt;brgt;Anchorslt;brgt;Buoyslt;brgt;Dock Hitslt;brgt;Paddleslt;brgt;Pumpslt;brgt;Water Bailing amp; Splashing Soundslt;brgt;Lake and Ocean Waveslt;brgt;Wake Splasheslt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Anchors Away 15 CDs and more than 1,200 royalty freelt;brgt;sound effects enough to get more than just your feet wetlt;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Series 12000 Anchors Away SFX Library (15 cds) 40$

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension I (20 cds)

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Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension the perfect partner to the incrediblylt;brgt;successful Series 6000 Sound Effects Library known worldwide as The General!lt;brgt;The Series 6000 Extension is a stunning collection of 20 CDs, showcasing overlt;brgt;3,200 professional quality sound effects, digitally recorded in stereo, readylt;brgt;to kick your productions into high gear!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;This remarkable sound effects library is the result of substantial research,lt;brgt;field recording and long studio hours and is a compilation of todays mostlt;brgt;in demand sound effects. We also enlisted the special efforts of some of thelt;brgt;industrys most respected sound recordists and sound;brgt;lt;brgt;The Series 6000 Extension is both a perfect companion to The General, andlt;brgt;a superb collection of professional sound effects in its own right! You willlt;brgt;discover a host of great royalty free sound effects that anyone in productionlt;brgt;would truly love to have, and much more!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;6041 Airplanes: Biplane, Crash, Float, Single Prop, Twin Prop, Four Engine,lt;brgt;Squadron, Jetlt;brgt;6042 Airplanes: Jet, Hydraulics, Skid, Airport Ambiences, Autos: 1923 Dodgelt;brgt;Paddy Wagon, 1927 Ford Model A, 1928 Lincoln Phantom, Volkswagenlt;brgt;6043 Autos: 1970 Chevy SS, Pickup Truck, Humvee, Auto Crashes, Auto Sounds,lt;brgt;Auto Races, Auto Skidslt;brgt;6044 Adding Machine, Air, Alarms, Animals, Antacids, Aquarium Sounds, Archery,lt;brgt;Axes, Bank Machines, Bars, Barbeques, Basketball, Beads, Bells, Bicycles, Bingo,lt;brgt;Birds, Blacksmiths, Blindslt;brgt;6045 Boats, Bodyfalls, Bone Drops, Book Drops, Box Drops, Briefcases, Bubbles,lt;brgt;Buckets, Bug Sprayers, Bullfights, Buzzes, Cabinets, Cameras, Canteens,lt;brgt;Carpet Sweepers, Carts, Cartoon Sounds, Cash Registers, Casino Sounds,lt;brgt;Caves, Chains, Chainsawa, Chairs, Chalkboards, Champagne Bottles,lt;brgt;Chandeliers, Cheques, Chests, Chimes, Church Soundslt;brgt;6046 City Sounds, Clocks, Clothes, Cocktails, Coffee, Compressors, Coins,lt;brgt;Construction, Coolers, Cookie Jars, Country Sounds, Crashes, Creaks, Credit Cardslt;brgt;6047 Crowdslt;brgt;6048 Crowds, Digging Sounds, Dirt Falls, Doors, Drawbridges, Drops, Earthquakes,lt;brgt;Electricity, Elevators, Escalators, Exercise Equipment, Explosionslt;brgt;6049 Fans, Farm Harvesters, Fences, Fire, Fireworks, Flies, Footsteps, Forestlt;brgt;Soundslt;brgt;6050 Gunslt;brgt;6051 Forklifts, Freezers, Fuses, Garbage Cans, Garbage Trucks, Garden Trimmers,lt;brgt;Gas Cans, Gas Stations, Generators, Glass Sounds, Golf, Gongs, Gramophones,lt;brgt;Grinders, Gum Ball Machines, Harbour Sounds, Helicopters, Hits, Hockey,lt;brgt;Horns, Garden Hoseslt;brgt;6052 Hospital Sounds, Hot Tubs, Hub Turners, Human Sounds, Hydralic Lifts, Ice,lt;brgt;Impact Wrenches, Industrial Soundslt;brgt;6053 Industrial Soundslt;brgt;6054 Industrial Sounds, Ironing, Jet Packs, Jewellery Boxes, Jungle Sounds,lt;brgt;Knives, Ladders, Lathes, Lawn Mowers, Light Bulbs, Loading Docks, Machines,lt;brgt;Mailboxes, Make Up Bags, Marbles, Matches, Medical Bags, Medicine Cabinets, Messagelt;brgt;Tubes, Metal Detectors, Metal Sounds, Microfilm Machines, Missiles, Motorslt;brgt;6055 Motorcycles, Music Boxes, Newspaper Boxes, Office Ambiences, Oil Cans, Paintlt;brgt;Shakers, Paper Shredders, Parachutes, Picnic Baskets, Polishers, Popcorn, Potterylt;brgt;Breaks, Pouring Sounds, Projectors, Pulleys, Pumps, Punch Clocks, Purses, Radiators,lt;brgt;Radios, Raffle Sounds, Rain, Rain Stickslt;brgt;6056 Restaurant Sounds, Robotics, Rock Climbing, Rock Sounds, Roller Coasters, Sci Filt;brgt;Sounds, Scrapes, Sewing Boxes, Shakes, Sharks, Shaving, Ships, Shipyards, Shovels,lt;brgt;Showers, Sirens, Ice Skating Soundslt;brgt;6057 Ice Skating Sounds, Ski Lifts, Slides, Snow Plows, Snowboards, Soldiers, Spins,lt;brgt;Sprinklers, Squeaks, Steam, Stereos, Stopwatches, Stoves, Street Sweepers,lt;brgt;Suction, Suits of Armour, Suitcases, Swamp Sounds, Sweeping Sounds, Swimming, Swisheslt;brgt;6058 Switches, Tanks, Tarps, Telemetry, Telephones, Teletypes, Televisions, Telexlt;brgt;Machines, Thermos Bottles, Thunder, Ticket Dispensers, Toasters, Toilets, Toollt;brgt;Belts, Toys, Trainslt;brgt;6059 Trainslt;brgt;6060 Tree Mulchers, Twirls, Umbrellas, Vacuum Cleaners, Velcro, Vending Machines,lt;brgt;Wagons, Walkers, Walkie Talkies, Washing Machines, Water Sounds, Weather Charts,lt;brgt;Whistles, Winches, Winds, Windmills, Wire Fasteners, Wood Sounds, Wool Winders,lt;brgt;Wrecking Balls, Wrestling, Zipperlt;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension I (20 cds) 30$

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension II (10 cds)

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Once again ... Sound Ideas gives you more of the very best in general soundlt;brgt;effects the Series 6000 Extension II: 10 new CDs of professional, pristine,lt;brgt;in demand audio!lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Heres A Comprehensive List Of The Sound Topics Covered:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Air Blastslt;brgt;Aircraft Carrierslt;brgt;Alarmslt;brgt;Airplaneslt;brgt;Answering Machineslt;brgt;Auto Bridgeslt;brgt;Auto Hornslt;brgt;Auto Jackslt;brgt;Auto Raceslt;brgt;Auto Skidslt;brgt;Axeslt;brgt;Bellslt;brgt;Boatslt;brgt;Cell Phoneslt;brgt;Communications Equipmentlt;brgt;Computerslt;brgt;Crasheslt;brgt;Crowdslt;brgt;Electronicslt;brgt;Explosionslt;brgt;Fireballslt;brgt;Fireworkslt;brgt;Flame Throwerslt;brgt;Glass Smasheslt;brgt;Golf Cartslt;brgt;Guns amp; Ricochetslt;brgt;Gun Silencerslt;brgt;Hard Driveslt;brgt;Horse Soundslt;brgt;Ice Pickslt;brgt;Industrial SoundsLaser Printerslt;brgt;Lawn Tractorslt;brgt;Metallic Soundslt;brgt;Modemslt;brgt;Motors amp; Generatorslt;brgt;Motorcycleslt;brgt;Pagerslt;brgt;Police Scooterslt;brgt;Printerslt;brgt;Radarlt;brgt;Rocketslt;brgt;Scrapeslt;brgt;Shovel Soundslt;brgt;Sirenslt;brgt;Snowballslt;brgt;Snowmobileslt;brgt;Squishes amp; Swisheslt;brgt;Strobeslt;brgt;Subway Soundslt;brgt;Tape Driveslt;brgt;Telemetrylt;brgt;Telephones Residential amp; Businesslt;brgt;Trainslt;brgt;Truckslt;brgt;Wagonslt;brgt;Water Soundslt;brgt;Weather Soundslt;brgt;Whoosheslt;brgt;Wind Soundslt;brgt;Wolves amp; Werewolveslt;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension II (10 cds) 30$

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension III (10 cds)

discount Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension III (10 cds), oem Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension III (10 cds), low price Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension III (10 cds)
Theres a new general at Sound Ideas Headquarters the Series 6000lt;brgt;Extension III Sound Effects Library. Another commanding installmentlt;brgt;in the 6000 series, these10 CDs of more than 1800 outstanding soundlt;brgt;effects are ready for;brgt;lt;brgt;The Series 6000 Extension III offers an extensive variety oflt;brgt;contemporary sounds full CDs of all terrain vehicles, automobileslt;brgt;and guns, plus spectacular selections of weapons, battles, horror,lt;brgt;crashes, smashes, crowds, doors, explosions, hits, vehicles, swishes,lt;brgt;whooshes ... and a whole lot;brgt;lt;brgt;Call up Extension III for regular duty in your regiment its preparedlt;brgt;to go the distance. Series 6000 from Sound Ideas the right;brgt;lt;brgt;Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;6071 All Terrain Vehicleslt;brgt;6072 Auto Plant Ambiences, Auto Horn Dopplers, Auto Races, Passenger Van Soundslt;brgt;6073 Air, Airplanes, Airport Carts, Animals, Anvils, Applause, Archery, Axes,lt;brgt;Bamboo Staffs, Barbeques, Basketball, Battleslt;brgt;6074 Bayonets, Bells, Blinds, Bodyfalls, Boomerangs, Bottles, Boxes, Boxing,lt;brgt;Brakes, Bone Breaks, Cameras, Cans, Chains, City Sounds, Command Centerlt;brgt;Sounds, Compressors, Computer Sounds, Construction, Cowboys, Crashes,lt;brgt;Creaks, Crowdslt;brgt;6075 Crowds, Dentist Sounds, Doors, Drops, Electricity, Electronics, Elevators,lt;brgt;Exercise Bikes, Explosionslt;brgt;6076 Fans, Faxes, Fire, Fireworks, Flame Throwers, Flares, Food Sounds, Footsteps,lt;brgt;Forest Sounds, France Ambiences, Furnaces, Garbage Trucks, Generators, Glasslt;brgt;Sounds, Guillotines, Gunslt;brgt;6077 Gun Foley, Gun Holsters, Hits, Horror Sounds, Horse Sounds, Hospital Sounds,lt;brgt;Human Hits, Ice Makers, Impact Wrenches, India Ambienceslt;brgt;6078 Industrial Soundslt;brgt;6079 Italy Ambiences, Knife Sounds, Laboratories, Leather Sounds, Marsh Sounds,lt;brgt;Mechanical Latches, Megaphones, Metal Sounds, Missiles, Mortars, Motors,lt;brgt;Motorcycles, Music, Paper Sounds, Photocopiers, Pinball Machines, Postagelt;brgt;Meters, Power Washers, Prison Guards, Projectors, Paper Punches, Radios,lt;brgt;Rain, Refrigators, Rockets, Roller Blades, Rumbles, Scales, SCi Fi Sounds,lt;brgt;Scrapeslt;brgt;6080 Servos, Sewing Machines, Ski Sounds, Slides, Slingshots, Spitballs, Squeaks,lt;brgt;Submarines, Swishes, Switches, Swords, Tanks, Tape Recorders, Tarps, Tear Gas,lt;brgt;Telemetry, Thailand Ambiences, Throwing Stars, Thunder, Torches, Toys, Gardenlt;brgt;Trimmers, Trucks, Vacuums, Vending Machines, Walkies Talkies, Water Sounds,lt;brgt;Wheels, Whooshes, Winches, Winds, Wood Soundslt;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension III (10 cds) 30$

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension IV (10 cds)

buy Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension IV (10 cds), download Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension IV (10 cds), low price Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension IV (10 cds)
Another great addition to quot;The Generalquot;, Extension IV offers 10 more CDs and overlt;brgt;1,000 sound effects everything from the practical to the unusual. Check out thislt;brgt;terrific buyout sound effects general collection It includes a full Hum Veelt;brgt;package, a small fleet of airplanes, heavy construction and road equipment, soundslt;brgt;from a variety of industrial environments, solid rock and wood FX, water, rain andlt;brgt;liquids, and a host of other spectacular sound;brgt;lt;brgt;Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;6081 Air, Airplanes, Alarms, Creatures, Arcade Video Games, Auto Raceslt;brgt;6082 Auto Races, Auto Tire Spins, Axe Chops, Battle Ambiences, City Ambiences,lt;brgt;Cartoon Voices, Construction Ambiences, Construction Bulldozers, Crashes, Creaks,lt;brgt;Crowdslt;brgt;6083 Crowds, Doors, Earthquakes, Electricity, Elevators, Engine Rooms, Explosions,lt;brgt;Fires, Fireworks, Forest Ambienceslt;brgt;6084 Furnaces, Glass Sounds, Bullet Impacts amp; Ricochets, Hits, Hockey Ambiences,lt;brgt;Horror amp; Foley, Heart Monitors, Human Grunts, Ice Sounds, Industrial Ambienceslt;brgt;6085 Industrial Machines, Marsh Ambiences, Metal Detectors, Marching Bands, Radiolt;brgt;Tuning, Rain, Residential amp; Rest Stop Ambiences, Rock Falls, Room Toneslt;brgt;6086 Sci Fi Alarms, Ambiences, Drones amd other Sounds, Stone Scrapes, Shovels,lt;brgt;Slides, Snowblowers, Snow Plowslt;brgt;6087 Snow Plows, Telemetry, Telephones, Timers, Traffic Ambiences, Steam Trainslt;brgt;6088 Steam Trains, Tree Falls, truck Signals, Walkie Talkies, Water Sounds, Windlt;brgt;Ambiences, Wood Soundslt;brgt;6089 Helicopter Sounds: Astar AS350D, Chinook, Hughes 300, Labrador Search amp;lt;brgt;Rescue, Sikorskylt;brgt;6090 Hummer H1 SUV: Full Packagelt;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension IV (10 cds) 30$

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension V (10 cds)

cheap Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension V (10 cds), low cost Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension V (10 cds), order Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension V (10 cds)
The Series 6000 Extension V sound effects collection 10 more CDs and over 1,200lt;brgt;sound effects. This great general SFX library features new selections of cars,lt;brgt;trucks, motorcycles, stock cars and drag racing, freestyle motocross, B 24 amp; B 17lt;brgt;bomber airplanes, a selection of military jets, NASCAR racing, funny cars, videolt;brgt;game music, ice amp; snow FX, lots of great crashes amp; hits, workshop tools, rain amp;lt;brgt;thunder and paint ball sound;brgt;lt;brgt;Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;6091 Air, Airplanes, Arcade Music, Auto Sounds, Dragster Raceslt;brgt;6092 Auto Stock Car Races, Auto Street Car Raceslt;brgt;6093 Avalanches, Axe Sounds, Balloons, Battle, Bellows, Boats, Bodyfalls, Bubbles,lt;brgt;Buses, Car Washes, Briefcases amp; Luggage, Casino Ambiences, Ceiling Vibrations,lt;brgt;Chainsaws, City Ambienceslt;brgt;6094 Clocks, Coffee Machine, Construction Ambience, Country Ambiences, Metallt;brgt;Crashes, Meteor Crash, Rock Crashes, Wood Crashes, Crowd Sounds, Dirt, Dishwashers,lt;brgt;Dogs, Doors, Drawers, Hand Drillslt;brgt;6095 Hair Dryers, Electricity, Steam Engines, Explosions, Fans, Fax Machines, Fire,lt;brgt;Fireworks, Food, Forest Ambiences, Freezers, Furnace, Paint Ball Gun SFX, Hammerlt;brgt;Sounds, Submarine Hatch, Heater, Helicopter, Glass Hits, Plastic Hits, Plexiglasslt;brgt;Hits, Rock Hits, Rubber Hits, Snow Hits, Human Sounds, Ice Sounds, Industry Soundslt;brgt;6096 Industry Sounds, Insect Sounds, Jungle Ambiences, Lawn Mower, Leaves, Marshlt;brgt;Ambiences, Metal Drops, Drums, Rattles, Rumbles amp; Slides, Microphones, Missles,lt;brgt;Motocross Motorcycleslt;brgt;6097 Motocross Motorcycles, Parades, Photocopier, Piano Sounds, Plastic Crunches,lt;brgt;Short Wave Radio, Rain, Refrigerators, Residential Ambiences, Rock Cracks, Falls,lt;brgt;Movements amp; Scrapeslt;brgt;6098 Room Tones, Electric Sanders, Circular, Hand, Miter amp; Reciprocating Saws,lt;brgt;Jigsaws, Sci Fi Sounds, Servos, Snowballs, Snow Crunches amp; Rolls, Staple Guns,lt;brgt;Stove, Subwaylt;brgt;6099 Swishes, Switches, Tape Measures, Telephone Pagers, Thunder, Toy Sounds,lt;brgt;Traffic, Train Station, Animal Traps, Tree Falls, Vacuum, Vending Machines, Videolt;brgt;Static, Volcanoes, Washing Machine, Water Soundslt;brgt;6100 Water Sounds, Welding, Whooshes, Winch, Wind Sounds, Windows, Wood Breaks,lt;brgt;Creaks, Crunches, Drops, Movement amp; Scrapeslt;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension V (10 cds) 30$

Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension VI (10 cds)

low cost Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension VI (10 cds), oem Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension VI (10 cds), cheap Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension VI (10 cds)
The Series 6000 Extension VI Sound Effects Library more than 2,500 royaltylt;brgt;free sound effects, presented on 10 audio CDs, and also available in your choicelt;brgt;of 3 broadcast wav file DVD ROM formats. This superb general collection offerslt;brgt;a host of professionally recorded sound effects, ready to keep your stable oflt;brgt;both everyday and unusual sound effects fresh and;brgt;lt;brgt;Update your Series 6000 sound effects collection with Extension VI anotherlt;brgt;installment in our signature;brgt;lt;brgt;Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;6101 Accordions, Acid, Air Conditioners, Jet and Vintage Airplaneslt;brgt;6102 Airports, Alarms, Animals (Badgers amp; Dogs), Antacids, Auto Sounds, Auto Raceslt;brgt;amp; Skids, Bag Sounds, Ball Catches, Bells, Blinds, Boats, Bone Breaks amp; Movements,lt;brgt;Book Movements, Bottle Sounds, Box Sounds, Boxing, Briefcases, School Buseslt;brgt;6103 Cameras, Cans, Cardboard, Cash Registers, Casino Ambiences, Chain Sounds,lt;brgt;Chairs, City Ambiences, Clocks, Coffee Grinders, Coins, Comedy Sounds, Computers,lt;brgt;Containers, Cookie Jars, Country Ambiences, Crashes amp; Creakslt;brgt;6104 Crowd Soundslt;brgt;6105 Crunches, Cuba Ambiences, Dirt Sounds, Dishes, Doors, Drapes, Drums, Clotheslt;brgt;Dryers, Electronic Sounds, Steam Engines, Explosions, Fans, File Cabinets, Fires,lt;brgt;Fishing Rods, Food, Footsteps, Freezers, Furnaces, Garbage Cans, Glass Sounds,lt;brgt;Pepper Grinders, Hair Dryers, Helicopters, Human Soundslt;brgt;6106 Human Sounds, Ice, Industry Sounds, Jars, Keys, Knives, Lawn Mowers, Leaves,lt;brgt;Hydraulic Lifts, Marsh Ambiences, Matches, Metal Sounds, Microwave Ovens, Mixers,lt;brgt;Motorcycleslt;brgt;6107 Musical Instruments, Newspapers, Noisemakers, Ovens, Paper Sounds, Parklt;brgt;Ambiences, Picnic Baskets, Plastic Sounds, Pouring Sounds, Projectors, Radio Tuning,lt;brgt;Rain, Rakes, Ratchets, Refrigerators, Residential and Restaurant Ambiences, Rips,lt;brgt;Rocks, Roller Coasterslt;brgt;6108 Room Tones, Rope Creaks, Rubber Sounds, Sci Fi, Scissors, Servos, Salt Shakers,lt;brgt;Electric Shavers, Shovels, Snow, Splats, Squirts, Staplers, Steam Pipes, Stereo CDlt;brgt;Players, Streetcars, Guitar Strings, Subways, Suction Cups, Suitcases, Swishes,lt;brgt;Switcheslt;brgt;6109 Tape, Telemetry, Telephones, Televisions, Thunder, Tissues, Toilets, Toys,lt;brgt;Tractors, Traffic, Trains, Trash Compactors, Hedge Trimmers, Typewriters, Umbrellas,lt;brgt;Vacuum Cleaners, Velcro, Vending Machines, Video Cassette Cases, Vinyl Sounds,lt;brgt;Volcanoeslt;brgt;6110 Walkie Talkies, Washing Machines, Water Sounds, Whistles, Whoopee Cushions,lt;brgt;Whooshes, Winches, Wind Sounds, Wood Sounds, Wrap Sounds, Writing Soundslt;brgt;
BUY Sound Ideas Series 6000 Extension VI (10 cds) 30$

Sound Ideas Series 6000 General (40 cds)

low cost Sound Ideas Series 6000 General (40 cds), order Sound Ideas Series 6000 General (40 cds), buy Sound Ideas Series 6000 General (40 cds)
Recognized all over the world as the most comprehensive sound effect library oflt;brgt;its kind, Series 6000 represents the very best in general sound effect;brgt;This 40 CD collection of more than 7,500 royalty free sound effects (more than 50lt;brgt;hours of recorded sound), reigns supreme as the industry leader in professionallt;brgt;audio you simply cannot get a broader selection or more detailed coverage oflt;brgt;the must have categories required for daily production. Simply put, The Generallt;brgt;is the standard against which all other sound effect products are;brgt;lt;brgt;The General is our signature library. It offers a broad spectrum of sound effects lt;brgt;including Animals amp; Birds, Construction, Crowds, Fire, Household, Industry, Military,lt;brgt;Office, Sports, Transportation, Weather, and much, much more. The collection alsolt;brgt;includes long ambience tracks from around the world, Foley sounds, and some trulylt;brgt;spectacular audio from four award winning sound;brgt;lt;brgt;Winner of the prestigious Game Developer Hall of Fame Award, The General Serieslt;brgt;6000 is the sound effect library that you will return to .... again and;brgt;When you need the ultimate in general sound effect libraries, you need The;brgt;lt;brgt;Contents of this Sound Effects Collection:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;6001Aviation 1 6021 Household 2lt;brgt;6002Aviation 2 6022 Industrylt;brgt;6003Animals amp; Birds 6023 Industry amp; Junglelt;brgt;6004Auto Races amp; Crashes 6024 Marinelt;brgt;6005Auto, Ford Escort 6025 Militarylt;brgt;6006Auto, Olds Cutlass 6026 Motorcycleslt;brgt;6007Auto, Lincoln 6027 Music amp; Percussionlt;brgt;6008Auto, Honda Accord 6028 Officelt;brgt;6009Auto, Grand Am 6029 Outdoor Soundslt;brgt;6010Misc: A C 6030 Restaurants amp; Storeslt;brgt;6011Construction 1 6031 Sportslt;brgt;6012Construction 2 6032 Misc: H Slt;brgt;6013Crowds 1 6033 Transportationlt;brgt;6014Crowds 2 6034 Trafficlt;brgt;6015Fire 6035 Waterlt;brgt;6016Foley: Footsteps 1 6036 Weather: Randy Thomlt;brgt;6017Foley: Footsteps 2 6037 Misc: S Zlt;brgt;6018Misc: D H 6038 Misc: Frank Serafinelt;brgt;6019Helicopters 6039 Misc: Mike McDonoughlt;brgt;6020Household 1 6040 Misc: Alan Howarthlt;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Stash 3D Animation Collection (1 dvd)

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If you crave hardcore 3D inspiration in all its forms, the new Stash 3Dlt;brgt;ANIMATION COLLECTION is a must have;brgt;lt;brgt;Forty of the world.s most influential and innovative 3D heavy masterworkslt;brgt;strapped together into a riveting 98 minute program complete with Behindlt;brgt;the Scenes extras and a 44 page book of stills, tech notes, credits andlt;brgt;links for every;brgt;lt;brgt;Ambitious and award winning commercials, short films, music videos,lt;brgt;virals, broadcast design and game cinematics are all here, including thelt;brgt;Oscar nominated short .Gopher Broke. from Blur, Psyop.s landmark Cokelt;brgt;.Happiness Factory. spot, Neil Blomkamp.s sci fi masterpiece .Alive inlt;brgt;Joburg., massive game trailers for Starcraft II, Hellgate: London andlt;brgt;Warhammer, electrifying music videos by David Fincher for Nine Inch Nailslt;brgt;and by Framestore for the Chemical Brothers PLUS epic work from some oflt;brgt;the planet.s most important directors, 3D artists and studios, includinglt;brgt;Smithamp;Foulkes, Daniel Kleinman, Frederik Bond, Joseph Kosinski, Satoshilt;brgt;Tomioka, Wilfred Brimo, Moto Sakakibara, 1st Ave Machine, BUF, The Mill,lt;brgt;Animal Logic, Tronic, Digital Domain, FilmTecknarna and Tokyo;brgt;lt;brgt;Compiled from the Stash archive of over 1,500 films, the new STASH 3Dlt;brgt;ANIMATION COLLECTION joins the extremely popular Stash MOTION GRAPHICSlt;brgt;and MUSIC VIDEOS collections released in March;brgt;lt;brgt;The Stash collections. Inspiration. Just the way you want;brgt;
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Stash Issue 1 (1 dvd)

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Stash 01 includes these outstanding projects:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;KCRW quot;STICKS amp; STONESquot; Cinema commercial :40lt;brgt;NIKE quot;EVOLUTIONquot; TVC: 30 (Director.s Cut)lt;brgt;PEPSI quot;SLEDquot; TVC :60lt;brgt;VISA quot;MONSTER CHASEquot; Cinema Commercial 2:00lt;brgt;quot;BORDERquot;, quot;DOMINOESquot;, quot;CRICKETquot; TVC 3 x :30lt;brgt;O2 quot;2004 CAMPAIGN: DIGITAL MUSIC PLAYERquot; TVC :50lt;brgt;HP ENTERPRISE quot;CHANGEquot; TVC :30 (Directors grade)lt;brgt;TROPICANA quot;PARROT DANCEquot; TVC :40lt;brgt;PINO quot;STREETquot;, quot;PARTYquot; TVC 2 x :15lt;brgt;NIKE: quot;THE OTHER GAMEquot; TVC :90lt;brgt;BARCLAYS GLOBAL INVESTORSISHARES quot;CLEAN SLATEquot;lt;brgt;THE OFFSPRING quot;HIT THATquot; Music Video 3:29lt;brgt;quot;RETINAquot; Short Film 1:30lt;brgt;THE POLYPHONIC SPREE quot;LIGHT AND DAYquot; Music Videolt;brgt;OXYGEN PROMO CAMPAIGN Broadcast Designlt;brgt;COMEDY CENTRAL ON AIR REDESIGN Broadcast Designlt;brgt;FUSE IDSSHOW PACKAGING Broadcast Designlt;brgt;quot;STILL, THE CHILDREN ARE HEREquot; Title Sequence :40lt;brgt;ANIME NETWORK quot;GIRL POWERquot;, quot;INVASION: BEACHquot;, quot;ACTION ZONEquot; Broadcast designlt;brgt;ANIME NETWORK quot;BOY MEETS ROBOTquot;,quot;MY FAVORITE SHOWquot;,quot;PERFECT SESSIONquot; Broadcast Designlt;brgt;TREASURE HD LAUNCH PACKAGE Broadcast Designlt;brgt;ULTRA HD IDS Broadcast Designlt;brgt;FOX SPORTS quot;NASCAR 2004quot; TVC :30lt;brgt;TIZER quot;BABOONquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;GUARDIAN quot;CALFquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;NEW FOUND GLORY quot;ITS ALL DOWNHILL FROM HEREquot; Music video 3:14lt;brgt;RITZ AWKWARD MOMENTS quot;TURTLESquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;quot;CHINA MARTINIquot; TVC :30 (spec)lt;brgt;quot;WE WILL ROCK YOUquot; Music video 2:39lt;brgt;EMILIE SIMON quot;FLOWERSquot; Music video 2:35lt;brgt;REEBOK quot;ABOVE THE RIMquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;DJ UPPERCUT .THE ATTACK OF NINJA (EAST MIX). Music Video 3:15lt;brgt;TEKKO 03FUTURE BEAUTIFUL Exhibition entries x 3lt;brgt;QUAKER quot;THREE BEARSquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;COLORADO STATE LOTTERY .LOTTOLAND. TVC :30lt;brgt;ORANGE .40., .PHOTO., .GAMES. TVCs :40:10:10lt;brgt;ROCKFISH. Short film 9:00lt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash01lt;brgt;lt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 10 (1 dvd)

oem Stash Issue 10 (1 dvd), oem Stash Issue 10 (1 dvd), order Stash Issue 10 (1 dvd)
Among the 29 brilliant projects on this disk you willlt;brgt;find three new viral ads including rude 2D animationlt;brgt;in quot;Modern Tossquot; from John Link and Mick Bunnage, 3Dlt;brgt;VFX in Atari quot;Act of Warquot; from Maverick Media andlt;brgt;narrative 3D animation in BMW quot;Road Monsterquot; fromlt;brgt;Studio AKA (also the subject of our back page profile).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;Also included are big budget effects work in quot;Stuntlt;brgt;Cityquot; from The Mill for Ivan Zacharias and Gatoradelt;brgt;quot;Better than Waterquot; from Method as well as an animatedlt;brgt;tale of rampant safe sex from Paris based;brgt;lt;brgt;Weve also gathered must see pieces from an inter lt;brgt;national array of influential and emerging studioslt;brgt;including Psyop, Passion Pictures, Filmtecknarna,lt;brgt;Animal Logic, INTERspectacular, Vinton Studios,lt;brgt;Ghostmilk, Framestore NY, Stardust, Buraco de Bala, andlt;brgt;PostPanic. We close the issue with one of the highlightslt;brgt;from the 2005 E3 expo: the epic Hellgate: London gamelt;brgt;cinematic from Blur;brgt;lt;brgt;Stash 10 also features our beefed up and easier to uselt;brgt;Behind the Scenes section on the DVD. The BTS for Stashlt;brgt;10 includes insightful segments from Method, Stardust,lt;brgt;Hornet, Quietman, INTERspectacular and Vinton;brgt;lt;brgt;See Stash 10 includes on:lt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash10.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 11 (1 dvd)

buy Stash Issue 11 (1 dvd), download Stash Issue 11 (1 dvd), low cost Stash Issue 11 (1 dvd)
We lead off the disk with a new two minute cinematiclt;brgt;mini epic for Motorola from star directing duo Smithlt;brgt;amp; Foulkes of Honda quot;Grrrquot; fame. Other advertisinglt;brgt;highlights include the hilarious Pepsi quot;Sumoquot; spotlt;brgt;from Framestore NY, the phenomenal Levis quot;World Gonelt;brgt;Prettyquot; stop motion viral from Simon Blake at Chelsealt;brgt;and Wendys quot;Smart Squarequot; from Aaron Stewart at;brgt;Of course Stash 11 is also packed with outstandinglt;brgt;motion design including new work from Transistor,lt;brgt;Wanda, Onesize, Bent and fresh names you need to knowlt;brgt;like XYZ, DAf, Syeca and;brgt;lt;brgt;Rounding out this issue is severely inspired longer lt;brgt;form work like the mind bending .Hitchcock. video forlt;brgt;Phoenix Foundation from directoranimator Reubenlt;brgt;Sutherland, the completely kooky Hello Kitty shortlt;brgt;from Subvert, and we close with .City Paradise., thelt;brgt;stunning, quirky, and multi award winning short filmlt;brgt;from director Gaelle Denis and Passion;brgt;lt;brgt;Delivering the planets most innovative commercials,lt;brgt;broadcast design, music videos, virals, game cinematics,lt;brgt;branded content, short films plus insightful behindlt;brgt;the scenes extras, STASH DVD magazine is the essentiallt;brgt;resource for ad agencies, broadcasters, animators,lt;brgt;designers, VFX artists, editors, marketinglt;brgt;professionals and;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash11.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 12 (1 dvd)

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Stash 12 delivers an international line up of 29lt;brgt;brilliant animation, VFX and motion design projectslt;brgt;PLUS the complete slate of winners from the 2005lt;brgt;Rushes Soho Shorts;brgt;lt;brgt;Another highlight on this disk, and a Stash exclusive,lt;brgt;is the Plaid quot;Caretstikquot; video from Alexander Gelmanlt;brgt;and Charlex complete with 3D glasses . You will alsolt;brgt;find a five year old Tiger Woods winning the Britishlt;brgt;open in a Nike spot from A52, the masterful Virginlt;brgt;Train spot from Londons Glassworks and other ground lt;brgt;breaking VFX work from Buf, Resn8, Radium and Animallt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Motion design in this issue ranges from big budgetlt;brgt;mainstream projects like the MLB All Star spot fromlt;brgt;Bl:nd and the Cosmo TV Spain campaign from Stein lt;brgt;branding to edgier fare from MTV Russia, Dform,lt;brgt;Renascent, Impactist, Lost in Space and;brgt;Also not to be missed this issue, a milk out your lt;brgt;nose funny spot from Norways Toxic for the Oslo Gaylt;brgt;Festival and two MTV Artbreaks from studio soi andlt;brgt;Supinfocom. The disk closes with the quot;Onlyquot; videolt;brgt;for Nine Inch Nails, David Finchers modernlt;brgt;masterwork he produced with Digital;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash12.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 13 (1 dvd)

low price Stash Issue 13 (1 dvd), order Stash Issue 13 (1 dvd), discount Stash Issue 13 (1 dvd)
The depth and diversity of the 29 animation, VFXlt;brgt;and motion design projects jammed onto Stash 13lt;brgt;make it an absolute must have issue. And, as iflt;brgt;that wasnt enough, you also get the completelt;brgt;slate of winners and finalists from the 2005lt;brgt;GLOBAL STUDENT ANIMATION AWARDS; sixteen stellarlt;brgt;films from the worlds most outstanding emergentlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Highlights of the lucky 13 th issue include thelt;brgt;hilarious quot;Big Adquot; from Animal Logic for Carltonlt;brgt;Draft (a spot you will find all over the awardslt;brgt;shows next year); Hondas follow up to quot;GRRRquot;lt;brgt;called quot;CrazySensiblequot; from Kurtz amp; Friends;lt;brgt;mesmerizing pieces for Infiniti and Cheryl Crowlt;brgt;from NYCs Psyop and a kitchen full of helpfullt;brgt;critters from the masters of furry fauna,lt;brgt;Framestore;brgt;lt;brgt;But, despite rumors to the contrary, real talentlt;brgt;cannot live by big ad budgets alone so you willlt;brgt;also find rare and dangerous fare like 1st Avelt;brgt;Machines quot;Sixes Lastquot; video for Alias, thelt;brgt;latest strange and lyrical work from Joostlt;brgt;Korngold at Renascent and a manically weird 3Dlt;brgt;short from Moto Sakakibara the co director oflt;brgt;Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within .lt;brgt;More remarkable names to watch for in thislt;brgt;issue: MK12, Motion Theory, The Orphanage,lt;brgt;Hydraulx, Qube Konstrukt, Motomishi,lt;brgt;EyeballNYC and the visionary directing team oflt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash13.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 14 (1 dvd)

cheap Stash Issue 14 (1 dvd), low cost Stash Issue 14 (1 dvd), low cost Stash Issue 14 (1 dvd)
Stash 14 opens with two brilliant VFX spots;lt;brgt;both Hummer quot;Monsterquot; from Method and Tooheyslt;brgt;quot;War of the Appliancesquot; from Animal Logic arelt;brgt;sure to be prominent during the 2006 awardslt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Laughs are also on the menu this issue withlt;brgt;two gamer bashing TVCs for G4 from Buck, thelt;brgt;Sci Fi UK quot;Geek Boyquot; serial movie opens fromlt;brgt;Onedotzero Industries, the nicely twisted Toyotalt;brgt;quot;Bunniesquot; from Filmtecknarna and an MTV ID fromlt;brgt;the ever peculiar Han;brgt;lt;brgt;Other broadcast design highlights include ourlt;brgt;anaglyphic 3D cover project from INTER lt;brgt;spectacular for Comedy Central (complete withlt;brgt;3D glasses) and the epic HBO quot;Romequot; openinglt;brgt;from;brgt;lt;brgt;As always, this issue of Stash introduces yoult;brgt;to important new studios and directors you maylt;brgt;not have heard of say hello to Herve Trouillet,lt;brgt;Enjoy Greener Grass, Eat My Dear and Not to;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash14.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 15 (1 dvd)

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This creative marathon bolts from the blocks withlt;brgt;the reverse epic quot;Noitulovequot; spot for Guinnesslt;brgt;from Framestore CFC and seques into the freneticlt;brgt;Sony PSP quot;A Day in the Lifequot; from The Mill (withlt;brgt;help from Chris Cunningham), before drowning inlt;brgt;three visually opulent spots for Honda Civic fromlt;brgt;Shynola, A52 and;brgt;lt;brgt;lt;brgt;As always, Stash reigns in international worklt;brgt;from anywhere the passion is high and the pixelslt;brgt;are warm. This issue includes graphicallylt;brgt;innovative work for Coca Cola from Brazils Lobolt;brgt;and South Africas Conduit, hand drawn racinglt;brgt;mayhem for Nike from Cerberoleso in Italy,lt;brgt;a cheeky cool music video from Bidet in Chile,lt;brgt;MTV IDs from Japan and Germany, and a brilliantlt;brgt;film from five young men at the Gobelins schoollt;brgt;in;brgt;lt;brgt;Other highlights not to be missed: A salty littlelt;brgt;spot from Londons Passion Pictures, the RESFESTlt;brgt;trailers from Stephan Nadelman at Curious Pictures,lt;brgt;gag inducing stop motion from Bent and freshlt;brgt;broadcast and title work from Imaginary Forces,lt;brgt;Logan, Exopolis, Troika and Fonz TV (featured onlt;brgt;the cover).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash15.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 16 (1 dvd)

discount Stash Issue 16 (1 dvd), low cost Stash Issue 16 (1 dvd), buy Stash Issue 16 (1 dvd)
Grab Stash 16 and start off the year;brgt;Our latest issue is another rock solid collectionlt;brgt;of the most important and innovative animation,lt;brgt;VFX and motion design work from twenty nine studioslt;brgt;on four;brgt;lt;brgt;Up front, in the big budget category, youll findlt;brgt;brilliant new spot work from Passion Pictures forlt;brgt;Vodafones quot;Mayflyquot;, explodingimploding vehicleslt;brgt;from Digital Domain for Lexus, the BBCs weird butlt;brgt;wonderful giant head made from heads from The Mill,lt;brgt;basketball mech warriors for EA Sports from Motionlt;brgt;Theory and animated masterpieces for Johnny Walkerlt;brgt;from;brgt;lt;brgt;And thats just the beginning. From a record numberlt;brgt;of submissions weve selected an incredibly diverselt;brgt;lineup of work including pioneering design for MTVlt;brgt;China by Life Long Friendship Society, beautifullt;brgt;short films for the Sundance Channel from Headgear,lt;brgt;kooky VW shorts from Brand New School, the M5 Cokelt;brgt;video from Designers Republic, hypnotic new Napsterlt;brgt;spots from Psyop and a hilarious CG video fromlt;brgt;Partizan Lab UK for Jamiroquai (on the cover).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;More highlights not to be missed: Spots from Bentlt;brgt;Image Lab and Sway that shred the envelope of 3Dlt;brgt;technology, 70s psychedelics from Floria Sigismondilt;brgt;for The Living Things, fresh and fun broadcastlt;brgt;design from Addiction and Alphaville, a genre lt;brgt;mashing video from Montreals Flourescent Hill,lt;brgt;and finally, from director Neill Blomkamp, hislt;brgt;newest and most ambitious personal work yet. Itslt;brgt;called quot;Alive in Jobergquot; and its like nothinglt;brgt;youve seen;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash16.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 17 (1 dvd)

download Stash Issue 17 (1 dvd), oem Stash Issue 17 (1 dvd), low price Stash Issue 17 (1 dvd)
Strap yourself in. Stash 17 is a whiplash lt;brgt;inducing ride through an incredibly diverselt;brgt;collection of projects. Twenty nine morelt;brgt;international examples of passionate peoplelt;brgt;breaking rules and trampling visual barrierslt;brgt;in the animation, VFX and motion design;brgt;And as a special BONUS, Stash 17 also includeslt;brgt;10 killer (and license free) music tracks fromlt;brgt;LAs re mix master DJ Morgan;brgt;We start Stash 17 off slow and dreamy with thelt;brgt;balletic CG piece for Honda from Lost in Spacelt;brgt;and Zeitguised then divert all power to thelt;brgt;main thrusters for The Mill NYs frenetic newlt;brgt;quot;Kung Fu Clownsquot; spot for Bell South. A castlt;brgt;of comic CG characters polar bears for Cokelt;brgt;from Passion Pictures, a wily turkey forlt;brgt;Thorntons from the Mill in London and thelt;brgt;new 3D Geico Gecko from Framestore NY keeplt;brgt;the momentum going before we slow down againlt;brgt;for epic VFX pieces from Mass Market forlt;brgt;Siemens and from Digital Domain for thelt;brgt;Motorola Pebl;brgt;lt;brgt;Then the curves come fast and furious in alt;brgt;completely unpredictable stretch of broadcastlt;brgt;work from big and mainstream like the Olympicslt;brgt;spot from NBC and Ring of Fire and the anime lt;brgt;inspired Spike TV promos from Curious Pictures,lt;brgt;to quirky, surreal, twisted and just damn strangelt;brgt;pieces from DomaFriends With You, PostPanic,lt;brgt;HunterGatherer, Oddworld Inhabitants and Barcelona lt;brgt;based;brgt;lt;brgt;Testing the brakes momentarily, we cruise throughlt;brgt;Logan s languid work for Benjamin Moore and thelt;brgt;minimal new U ziq video from Germany. We gear uplt;brgt;again for the home stretch a steep obstaclelt;brgt;course of fabulous new work: Trunk lose their headlt;brgt;for MTV Load; Trollback + Company swing it forlt;brgt;Nike golf; Sway and Joe Kosinski race through CGlt;brgt;utopia for Mezzo; Bill Plympton flies United; andlt;brgt;Caviar and Grid roll on for the African AIDSlt;brgt;problem. We blast across the finish line with Blurlt;brgt;Studios and two huge new Aeon Flux game cinematicslt;brgt;starring the CG version of Charlize;brgt;Okay, you can breathe;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash17.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 18 (1 dvd)

low price Stash Issue 18 (1 dvd), low price Stash Issue 18 (1 dvd), download Stash Issue 18 (1 dvd)
The most adventurous issue yet, Stash 18 is anlt;brgt;unpredictable selection of international commerciallt;brgt;and personal animation, VFX and motion design thatlt;brgt;defies categories and traditional media;brgt;Also included on the disk is a special BONUS programlt;brgt;including all five of the new Panasonic .Capturelt;brgt;the Motion. films commissioned for the 2006 Winterlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Stash 18 opens with big and quirky CG and VFX spotslt;brgt;for Nike from Golden Square in London and Adidaslt;brgt;from Animal Logic in Sydney before heading intolt;brgt;over the top action fantasy work for Pepsi fromlt;brgt;Capetowns Black Ginger and the latest strangelylt;brgt;silly Pete Fowler characters for Kia from Passionlt;brgt;Pictures. Then things get dark as PSYOP chases us tolt;brgt;the gates of Hell for Dodge (on the cover), Glassworkslt;brgt;plays a dangerous game in Knife City and The Milllt;brgt;tempts us into a spiders silky lair for;brgt;lt;brgt;The lights come back up for act two where Digitallt;brgt;Kitchen break out sweet and smooth new work for Cokelt;brgt;and the Sundance Film Festival, Foreign Office getslt;brgt;freaky for MTV Load and we round up a new crew oflt;brgt;broadcast designers you may not of heard of but needlt;brgt;to know: Racecar from Oslo, Feedmee and Fiftyeight 3Dlt;brgt;from Germany, Topform Studio from Sofia, Bulgaria andlt;brgt;3DVision from;brgt;lt;brgt;Londons Model Robot keep the momentum going as theylt;brgt;show off their any media chops with two recent andlt;brgt;completely divergent works before we float gently intolt;brgt;thoughtful yet trippy territory with personal work fromlt;brgt;Tronic and a spectacular quasi abstract short fromlt;brgt;Japanese directoranimator Katsuhiko Omori. Placedlt;brgt;strategically throughout the last act of Stash 18 yoult;brgt;will also find a selection of visually inventive musiclt;brgt;videos from NYs Loyalkaspar, Helsinkis Las Palmaslt;brgt;Films, Aucklands Heat Creative and Londons;brgt;lt;brgt;After this mind spanking collection we thought wedlt;brgt;balance the issue with a little normality. Thus welt;brgt;close with .Beasty., a film from Bermuda Shorts directorlt;brgt;Susi Wilkinson that tells the tale a little yellow bearlt;brgt;who likes to line dance and an AWOL brain who likeslt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash18.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 19 (1 dvd)

oem Stash Issue 19 (1 dvd), low price Stash Issue 19 (1 dvd), buy Stash Issue 19 (1 dvd)
Sleek new packaging, a jaw kicking line up of intern lt;brgt;ational animation, VFX and motion design, and twolt;brgt;BONUS programs make Stash 19 a collectors must havelt;brgt;issue. Along with the planets latest and most inno lt;brgt;vative motion art projects youll also find a speciallt;brgt;program of three award winning graduation films fromlt;brgt;the Supinfocom class of 2005 and a sweet 6 track musiclt;brgt;sampler from hot NY indie label Bastard;brgt;lt;brgt;We intro Stash 19 with a jaunty yet apocalyptic self lt;brgt;promo film from Amsterdams PostPanic before catapultinglt;brgt;into ambitious new spots from Fin Design for Tooheyslt;brgt;and Framestore NY for Fedex . both of which will figurelt;brgt;prominently in awards shows later this year. Then Motionlt;brgt;Theory, 1 st Ave Machine (on the cover), Sehsucht,lt;brgt;NoBrain, Method, Brickyard and Psyop propel us throughlt;brgt;a feast of CG and VFX work for Lenovo, Adidas, Canal+,lt;brgt;Bud and;brgt;lt;brgt;The second course starts with a tasty sampler plate oflt;brgt;Fons Scheidons cell phone characters for MTV Asia thenlt;brgt;serves up a raucous selection of broadcast work includinglt;brgt;the latest from Passion Pictures, UVphactory, Star Taiwan,lt;brgt;Toxic, Big Machine, FoxSports, Buf and highlighted by thelt;brgt;unique progeny from the mating of visual pioneers Universallt;brgt;Everything and;brgt;lt;brgt;Heading into the decadent dessert course, we get an eyefullt;brgt;from the UKs Seed Animation with their darkly comiclt;brgt;.Freerange. interstitial before gorging on more delicacieslt;brgt;like Tokyo Plastics charmingly bizarre viral for AMD,lt;brgt;Lobos quirky work for VW and Banco Real, Saiman Chowslt;brgt;double hit of frenetic fun for Kiwi and unexpected high lt;brgt;calorie treats from Duck in LA, Mathematics in Sydney, Makelt;brgt;in Minneapolis, Hands Up! In Tel Aviv, Pinthin in NY andlt;brgt;Malibu s master of graphic poetry Hee Bok;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash19.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 2 (1 dvd)

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BBC quot;EURO 2004quot; TVC :40lt;brgt;HUMMER quot;EVOLUTIONquot; TVC: 30lt;brgt;MOUNTAIN DEW quot;HELICOPTERquot; AND quot;HALLWAYquot; TVCS :30 AND :23lt;brgt;HP quot;CONSTANT CHANGEquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;NIKE quot;MAGNETquot; Cinema and TVC :90lt;brgt;AUDI quot;ILLUSIONSquot; TVC :40lt;brgt;GUINNESS quot;MOTHquot; TVC :60lt;brgt;MERCEDES quot;CLOUDSquot; TVC :60lt;brgt;quot;GROWTHquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;BOMBAY SAPPHIRE quot;STEP INTO BLUEquot; Cinema and TVC :60lt;brgt;USA quot;ANTHEMquot; TVC: 60lt;brgt;JETIX LAUNCH Broadcast design (montage)lt;brgt;APA 50 AWARDS Viral :34lt;brgt;CMT quot;GONNA BE BETTERquot; Broadcast designlt;brgt;FUSE quot;PUMAquot; AND quot;WINTER FRESHquot; Broadcast IDslt;brgt;VIVA LA BAM MAIN TITLE Broadcast design :30lt;brgt;I, ROBOT TITLES FEATURE FILM MOTION DESIGN :72lt;brgt;BONOBO quot;FLUTTERquot; Music videolt;brgt;NIKE quot;AUDIOquot; In store video 1:20lt;brgt;MINI quot;DAYDREAMquot; Spec TVC :50lt;brgt;quot;ABBA TO ZAPPAquot; TVC: 60lt;brgt;KIA PICANTO quot;KNICKERSquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;NIKE ART OF SPEED quot;OGGOquot; Branded content 5:59lt;brgt;NIKE ART OF SPEED quot;LES JUMELLESquot; Branded content 2:05lt;brgt;SCION quot;3D ARTISTquot; Cinema and TVC :60lt;brgt;quot;THE BURRITO LOVEquot; Corporate video (cut down)lt;brgt;SKIPPY quot;THE NUTSHELLS SPRING BREAKquot; TVC: 30lt;brgt;COLORADO MILLS quot;TANYAquot;quot; TVC :30lt;brgt;CHICLETS quot;DANCE MOVESquot; AND quot;KUNG FUquot; TVCs x :10lt;brgt;quot;PICA TOWERSquot; Short film trilogylt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash02lt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 20 (1 dvd)

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20 issues later and the inspiration will just not;brgt;From the mainstream and big budget to the edgy, lyricallt;brgt;and just plain strange, the animation VFX and motionlt;brgt;design work on this issue is guaranteed to get yourlt;brgt;synapses. well, synapsing. And just when you think yoult;brgt;cant be any more alive, here come the BONUS programs:lt;brgt;A landmark animated film from Jonas Odell called .lt;brgt;Never Like the First Time! . and a sweet six track musiclt;brgt;sampler from indie hip hop label Nature;brgt;lt;brgt;We open Stash 20 with the soft sell charm of Studio AKAslt;brgt;new 3D lottery spot before Smith amp; Foulkes lose theirlt;brgt;.Heads. for Renault. Then we unleash a chewy slew of gumlt;brgt;(yes, gum) advertising from The Asylum, Milky Elephantlt;brgt;and Aardman before racing on to intriguing new work fromlt;brgt;Rhinofx for Toyota, Framestore CFC for VW, Pleix forlt;brgt;Adidas and groundbreaking Psyop work that pushes Cokelt;brgt;into new graphic;brgt;lt;brgt;Then we pause to cleanse the palette with Nobrainslt;brgt;spectacular .Fleur de Saison. video for chanteuse Emilielt;brgt;Simon before digging into the broadcast design sectionlt;brgt;highlighted by refreshing takes from Psyop for MTV HDlt;brgt;(on the cover), The LaB and Creative Bubble for VH1,lt;brgt;INTERspectacular for Fuel TV, Mainframe for Brit Sci Fi,lt;brgt;monkeylab for New Zealands TV2, Smoke amp; Mirrors for thelt;brgt;UKs MORE4 and Play Airways for MTV;brgt;lt;brgt;The last third of this disk is an international minefieldlt;brgt;of innovative music videos, virals, commercials, shortlt;brgt;films and spec projects that defy logic or;brgt;Suffice it to say this work, including new projects fromlt;brgt;London s United Visual Artists, Brooklyn s Dancinglt;brgt;Diablo, Cape Town s The Black Heart Gang, Torontoslt;brgt;Cuppa Coffee and LAs Stardust belongs in your;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash20.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 21 (1 dvd)

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Stash turns 21 this month and to celebrate were breakinglt;brgt;open a magnum of the planets finest animation, VFX andlt;brgt;design work and serving it up with two tasty BONUS programs lt;brgt;The Stash Shorts Mini Fest 1 is a collection of head turninglt;brgt;and very personal works from three solo film makers plus alt;brgt;killer six track music sampler from hyper smooth indie outfitlt;brgt;Consumers Research and;brgt;lt;brgt;Stash 21 opens with an unexpected and emotional piece fromlt;brgt;Lobo for the Buenos Aires Zoo before cranking up the volumelt;brgt;and the VFX in landmark pieces with Framestore CFC replicatinglt;brgt;critters for Noam Murro and MPC replicating actors (or not)lt;brgt;for Nexus and Coke. Plus Massmaket gets tough on pixies forlt;brgt;Dodge, Sway bridge the reality gap for Chevy and Mikros Imagelt;brgt;puts Wanda under their;brgt;lt;brgt;As the bubbly goes to our head, we swerve briefly off thelt;brgt;commercial path into the atmospheric world of 1930s Paris inlt;brgt;Kent Hugos 3D short Lor Rouge . Broadcast design on this reellt;brgt;is probably the most diverse selection weve ever featuredlt;brgt;including stop motion Star Trek 2.0 promos for G4 from Roguelt;brgt;Creative, anime inspired work from Buck, vamped out heavy metallt;brgt;demon chicks from UVPH, hallucinogen enhancing HD work from thelt;brgt;Mill and three more beautiful Billy Collins interstitials fromlt;brgt;the Sundance;brgt;lt;brgt;Okay, Im only half way through the bottle. uh, disk, andlt;brgt;running out of space so a quick wrap up . Stash 21 also featureslt;brgt;visually innovative music videos from DAf (Santiago), Las Palmaslt;brgt;(Helsinki), Adamame (NY) and Draw Pictures (London), brilliantlt;brgt;short films from Pistachios (Stockholm) and Jake PortmanBilllt;brgt;Sneed (LA), the stunning game cinematic for Monster Farm 5 Circuslt;brgt;Caravan from Digital Media Lab (Japan) as well as 100 proof spotslt;brgt;from Tokyo Plastic, Ring of Fire and Method. Finally, just beforelt;brgt;we pass out in a haze of visual overload, we close with Wilfridlt;brgt;Brimos hilarious and soulful new sequel to his groundbreakinglt;brgt;and multi award winning 2005 Aides;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash21.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 22 (1 dvd)

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Perhaps our most eclectic compilation of work to date, Stash 22lt;brgt;is stuffed with bold animation experiments and genre bending VFXlt;brgt;and design work. BONUS programs in this issue: The world premierelt;brgt;of the .Psst! Pass It On. project . an ambitious collection oflt;brgt;sixshort films produced by a collaboration of over 30 toplt;brgt;international designers and animators. And of course the monthlylt;brgt;Stash music sampler is here . this time you can grab seven mind lt;brgt;expanding MP3s from indie label Cookshop out of Brighton, UK .lt;brgt;lt;brgt;The Stash 22 program opens with the poetic mix of animation,lt;brgt;live action and puppetry of .Tyger. from Guilherme Marcondeslt;brgt;before ramping up the VFX work with head butting tables fromlt;brgt;MPC for Vodaphone, subLYMONal silliness from Framestore forlt;brgt;Sprite and auto erotica from Digital Domain for Lexus. Youlllt;brgt;also meet four companies you need to know: Tax Free and Edenlablt;brgt;from Italy , Ghost from Copenhagen and Vasava from;brgt;lt;brgt;The last half of Stash 22 is a minefield of the unexpected andlt;brgt;unprecedented. Youll find the smooth Rorschach organics oflt;brgt;Bli:nds Gnarls Barkley .Crazy. slammed up against the industriallt;brgt;paranoia of Alessandro Paccianis video for Thee Maldororlt;brgt;Kollective. Digic unleashes the latest Warhammer cinematic rightlt;brgt;before SSSRs sweet and trippy vid for BellX1. Then Paris basedlt;brgt;Le Pivot spins out two stunning and completely divergent brandedlt;brgt;content CG films for Honda and Nike. Need more? Okay . the runlt;brgt;for the finish begins with Precursors flat and frenetic graphicslt;brgt;for Suzuki threatening to run over the elegant and delicatelt;brgt;.Butterfly. from Wizz and Exvoto before we pause for tea with anlt;brgt;emotional short tale produced by Model Robot for UK director Louiselt;brgt;Wilde . Of course the only way to follow that, and close out thelt;brgt;issue, is with the epic post apocalyptic CG blow out from Axislt;brgt;Animation and MTV Asia known as .Codehunters.. Make no mistake,lt;brgt;Stash 22;brgt;lt;brgt;The second act starts with an exclusive sneak preview of the newlt;brgt;CG mini masterpiece from Alex Weil and Charlex called .One Ratlt;brgt;Short.. And from there an avalanche of broadcast chaos engulfs us:lt;brgt;Horny Monkeys for G4 from Hornet, a monumental Spongebob fromlt;brgt;Mainframe, blood thirsty critters for G4 from Full Tank, nicelylt;brgt;twisted awards show packages from Umeric and Anton Sakara as welllt;brgt;as sweetly sinister IDs for Jetix from Vancouvers Studio B (onlt;brgt;the cover).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash22.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 23 (1 dvd)

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Stash 23 delivers a rock solid and inspiring line up of animation,lt;brgt;vfx and motion design from the biggest names in the industry andlt;brgt;the rising star studios chomping at their heels. BONUS programs inlt;brgt;this issue include: A collection of three perversely brilliant andlt;brgt;funny animated short films from Paris based studio Wanda. And yes,lt;brgt;our music editor Steve Marchese has assembled another killer Stashlt;brgt;music sampler . this month features six artists from the UKslt;brgt;legendary Mute Records including tracks from Goldfrapp, Joselt;brgt;Gonzalez, Liars, Motor, ?Forward Russia! and The;brgt;lt;brgt;Stash 23 opens on a grand scale with the visual overload of PSYOPslt;brgt;.Happiness Factory. for Coke followed by stampeding herds oflt;brgt;bikini clad Amazons (overload of a different kind) from the;brgt;From there were off with Belgiums Nozon to wrangle hamsterlt;brgt;comedy and Passion Pictures for Becks inspired dance lessons beforelt;brgt;sliding into creative and technical wizardry from Framestore CFClt;brgt;for Vodafone and Charlex for Cingular. The first act finishes uplt;brgt;with three studios to add to your .A. list: Def2shoot from Parislt;brgt;for Playstation, Famous House of Animation from Mumbai for Levislt;brgt;and Chuck Gammage Animation from Toronto for the;brgt;lt;brgt;The operative word for the broadcast design section of Stash 23 haslt;brgt;got to be fun. We start with possibly the best piece of casting tolt;brgt;ever land in a network promo with Monkbots work for Space and thenlt;brgt;plunge into the delicious kitsch of Velvets Arte Trash open beforelt;brgt;joining Nexus Productions for a magical romp through time for Animallt;brgt;Planet Italy. Even the cool and stylish clips from 1st Ave Machine,lt;brgt;Collider and LoyalKaspar have a refreshing playful edge to;brgt;And to experience a new apex of sheer nonsensical graphic chaos andlt;brgt;frivolity you have to see the new MTV HD work from Friends With;brgt;lt;brgt;Thats a tough act to follow, but we think youll find .Wofl., a bitlt;brgt;of macabre kookiness from UK director David OReilly about cute forestlt;brgt;fauna and set to the dulcet tones of Maria Callas, is up to the;brgt;With the mood suitably changed, we are off to NY for the startlinglt;brgt;new .microvert. from C TRL Labs, a surreal and organic Nike piecelt;brgt;from HunterGatherer and the ambitious CG origami debut from;brgt;We end with a quick side trip to Laika House in Portland to screenlt;brgt;their latest stop motion opus for ESPN and then catch the red eyelt;brgt;back to the continent for three intricate and innovative spots fromlt;brgt;Sehsucht and Optix Digital in Germany before finally coming to restlt;brgt;in Paris for a quirky series of PSAs from SL co and the whimsicallt;brgt;new video for Japans B@by Soul from director Takeo Hatai andlt;brgt;Le;brgt;lt;brgt;Hmm. Maybe we should offer Stash frequent flyer;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash23.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 24 (1 dvd)

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Stash 24 marks our 2 nd anniversary and were celebrating with anlt;brgt;inspirational line up of animation, VFX and motion graphics fromlt;brgt;some of the most influential talent on the planet including Chrislt;brgt;Cunningham, Michel Gondry, Logan, Motion Theory, Smith amp; Foulkes,lt;brgt;Psyop, Buf and Shilo. Any BONUS films on this issue? Oh yes . alllt;brgt;five winners of the 2006 Rushes Soho Shorts Festival includinglt;brgt;director Run Wrakes manically twisted .Rabbit.. BONUS musiclt;brgt;tracks on Stash 24 come courtesy of white hot NY indie label Thelt;brgt;Agriculture including work from DJ Olive, Lloop and David;brgt;lt;brgt;The Stash 24 party gets off to a fast start with a crazed swarmlt;brgt;of flies for Caltec from Animal Logic, silky smooth graphics forlt;brgt;HP from Motion Theory, fun retro graphics for the Gap from Shilolt;brgt;and Method, sweet and cheery cartoon violence from Bl:nd forlt;brgt;Specialized, frenetic psycho graphics for Coke from Transistor,lt;brgt;a tragic tale of a beef addicted 3D lout from Oslo studio Qvistenlt;brgt;and Loyalkaspar getting cheeky for;brgt;lt;brgt;The broadcast design section hits the dance floor with Buf andlt;brgt;Fox sports re teamed for another stunning spot of epic proportionslt;brgt;and new comer Blacklist makes their debut with Psyop and againstlt;brgt;all odds for ESPN. Other nice moves include English amp; Pocketlt;brgt;spicing up News Asia, Concrete Pictures making a play for GSN,lt;brgt;and Freestyle Collective courting MTV;brgt;lt;brgt;The last half of this Stash 24 shindig is a treasure hunt oflt;brgt;unexpected treats where youll find the world premier of .Stand.,lt;brgt;a mesmerizing new short film from Stephen Fitzgerald, anlt;brgt;ambitiously spacey Hello Kitty film from NYs Pinthin, Chellt;brgt;Whites near genius .Harrowdown Hill. video for Thom Yorke withlt;brgt;Bent, Logans trippy new .Get Together. video for Madonna, .Thelt;brgt;Reality Project. from director Domenico Bartolo of 21 19 (on thelt;brgt;cover), Chris Cunninghams creeped out work for The Horrors vialt;brgt;Golden Square, Leftchannels .Blissful., and Smith amp; Foulkeslt;brgt;sensational new .Videogame. spot for Coke through Nexus. Otherlt;brgt;must meet Stash 24 party guests include Helios and Head Gear fromlt;brgt;Toronto, Fatface from Hong Kong, Sherbet from London, Partizanlt;brgt;from Paris, Mercurio Films from Milan, Cluster Studio from Mexicolt;brgt;and No domain from;brgt;lt;brgt;Dont worry, you have a full month to recover until Stash;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash24.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 25 (1 dvd)

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Stash 25 is our biggest issue ever. It includes a full line uplt;brgt;of stellar international animation, vfx and mograph projects andlt;brgt;behind the scenes material PLUS all 15 winners and finalists fromlt;brgt;the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards as Bonus films. Thatslt;brgt;over two hours of inspiration and information. Add on the sevenlt;brgt;new BONUS tracks from Universal Music Publishing Group artistslt;brgt;Tom Vek, Fionn Regan, Magnet, Art Brut, Eric Matthews, Assemblylt;brgt;Now, and Woodbine and we are approaching sensory;brgt;lt;brgt;We start the issue with .Humans!. (on the cover) a dead on blacklt;brgt;comedy disguised as a mock PSA which won the Animation Categorylt;brgt;and was chosen by 15 industry judges as The Best of 2006 in thislt;brgt;years Global Student Animation Awards. From there we break intolt;brgt;a whirlwind trans Atlantic ParisLondonNY tour through some oflt;brgt;the planets top studios with Buf in the drivers seat for Peugot,lt;brgt;The Mill making a splash for Infiniti, Framestore NY cutting uplt;brgt;for Discover, Glassworks floating away with Lux, MPC crumplinglt;brgt;T Mobile and Nexus seeing pink for a certain famous;brgt;lt;brgt;The frequent flyer points keep piling up as we hop on tolt;brgt;Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, LA, Milan, and Toronto gathering a trunk lt;brgt;full of broadcast and motion design work from PostPanic and Pungalt;brgt;for MTV, Colorblok for VH1, Spark for TVtropolis, Lo Iacono forlt;brgt;Diesel, and Crush for;brgt;lt;brgt;And youll need a GPS device to keep track of yourself the restlt;brgt;of this trip that has us back in London for Aardmans ambitiouslt;brgt;new installation at Madame Tussauds and Ben Wheatleys virals forlt;brgt;BBC2, before were off to NY to see Motomichi Nakamuras video forlt;brgt;the Knife and World Leaders Entertainment for Mega. In LA we catchlt;brgt;a slick new Bud Light spec from Duck and Stardusts creepy newlt;brgt;California Coastal Commission spot before we jump the Pacific tolt;brgt;screen work from China s brightest new studio Daysview and alt;brgt;mesmerizing new MV from Fatface in Hong Kong . Somehow . possiblylt;brgt;by actually bending space and time . we also manage to squeeze inlt;brgt;stop motion work from Partizan and Nylon Motion, the multi awardlt;brgt;winning short .Bendito Machine. from Zumbakamera in Barcelona andlt;brgt;the VFX, Motion Design and Audience Choice winners from the 2006lt;brgt;Global Student Animation;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash25.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 26 (1 dvd)

buy Stash Issue 26 (1 dvd), buy Stash Issue 26 (1 dvd), low cost Stash Issue 26 (1 dvd)
Stash 26 is an unpredictable whirlwind of international animation,lt;brgt;VFX and motion design that promises to give your frontal lobelt;brgt;a slap and unblock your creative juices with new work from Wetalt;brgt;Digital, Psyop, Lobo, Animal Logic, Digital Domain, Wizz, Headlt;brgt;Gear, Exopolis, Satoshi Tomioka and introduces you to must seelt;brgt;new talent like E Rock, PetPunk, Didelidi and Monkeymen. Andlt;brgt;speaking of unpredictable, the three BONUS films this month showlt;brgt;off the new and divergent animation directing talents recentlylt;brgt;signed to Bermuda Shorts in London. The seven BONUS music trackslt;brgt;are from Seattles legendary Sub Pop Records and include inspiringlt;brgt;new work from CSS, Comets on Fire, Chad VanGaalen, The Thermals,lt;brgt;The Album Leaf, Wolf Eyes and Oxford;brgt;lt;brgt;We get issue 26 rolling with a ball of fun from New Zealandslt;brgt;Weta Digital for Travellers Insurance before stomping on tolt;brgt;synchronized robots from Sway for Hyundai, hilarious bald face lt;brgt;bear type things for the Irish Lotto from Brownbag (on the cover),lt;brgt;a kooky campaign for Slim Jim from Zoic, gravity defying beautifullt;brgt;people for Coke from Can PH in Paris, high caffeine spots fromlt;brgt;Electric Company director James Paterson for Mr. Sub and thelt;brgt;iconic and mesmerizing new iPod spot from;brgt;lt;brgt;And then, with no apologies, we release complete and unfetteredlt;brgt;creative chaos including: two recent music videos from breakoutlt;brgt;Toronto director Drew Lightfoot, off the wall broadcast designlt;brgt;and motion graphics from France, Singapore, Spain, Lithuania andlt;brgt;Sweden by Premiere Heure, Didelidi, Cannonball, PetPunk, Englishlt;brgt;amp; Pockett and the Character Shop, and tripped out short filmslt;brgt;from Berlins Monkeymen and directors Jon Yeo and Issac;brgt;Where do we possibly go from there? We collapse into totallt;brgt;visually anarchy with videos from E Rock for AIDSWolf and Robertlt;brgt;Seidel for Zero;brgt;lt;brgt;We do manage to regain some measure of control for the remainderlt;brgt;of the disk as we roll through beautifully crafted work fromlt;brgt;Psyop for Shell, Lobo for Dupont, Wizz and Ex voto for Match,lt;brgt;Animal Logic for the Telemetry Orchestra, Head Gear for MTV,lt;brgt;HunterGatherer for Nike and Foreign Office for Nokia. And then,lt;brgt;as a kind of triple exclamation mark at the end of it all, welt;brgt;close with the new .Exit. viral from Nexus director Satoshilt;brgt;Tomioka and Kanaban Graphics which has to be one of the mostlt;brgt;frantic, surreal and stunningly choreographed chase sequences inlt;brgt;cartoon nightmare;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash26.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 27 (1 dvd)

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Stash 27 is the high note at the end of an astonishing year oflt;brgt;growth and innovation for the animation, VFX and motion designlt;brgt;industry. The issue opens with the messy fireworks of Jonathanlt;brgt;Glazers spectacular .Paint. spot for Sony Bravia, progresseslt;brgt;through a symphony of spots, music videos, broadcast designlt;brgt;and shorts, and closes with the world premier of .Raymond.,lt;brgt;the outrageously original debut short film from the new UKlt;brgt;directing collective called;brgt;lt;brgt;Youll also find the BEHIND THE SCENES section is newlylt;brgt;expanded and more in;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILM this issue . .One Rat Short. from Charlex andlt;brgt;director Alex Weil . has been collecting awards on the festivallt;brgt;circuit since its release this summer and we are pleased to belt;brgt;the venue for its world premiere on disk. And, as always, ourlt;brgt;music editor has lined up a fab BONUS MUSIC selection . trackslt;brgt;from seven Mush Records recording artists including Bibio,lt;brgt;Daedelus, Thavius Beck, Caural, k the i???, Antimc and Lymbyclt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;The front end of this issue is over loaded with innovativelt;brgt;high profile spots . NoBrain for Citroen, The Mill for Johnnielt;brgt;Walker, Soho for Dove, Bent Image Lab for Lux, Mikros Image forlt;brgt;Nissan, Pete Candeland through Passion Pictures for Gordonslt;brgt;gin and Motion Theory for Microsofts Zune. Then we change pacelt;brgt;with a tense and emotional new music video from Canadianlt;brgt;animator Emmanuel Ho that bridges us nicely into the latestlt;brgt;broadcast work from Masataka Kawano in Sydney, Capacity in LA,lt;brgt;Trollback and INTERspectacular in NY, Buzz in Montrea , Citizenlt;brgt;Pictures in Denver and Framestore Design in;brgt;lt;brgt;The last half of this magnum opus gets underway withlt;brgt;a contrasting pair of music videos . one dark and highly personallt;brgt;from NYs Crankbunny for Demander and the second, a candy coloredlt;brgt;bug infested frolic from Chris Milk for Gnarls;brgt;The resulting tone of happy, unpredictable inspiration continueslt;brgt;as we blast through the last movement with intriguing new worklt;brgt;from Method, Brand New School, Tronic, Pattern, XYZ, Undergroundlt;brgt;Worm, Sarah Orenstein, Big Sky Effects, Animal Logic and Man;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;Yes, 27 is big and loud and you can dance to it. Happy;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash27.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 28 (1 dvd)

low cost Stash Issue 28 (1 dvd), oem Stash Issue 28 (1 dvd), cheap Stash Issue 28 (1 dvd)
Stash 28 launches 2007 with two full hours of sensory;brgt;Its a sweeping international panorama of animation, VFX, motionlt;brgt;graphics plus behind the scenes extras from huge, expensive cinemalt;brgt;spots to proudly weird no budget short films and many variationslt;brgt;in;brgt;lt;brgt;Highlights include the startling PS3 campaign from Asylum (onlt;brgt;the cover), the machinima generated Halo 3 clip from Josephlt;brgt;Kosinski and Digital Domain, Framestore NYs new holiday Cokelt;brgt;spot, Psyops balletic Motley Bird and the world premier of Aaronlt;brgt;Stewarts cheeky new labor of love called .Banana;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILM this issue is another CG stunner from Warsaw studiolt;brgt;Platige Image. Director Marcin Pazeras newest short, .Moloch.,lt;brgt;has been knocking out audiences at festivals all over the worldlt;brgt;and is now available for the first time on disk on Stash;brgt;lt;brgt;Your BONUS MUSIC tracks this month arrive courtesy of our ever lt;brgt;vigilant music editor Steve Marchese and the fearless NY hip hoplt;brgt;label Definitive Jux. There are eight ear expanding tracks onlt;brgt;this issue from Rjd2, Mr. Lif, El P, Aesop Rock and;brgt;lt;brgt;You can count on finding new studios and under exposed talent onlt;brgt;each issue of Stash. Stash 28 will introduce you to El Ranchitolt;brgt;from Madrid and their beautiful new work for Honda, Motion Logixlt;brgt;from Beijing and their kinetic new take on basketball kicks, Rufflt;brgt;Mercy and Blac Ionica from London and their new broadcast designlt;brgt;clips, Eye Candy Animation from Sydney, and Bug from Norway withlt;brgt;their fabulous exploding;brgt;lt;brgt;The rest of the reel is an exhilarating tour through some of thelt;brgt;most vital companies (big and tiny) in the industry: youll findlt;brgt;Shilo for Samsung, The Embassy for Chevrolet, Buf for Nissan,lt;brgt;Against All Odds for Tylenol, Up the Resolution for Space NK,lt;brgt;Nando Costa for Nike, Kris Moyes for Softlightes, Aardmanlt;brgt;Animation for the Wildscreen Festival and Saiman Chow, Joellt;brgt;Trussel and Friendswithyou for;brgt;lt;brgt;And we close Stash 28 with the first disk based round up of alllt;brgt;seven Zune virals from tokyoplastic, Motion Theory , SSSR andlt;brgt;Passion Pictures, Bent Image Lab, Bitstate, OgreMagi, and Suzannelt;brgt;Deakin and Slinky;brgt;lt;brgt;That ought to keep you going until;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash28.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 29 (1 dvd)

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The perfect way to knock yourself out of the February blahs,lt;brgt;Stash 29 is an inspirational, offbeat and unpredictable collectionlt;brgt;of animation, VFX and motion design guaranteed to get both sideslt;brgt;of your brain firing on every available;brgt;lt;brgt;Highlights include the epic and quasi hallucinatory .Meta7. fromlt;brgt;Nanospore for Nike and Wieden+Kennedy Tokyo (on the cover), thelt;brgt;newest Halo 3 extravaganza from Joseph Kosinski and Digital Domain,lt;brgt;Lobos .Onesong. video for Skank, two new Signature series IDslt;brgt;from artists Chris Yormick and Nathan Riefke for Fuel TV, the newlt;brgt;.Like a Pen. video from director Andreas Nilsson for The Knife andlt;brgt;the spectacular new .Samurai. short film for GE from Three Leggedlt;brgt;;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILMS this issue are a curious collection of threelt;brgt;experimental shorts . including .Tournis. from A list spot directorlt;brgt;Francois Vogel . that ignore or happily abuse the boundaries oflt;brgt;conventional film;brgt;lt;brgt;Your BONUS MUSIC tracks on 29 are all from the fine people at Newlt;brgt;York indie label Scatalogics Records and include infectious farelt;brgt;from Ulysses, The Alpha Male, Gerry Todd, Todd Sines and Italo lt;brgt;disco legend Alexander;brgt;lt;brgt;Stash 29 is overflowing with international talent you may havelt;brgt;never heard of but will want to keep an eye on. Watch for freshlt;brgt;new work from up and coming studios like Aixsponza from Berlin,lt;brgt;Furia Digital from Madrid, Nomoon and SL Co from Paris, Gravitylt;brgt;from Tel Aviv, and directors Marcelo Garcia from Brazil, Seanlt;brgt;Wainsteim and Mike Weiss from Toronto, Elena Wen and Wes Richardsonlt;brgt;from New York, Erica Akerland from London, Christina Seresini fromlt;brgt;Milan, Rimantas Lukavicius from Lithuania, Xavier Chassaing and thelt;brgt;directoranimator team of Mathieu Wothke and Frederick Bonpapa fromlt;brgt;Paris and the brave souls at Alt TV in;brgt;lt;brgt;Of course the established, legendary and newly influential nameslt;brgt;you know and love are here too including Buck for TV Land, Kylelt;brgt;Cooper and Prologue Films for The Painted Veil, Ring of Fire andlt;brgt;Lebron James for Nike, Up the Resolution for Coldcut, Sherbet forlt;brgt;Irn Bru, National Television for Volvo and Lambo for Fuel;brgt;lt;brgt;February will never be the;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash29.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 3 (1 dvd)

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HONDA HATE quot;GRRRquot; Cinema and TVC :90lt;brgt;HP quot;PICTURE BOOKquot; TVC: 60lt;brgt;POST OFFICE quot;TWINSquot; TVC :40lt;brgt;NIKE quot;quot;MICHAEL VICK EXPERIENCEquot; TVC :60lt;brgt;NEXTEL quot;EAVESDROPquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;ACURA RSX quot;DANCEquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;NWA quot;TRANSFORMATIONSquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;ADIDAS quot;CARRYquot; TVC :60lt;brgt;V quot;FREEFALLquot; TVC: 30lt;brgt;BMW SERIES 1 quot;FOALquot; TVC :60lt;brgt;RUSSELL SIMMONS PRESENTS DEF POETRY TVC: 60lt;brgt;quot;VANITY FAIRquot; Feature film title designlt;brgt;OLN quot;COUNTDOWNquot; Show openlt;brgt;TVNZ TVONE REBRANDING Broadcast designlt;brgt;Damp;AD AWARDS TITLE BUMPERS Event motion designlt;brgt;quot;THE DETOUR ON TELETOONquot; BUMPERS Broadcast design x 4lt;brgt;VIVA MUSIC NETWORK Show packaging x 4lt;brgt;MTV ARTBREAK quot;PIZZA DELIVERYquot; Broadcast Design :20lt;brgt;MTV quot;THE MONKEY KINGquot; Station ID :60lt;brgt;quot;RESFEST 2004quot; Film trailer :90lt;brgt;BJORK quot;OCEANIAquot; Music videolt;brgt;quot;PLAYquot; Cinema and TVC :60lt;brgt;quot;PEACE RUNNINGquot; Branded contentlt;brgt;GETTY IMAGES quot;BIG IDEAquot; Branded contentlt;brgt;NATURE SWEET TOMATOES quot;TRIAGEquot; TVC :30lt;brgt;BATS: MASTERS OF THE NIGHT TVC :30lt;brgt;TROUBLE TV quot;ANIMATEquot; TVC: 30lt;brgt;NMU quot;STILL SHININquot; Music video (directors cut)lt;brgt;quot;THE HELLS KITCHENquot; Short Film (student)lt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash03.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 30 (1 dvd)

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Stash turns 30 this month and were marking the occasionlt;brgt;by setting yet another record for the amount of inspirationlt;brgt;we can squeeze onto a DVD . over two and a half hours oflt;brgt;exceptional animation, vfx, motion design, behind the sceneslt;brgt;extras and music;brgt;lt;brgt;The over stuffed 70 minute main program delivers anlt;brgt;incredibly diverse range of work from top studios andlt;brgt;important newcomers. Some highlights: the stunning new Lloydslt;brgt;BTS spot from Studio AKA and director Marc Craste, strangelylt;brgt;brilliant Resfest10 work from Transistor Studios and Amautalab,lt;brgt;U2 videos from FilmTeknarna and the Mill NY, entomologicallt;brgt;experiments for Chris Clark from 1st Ave Machine, and Digitallt;brgt;Domains controversial resurrection of Orville;brgt;lt;brgt;This issues BONUS FILMS are the highly anticipated . andlt;brgt;highly collectable . second round of the PSST! PASS IT ONlt;brgt;project; 70 artists from 12 countries working in 27 teams tolt;brgt;collaborate on nine fun, unpredictable, and brilliant littlelt;brgt;films. This is the world premiere and a definite must;brgt;lt;brgt;The six BONUS MUSIC downloads on Stash 30 come from none otherlt;brgt;than Londons Warp Records and include ear massaging new worklt;brgt;from Clark, Plaid, Jamie Lidell, Born Ruffians, Nightmares onlt;brgt;Wax, and;brgt;lt;brgt;Also included this month: the Stephen Arnold Music Showcaselt;brgt;featuring the studios latest commercial and broadcast worklt;brgt;plus downloadable sample;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash30.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 31 (1 dvd)

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Hang on, here comes another 2+ hours of sensory overload .lt;brgt;outstanding animation, vfx, motion design, behind the sceneslt;brgt;extras and music downloads. Stash 31 is the perfect way tolt;brgt;shrug off the last of winter and re fire your frontal;brgt;lt;brgt;We met a lot of new people putting together Stash 31 .lt;brgt;talented people we think you should know about like Valkeiserlt;brgt;Capital images from Amsterdam, Furi Furi from Tokyo, Hakkalt;brgt;Design from Singapore, Quadroplastic from Moscow, RGB fromlt;brgt;Vilnius, Encyclopedia Pictura from San Francisco, Nemo Design,lt;brgt;Unibros and Curiosity Group from Portland, and Metropolitanalt;brgt;from Barcelona. We also hooked up with many people you knowlt;brgt;well, like Motion Theory and their new work for Modest Mouse,lt;brgt;Imaginary Forces for CBS Sports, Brand New School for Jeep,lt;brgt;Universal Everything for Audi, Psyop for Miller Genuine Draft,lt;brgt;Post Panic for MTV, Buf for HP, and Buck and Shilo for;brgt;And thats not the half of it; check out the full list oflt;brgt;studios;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILMS this issue are two deceptively simple andlt;brgt;surreal shorts from the untethered mind and steady hand oflt;brgt;Italian illustratorgrafitti artist Blu who is the subjectlt;brgt;of a forthcoming documentary called;brgt;lt;brgt;Your BONUS MUSIC downloads on Stash 31 (nine tracks almostlt;brgt;an hour of sweet sounds) come courtesy of the nice + smoothlt;brgt;label in Toronto and include tracks from Kinder Atom, DJlt;brgt;Shine, Heiki, Mossyrock, SolaZul, Teknostep and;brgt;lt;brgt;Yes, its a lot, but we know you can handle;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash31.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 32 (1 dvd)

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If content is king then Stash 32 rules over a big, crowded,lt;brgt;happy country. The trip through the main program starts withlt;brgt;the elegant and sensual new Joseph KosinskiSpeedshape Saablt;brgt;spec spot and closes over an hour later with Blur Studioslt;brgt;absolutely mad Victorian slap stick mech romp A Gentlemanslt;brgt;Duel (short listed for an Oscar and on this months cover).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;In between these two polar opposites youll find some out lt;brgt;standing geography and several major landmarks including:lt;brgt;Pete CandlandPassion Pictures building a Guitar Hero,lt;brgt;Motion Theory climbing inside Sidney Crosby for Gatorade,lt;brgt;Aardman and Studio AKA slapping new characters into shapelt;brgt;for Nicktoons, Tronic injecting art and style into Target,lt;brgt;Freestyle Collective cranking up the creep factor for TCN,lt;brgt;Mikros Image Lab unleashing the light fantastic for thelt;brgt;new Faithless video, Psyop seducing you for Mastercard,lt;brgt;Glasgows Axis driving Colin McRae fans to the very edgelt;brgt;of game cinematic reality, and Fons Schiedon losing hislt;brgt;mind for;brgt;lt;brgt;And if you watch carefully youill also catch new, smallerlt;brgt;or less trampled roadside attractions like: Helios blowinglt;brgt;up heads real good for Ideazon, Fake Graphics musinglt;brgt;cartoonish for Helsingin Sanomat, LUNG and his seizure lt;brgt;inducing video for Trans Am, Isaak Fernandez RodrIguezlt;brgt;and his snappy twist on Batman, and StinkBen Dawkinslt;brgt;forest saving flatulent Squirrel. Check below for the fulllt;brgt;list of;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILMS this issue are a diverse, quirky andlt;brgt;highly personal series of works called Field Trip fromlt;brgt;Kelly Meadorand Daniel Elwing a.k.a. Portland, OR,lt;brgt;directing duo;brgt;lt;brgt;Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 32 come in the form of sixlt;brgt;eclectic and expansive downloadable tracks fromlt;brgt;a collective of musicians based out of NY music house;brgt;lt;brgt;Add all the behind the scenes features and Stash 32 topslt;brgt;out at over two full hours of;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash32.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 33 (1 dvd)

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Fun, in all its shades and guises, is the operative wordlt;brgt;for Stash;brgt;lt;brgt;For instance: we open the main program with complete bunny lt;brgt;mad chaos from Pleix and MacGuff for Groove Armada, andlt;brgt;then trample on through Psyop.s hip rebel comedy for Fanta,lt;brgt;HSI.s deadpan take on Reyka Vodka, manic piratebovinelt;brgt;bicyclist stop motion for Cravendale from Nexus, crazedlt;brgt;MTV Asia work from JL Design in Taiwan, Wilfrid Brimolt;brgt;going berserk for V Energy drink, Han Huggebrooge.slt;brgt;unhinged vignettes for Dutch TV, Make.s extremely flammablelt;brgt;chipmunks, very curious characters from Curious Pictureslt;brgt;for Crunch and we cap it all with a surreal and utterlylt;brgt;original bit of action lunacy about courage, show businesslt;brgt;and inter media love created at Supinfocom by Corentinlt;brgt;Laplatte, Samuel Deroubaix and Jerome Dernoncourt,,, yoult;brgt;get the idea . check below for the full list of;brgt;lt;brgt;This issue also contains our premiere STASH BONUS DISKlt;brgt;highlighting the latest work (and other goodies) from Bentlt;brgt;Image Lab, Digital Kitchen, FilmTecknarna, Post Panic, Thelt;brgt;Ashy Agency and;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILMS this issue are the first two shorts in alt;brgt;deranged new series called .Roger Dans L.espace. created bylt;brgt;Brussels post house Nozon and their partners at Parisianlt;brgt;studio;brgt;lt;brgt;Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 33 arrives courtesy of our musiclt;brgt;editor Steve Marchese and the fine people at Monitor Recordslt;brgt;in Baltimore; seven hefty downloadable tracks from Yeasyer,lt;brgt;Hudson Bell, Part Chimp, Videohippos and Indian;brgt;lt;brgt;Oh, one last thing; after 32 issues we have quietly retiredlt;brgt;our opening animation and theme music (thank you Kyle andlt;brgt;Trevor).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash33.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 34 (1 dvd)

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The contents of Stash 34 are solid evidence the animationlt;brgt;and VFX industry is growing and diversifying so quickly it.slt;brgt;almost impossible to keep;brgt;lt;brgt;Here.s a few highlights: Reuben Sutherland and Joyriderlt;brgt;discover new footage of alien chimera attacking WWII London,lt;brgt;Michel Gondry shows off his multiple personalities for HP vialt;brgt;his brother Olivier, Shilo guides us on an acid induced tourlt;brgt;of quot;The City of Goodquot; (on the cover), PsyopMassmarket traipselt;brgt;off on a surreal fishing trip for Renault, The Mill getslt;brgt;unusually kooky for the new Fratellis video, Francois Vogellt;brgt;and Sophie Gateau crank up the allegorics for the ambitiouslt;brgt;new Faithless Coke clip, permanently off the wall directorlt;brgt;Stefan Nadelman unleashes gourmand chaos in .Food Fight.,lt;brgt;Corin Hardy and Academy gouge and claw their way through .She.slt;brgt;the new Thing. video for the Horrors need I go on? Okay 34lt;brgt;also includes stunning new student work from Canadian Marek Okon,lt;brgt;rampaging T shirt art from Jonasamp;Franccois, as well as must havelt;brgt;clips from ThreeLeggedLegs, Onesize, Bitstate, Def2shoot, Dinamolt;brgt;Digital, Exopolis, Unexpected, Mr. Hyde, etc, etc, etc. See thelt;brgt;full list of contributors;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILM this issue is a special treat from Psyop calledlt;brgt;.Inside the Happiness Factory: A Documentary.. It.s a fabulouslt;brgt;six minute guided tour where we meet the characters from the multi lt;brgt;award winning Coke .Happiness Factory. spot. And outside of thelt;brgt;Coke exhibition in Atlanta, Stash is the only place you can see;brgt;lt;brgt;Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 34 is another unpredictable array of MP3slt;brgt;to enhance your audio awareness and general coolness factor. Thislt;brgt;month features eight tracks from indie label Jagjaguwar includinglt;brgt;standout work from Oneida, Minus Story, Ladyhawk, Parts amp; Labor,lt;brgt;and Black;brgt;lt;brgt;Also included this month is the STEPHEN ARNOLD MUSIC SHOWCASElt;brgt;including 25 minutes of downloadable;brgt;lt;brgt;And as if that weren.t enough, Stash 34 also extensive behind thelt;brgt;scenes;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash34.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 35 (1 dvd)

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If you like your inspiration served jagged, off kilter and balls to lt;brgt;the wall unpredictable, Stash 35 is the issue for;brgt;lt;brgt;Here.s the evidence: Blur pounds us out of the gate with theirlt;brgt;massive CG trailer for the Transformers game, MPC takes two tribeslt;brgt;to hilarious war for the Mail on Sunday, Shilo slices the heads offlt;brgt;a flock of Sheeple for Scion, Superfad cranks up original works oflt;brgt;sport for the X G ames, Oceanwarmair wraps up sex ed in candy colorslt;brgt;for MTV (on the cover), Lobo laughs at you and your pitiful life forlt;brgt;Fox, Wizz conjures a surreal and very wet puppet dream, Smith amp;lt;brgt;Foulkes roll out a box o multi media for the Platform festival,lt;brgt;No Domain, Pistachios and PandaPanther pull the environmental switchlt;brgt;for;brgt;lt;brgt;Plus a ton of new and freakishly fresh work from names you love likelt;brgt;Nexus, Slinky, Paranoid, Def2shoot, SL Co, Brickyard and Supinfocomlt;brgt;and some you need to know like Piranha Bar from Dublin, Miopialt;brgt;Efectos Visuales from Madrid, Tear from London, Santa Maria fromlt;brgt;New York, Tyler James from Georgia, Swiss studio Tetsoo, German postlt;brgt;house Das Werk and Filmakademie Baden Wurttemberg. See the full listlt;brgt;of contributors;brgt;lt;brgt;The BONUS FILM, Dad.s Dead, has won over 20 awards on thelt;brgt;international fest circuit for its director Chris Shepherd and nowlt;brgt;stands as a cult classic. Powered by narration from British actorlt;brgt;Ian Hart, the sobering animation enhanced narrative is as rivetinglt;brgt;now as it was when the film first stunned audiences in;brgt;lt;brgt;Your BONUS MUSIC on Stash 35 is an eclectic selection of six trackslt;brgt;guaranteed to broaden your audio horizons. They all arrive courtesylt;brgt;of New York indie label Friendly Fire Recordings and include thelt;brgt;work of Elk City, Asobi Seksu, The Whitsundays, Faunts, and David amp;lt;brgt;the;brgt;Youre also going to love the re designed Behind the Sceneslt;brgt;interface much easier navigation and viewinglt;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash35.htmlt;brgt;
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Stash Issue 36 (1 dvd)

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You.ll find almost two and a half hours of inspiration on Stash 36 .lt;brgt;including a killer main program PLUS a selection of 11 exceptionallt;brgt;short films, nine winners from the Cannes Lions .07 fest, behind thelt;brgt;scenes extras and bonus;brgt;lt;brgt;Roman Coppola.s studio gets the party started in the main programlt;brgt;with a hilariously satanic take on energy conservation for Livelt;brgt;Earth, Method stomps by on a magnetic giant made from 1200 digitallt;brgt;extras (with a full VFX breakdown and interview with director Zachlt;brgt;Snyder), Moscow.s Cosmo Film assaults your frontal lobe with theirlt;brgt;totally over the top .Capital. music video, Vitamin, Fulltank andlt;brgt;Punga break out the new round of Zune sweetness, Buck, Stardust,lt;brgt;Freestyle Collective, INTERspectacular, Imaginary Forces, Spark andlt;brgt;Digital Kitchen kick out a big batch of broadcast design, as Superfadlt;brgt;gets arty for Target, and CismaBlacklist get mean for;brgt;lt;brgt;You.ll also find inspirational treats from Digital Domain, Animallt;brgt;Logic, Sehsucht, Salt, Shadow Animation, Shoparound, Machine Molle,lt;brgt;Yukfoo, Curt, Lunapark, Laundry! and Supinfocom (check out thelt;brgt;unbelievably long list of contributors below).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;And to top off the main program . one of the most spectacular pieceslt;brgt;of animation you will see this year . Blizzard Entertainment.slt;brgt;maniacally detailed and epically scaled cinematic for StarCraft IIlt;brgt;(on the cover).lt;brgt;lt;brgt;And that is just the;brgt;lt;brgt;stashmedia.tvarchivestash36.htmlt;brgt;
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